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Ruby Payne: Framework for Understanding Poverty

Daniel Veach
10:09 AM ET (US)
I was present both days when the class recieved the presentation. I agree with most of it but some of it I didn't.I liked the part about family structure i agreed with all of that but the part about not knowing any better i didnt agree with you dont haft to act that way your whole life. I really forund the presentation interesting and enjoyed it.
Daniel Crites
04:12 PM ET (US)
I agree with David; I now understand why some of the kids and parents behaved the way they did in high school. Peggy's speech helped me to understand the diversity in different social classes. I now have a better understanding of the actions and behaviors of people.
David Crites
03:49 PM ET (US)
I learned a lot of information from the presentation Peggy gave to us. It helped me to better understand how behaviors vary depending on different social classes. I now realize why some of the kids and their parents behaved the way they did when I was in high school.
01:29 PM ET (US)
I liked the presentation that Peggy Hawse gave today. I acknowledged that human diversity is gaining in family households. Also, languages in human diversity amaze me. I liked when she pointed out that family structures have been changing in a variety of ways. For example, Ruby Payne apparently met a students mother (aka father) whom had had a sex change. The diversity of people have changed over the years. I also liked the voices she talked about on how to talk to other people as to not offend them. These voices include child, parent, and adult voices. For example, we did a activity in class that pointed out how different stories can be told. The story we worked on was Cinderella. I learned the differences of frozen language and casual language. To my surprise I couldn't understand the casual language as I did the frozen language.
StevieBPerson was signed in when posted
12:29 PM ET (US)
After the Ruby Payne presentation by Peggy Hawse, what are your reactions?

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