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warren beeson
10:31 ET (US)
Newgy 2050 robot and Donic table for sale £999

Table and Robot are in very good condition; perfect working order - comes with net and loads of balls - this is a brilliant bit of kit, loads of play options, user defined, set program and computer made options too - the table is a top quality ITTF approved tournament quality table - this is guaranteed to improve your game !! Please look on web for reviews of this machine and table - they are all good !!

I can send video of it working and various programme options as required

Newgy 2050 Table Tennis Robot
Manufacturer features
Newgy is a well-known manufacturer based in the United States that specializes in table tennis robots. They have a lot of different models but the 2050+ is very advanced. Here are some specs from their website:

Digital precision for ball speed, placement and frequency.
Selectable randomization controls create a more unpredictable robot.
Comes with 64 pre-programmed drills for various playing levels. Train strokes, footwork, transitions and other skills.
Optional advanced use: Included software to create, customize and exchange drills with friends by connecting to a PC. (PC not required for regular operation)
User-friendly digital control panel in 6 languages.
Recycling Net System to capture your returns and recycle the balls for non-stop action.
Available spins: Topspin, backspin, left sidespin, right sidespin, combination spins
Available shot selection: Push, chop, serve, counter, lob, fast loop
Head Angle adjustments: From low (serves) to high (lobs)
Fits all standard ping-pong® tables and conversion top game tables, and is easy to set-up, take down, store and transport. No assembly or tools required.
Donic Waldner Classic 25 Table Tennis Table

ITTF Approved Table Tennis Table with World-Class Quality, from DONIC
Blue top with 25mm playing surface -- professional bounce and consistancy
Two halves fold separately for compact & convenient fold-and-roll storage
Very sturdy, with safety locking system. High-quality DONIC net set included

Special Features –
ITTF approved table
Surface – 25 mm, provides perfect bounce
Separate table halves in both side
Automatic undercarriage
Edge – 60mm of steel sheet
Legs – 40 x 40 mm, comes in steel tubes
Base – 40 x 40 mm
Wheels – 4 of 100 mm with locking mechanism
Weight – 108 kg
Storage – 152.5 x 172 x 60 cm
Made in Germany.
Why players love DONIC Waldner Classic 25 Ping Pong
This is an indoor table tennis table manufactured by Table Tennis brand Donic. The Playing surface is made of wood of blue-coloured. The best thing is that this is an ITTF approved table tennis, usable worldwide in any tournament.

Donic Waldner Classic 25 is very high demanded table tennis. The reason behind this increased demand is its world-class quality which is approved by ITTF and, second the brand behind it the Donic.
The 25mm surface provides bounce and consistency like professionals. The top comes in blue colours which gives it the perfect sporty look.
The upper surface is quite foldable that it provides convenience to storage and to move one place to another very easily. Its safety locking system makes it so sturdy.
Users found it a very good, fast and spinny table. They said Donic Waldner Classic 25 is one of the best table tennis.

Overall this is a good table tennis table for professional players and for big games. It provides the best of the bounce and speed on the game.

Please contact warren 07425 131396 for more details
Ken Lewis
22:37 ET (US)
I have the following items for sale :

Blades[used, in good condition]
Joola Balsa MC1 £35; XI UP Power Combi Light £30; Tibhar Defence Plus £25; Joola R.A.G. offensive £25; Yasaka 40 offensive £25; TSP Balsa 8.5 £15; Dr.Neubauer High Tech £20; Butterfly Kreanga Powerspin £25.

Rubbers [used, in good condition] all at £5 each....
Red - Joola Express, B'fly Tenergy 64, Stiga Magna, Tibhar Torpedo, Double Fish 815, Joola Samba.
Black - B'fly Sriver EL, Joola Tango Extreme, B'bly Catapult, Joola Samba Ntech.

Balls [new 3* in packs of 3] Joola £3.60 per pack, Butterfly £4.20 per pack.

Contact : Ken Lewis M.07771.804822
Ken Lewis
13:46 ET (US)

For ALL your tt requirements :
Rubbers, blades, glues, balls, clothing, club equipment etc., etc.

As the local Bribar agent, I am able to offer deals with DISCOUNTS OFF BRIBAR catalogue prices.

Also, used equipment offers, including :
Neubauer Special o/s blade [rrp £137] £50 o.n.o.
Tell me what equipment you need and I will do my best to provide

Contact : Ken 07771.804822 [FREE catalogues and quotations].
15:31 ET (US)
Dave Alford has 3 Table Tennis tables for sale.

Dave can be contacted on 01394 284719 (B)
Ken Lewis
15:43 ET (US)

Blade(Used – in ‘as new’ condition) :
Neubauer Special[rrp £137] £50 o.n.o.

Balls :
Packs of 3 X 3* ITTF approved, only £3.60 per pack.

Rubber :
Brand New - Neubauer Boomerang Red LP Ox. £5.00.[no longer ITTF approved]
Edited 15-08-2011 12:17
Ken Lewis
18:48 ET (US)
For ALL your tt requirements :
Rubbers, blades, glues, balls, club equipment etc., etc. I am the local Bribar agent and able to offer deals with substantial DISCOUNTS OFF BRIBAR catalogue prices.
Contact : Ken 07771.804822 [FREE catalogues and quotations].
gary young
15:41 ET (US)
If anyone has a tibhar phantom x blade with flared handle ,they want to sell i would be very interested tel 01473425125
08:40 ET (US)
I have a brand new Butterfly Blade for sale at £22, RRP£40

Kong Linhui Flare Handle

Weight approx 90g

Speed 8.5 Control 7.5

Ken Lewis
20:44 ET (US)
I&DTTL Championship Specials :

Rubber :
Brand New - Neubauer Boomerang Red LP Ox. £5.00.

Blade(Used – in ‘as new’ condition) :
Neubauer Special[rrp £137] £55 o.n.o.

Complete bats(second hand) :
1)Neubauer High Tech. blade, with Domination & Palio CK531A rubbers £28 o.n.o.
2)XIUp Combi Light blade, with Stiga MarkV & Palio CK531A rubbers £35 o.n.o.
3)TSP Balsa 6.5 blade, with Sriver L and Domination rubbers £28 o.n.o.
4)TSP Balsa 4.5 blade, with Joola Samba N Tec & B'fly Raystorm rubbers £25 o.n.o.
[or buy any TWO for £40, or buy ALL 4 for £60]

Balls :
Packs of 3 X 3*, from £2.50 per pack.

Contact Ken : 07771.804822.
22:37 ET (US)
Looking to buy a second hand table tennis table
Please contact me on 07950335093
10:26 ET (US)
I will be selling 3xTT shirts at the Championships, All Brand New, Butterfly and Li Ning, very modern designs.

Also some blades all Brand New...

2 x Butterfly Kong Ling Hui (flare handle) Normally £40 Selling at £28

1 x Butterfly Schlarger Inspire (flare handle) Normally £42 Selling at £28

1 x Butterfly Grubba Carbon (anatonic handle)Normally £45 Selling at £30

1 x Stiga Peter AllRound Evolution (straight handle) with Magna rubbers and Stiga bat case [second hand] £25, very good starter bat or second bat.

Donating some of the sale proceeds to IDTTL.
19:14 ET (US)
I'm setting up a table for players to sell "TT stuff only" at the Championships so bring along bats etc. Mark you are most welcome to sell the TT balls over the Championship weekend.
Mark Lewis
10:23 ET (US)
I have a limited supply of boxes of DHS 3* competition balls for sale - £5 for a box of 6. Txt me on 07773.781532 or e-mail me at postmaster@britanniatabletennisclub.co.uk if interested...
Ken Lewis
13:57 ET (US)
For ALL your tt requirements :
Rubbers, blades, glues, balls, club equipment etc., etc. I am now the local Bribar agent and able to offer deals with substantial DISCOUNTS OFF BRIBAR catalogue prices.
Contact : Ken 07771.804822 [FREE catalogues and quotations].
Edited 01-02-2011 13:59
Ken Lewis
20:05 ET (US)
I have the following TT blades for sale :

Dr.Neubaeur Super Special [rrp £137] £65 ono.
XI UP Combi Light [rrp £49] £30 ono.
XI UP Power Combi Light [rrp £49] £30 ono.

All are in 'as new' condition.
Contact Ken 07771.804822.
idttlPerson was signed in when posted
19:36 ET (US)
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