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Rural Carrier Discussions

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Stoopid GoobersPerson was signed in when posted
10:39 PM ET (US)
Been in trouble or are you naturally lacking in confidence? They just might be looking for Christmas help.
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not retiring yetPerson was signed in when posted
12:37 AM ET (US)
/m2638 WE have a throw back case. slots for each route. We just put it in the slot. The clerks handle it in the morning. Would come back in with the raw mail or hot mail case.
X-stewPerson was signed in when posted
06:44 AM ET (US)
It will be different for every office so there's no one right answer. I'd ask my steward what he does with it, or ask boss what he wants you to do with it.
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stillfirstclassPerson was signed in when posted
07:10 PM ET (US)
never dealt with 4, but had several 2's. do you taco flats or stand them up? the first address to get mail for slot, if it is the for the first two, put all the way in. if it is for the last two, let stick out a couple of inches. i would bet that one of the addresses gets a good chunk of the flats.. do you case dps? probably no room.. the best advise i can give is don't compare yourself to the regular. find out what works by stealing ideas that work for you. hybred is the best
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CwaraksaPerson was signed in when posted
03:15 PM ET (US)
Thank you for reply and advice. They were made aware of clicking noise. It was in my statement and brought up at pdi. No response to this.
vmf report was promised to all for the pdi. It was not there. All sides are angered by this. Off the record, I was told the parking brake was "adjusted" after my repair request and it was service by local shop, not usps facility.
I appreciate x-stew and all replies, positive, negative, and in between.
I understand that the video is on the clock and everyone, guilty or innocent, are required to watch video. Anyone involved in any kind of accident.
I met with the union rep prior to the pdi. I showed her the safety talk and driving absolutes list. On my phone. Strangely, both were still posted, no alteration in any way, by the schedules. Nothing had changed in writing or verbally, as far as I know.
One immediate grievance was file question if the use of emergency placement was required and necessary.
The other rollaway happened literally three days later and 10 minutes away. While the MPOO was in my station! I don't know any details (prop damage, etc.) but I was told through the grapevine (trustworthy?) the carrier admitted at the scene to not using the parking brake. He has a lot of years.
I still haven't been reinstated but is should be very soon. If in the end this amounts to a stressful unscheduled, paid 2 week vacation, I can't complain. My wife wants me to leave usps, she feels its a little dysfunctional. I mean, the truck itself has returned to work and I have not!!!!
leavingPerson was signed in when posted
04:55 PM ET (US)
/m2632 -- Cwaraksa -- Glad to hear things are looking better for you.

-- Was the Vehicle Maintenance Facility made aware that you heard "clicking" noises as your vehicle rolled? If so, any response from them?

-- Any word what was at the root of the other roll-away?

-- Heed and do what "X-stew" as suggested.

-- As many of the questions you faced had nothing to do with a roll-away, sounds as if manglement knew they were on thin ice and were fishing for something else to charge you with.

-- On the plus side, watching that 4-hour video will be "on the clock".

-- Keep your cool.

-- Manglement probably had little choice in using the Emergency Suspension. "Fails to observe safety rules" is one of the 5 categories when applying it. The carrier will be the first suspect when a roll-away occurs until proven otherwise. In your case, there was a parking brake issue. It will take manglement time to clean up their own mess.

-- Previously you mentioned that manglement said the "absolutes" were outdated. By any chance has manglement issued an updated list? If not, why not? Ask your union rep if a grievance would be advisable.

-- Also ask the union rep if the VMF report has been made available.
CwaraksaPerson was signed in when posted
05:25 PM ET (US)
Thank you for reply and help. Stress level lower now. Union rep keeps telling me to calm down she stated that the usps never questioned my following of rules. But the are in an embarassing place with 2 rollaways in 4 days. The truck has been investigated repaired returned and in use. Parking brake issues.
X-stewPerson was signed in when posted
06:52 AM ET (US)
/m2630 It's good that cooler heads are in charge and this will blow over soon.

Get back at work asap; worry about back pay later. No sense in being out longer and giving them a chance to change their minds. You probably will get paid for it but it may take a while for them to admit they were wrong and pay you correctly. Submit 3971 for annual but write in "Annual In Lieu of Admin." That preserves your claim that you should not have been out of work and did nothing wrong. And gives you a full paycheck.
CwaraksaPerson was signed in when posted
09:34 PM ET (US)
had my pdi today went ok really only 5 questions I am not losing my job all agreed. PM wants me to return tomorrow but its a bit of a process to reinstate me, driving privileges, etc. Prob return very soon. Just a few yes/no questions. Still some frustrating questions. Was asked if I was aware of postal policy stating carriers are not allowed to drive on residents' driveways? WTF! I asked to speak to union rep privately. Took union rep to list of absolutes that states carriers CAN use driveway as long as there is a turnaround. I then refused to answer yes or no. Was told that they investigators want to cite me for having a small parcel on dashboard and that I had a tub between drivers seat and table. I also refused to answer the question because this is not relevant to rollaway/runaway policy. I asked about prop damage and was told there was none.
Union rep says reinstatement could happen tomorrow but being a Saturday will slow it down. Must watch 4 hour video. BTW same district had a rollaway 3 days after me. Driver admits to not using parking brake. This probably affects my case to some degree.
Still want back pay but might be offered to use Annual Leave instead. I will not use AL for this. That is punishment to me.
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CwaraksaPerson was signed in when posted
10:28 AM ET (US)
FUNNY THING I just read a story about mazda recalling some cars because the parking brake will not hold. What about an llv recall because parking brake will not hold? (and sometimes catch on fire and melt) maybe the usps still has some pintos in use...
CwaraksaPerson was signed in when posted
09:12 AM ET (US)
usps and union state I am on emergency placement (?) and I can not seek anything basically I have to wait. I said innocent til proven guilty but was literally laughed at. a small part of me keeps waiting for someone anyone to realize it wasnt human error but I guess this is my come to the usps moment is it possible for anyone at usps to be held accountable in same manner as carriers? I spent 25 years in job with same company and same union and have never encountered so much of "I cant do anything" attorney told me to wait til union has exhausted all remedies. I really dont like the fact that usps is the investigater judge and jury. if usps says all accidents are preventable with no exceptions then that makes employee defense impossible the rollaway runaway llv is dangerous and at epidemic levels but to say every single one is human error? not an aging fleet that have become too expensive to fix and too expensive to replace? at some point opinions will change concerning 20+ yo trucks which would never be allowed on the roads because they are unsafe. they are old outdated unsafe rollaway catch on fire and melt (!) I dare anyone to put there family in a car built like an llv
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X-stewPerson was signed in when posted
08:44 AM ET (US)
Your suspension itself is grievable and I'd insist union do it now, within 14 day limit. Attack the physical condition and age of LLV. Do not try to out-safety them saying you did nothing wrong or they hadn't told you something because you will not win. They can't say LLV was faulty because that puts them on the hook so don't expect it.

If cooler heads don't take over, you'll be out for a while---6-10 months if your case goes to arbitration. They may make you an offer after you've been out a coupla unpaid months---come back, no back pay, but it'll be your choice.
CwaraksaPerson was signed in when posted
04:19 AM ET (US)
driving absolutes provided by mpoo also have copy of safety talk friends told me mgmt admits llv in park parking brake engaged wheels curbed engine off and keys out mgmt waiting for vmf info how long? Does it make difference if parking brake is used before or after llv is placed in park? I dont know I told union to file grievance for immediate reinstatement with back pay was told no. I asked if I could get back pay when usps knew I followed their procedures was told no this was second loaner llv in 2 months isnt possible it was mechanical failure not human? told all rollaways preventable no exception so far every single person I talked to has said same thing Did you follow absolutes? Did you curb wheels, etc? When I tell them yes they say prob wont matter its usps safety crew went to site yesterday
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