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Comments on UPLIFT IN ABSTRACT.htm item 325
Document uploaded 10-02-2010 06:56 PM ET (US)

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Larry VictorPerson was signed in when posted
06:44 PM ET (US)
Regarding item 325
The key here is "empower". IMHO "awakening" or "consciousness rising" is not empowerment, but a prelude to empowerment. The technologies I propose for UPLIFT is the empowerment. But, empowerment to create a new humanity, NOT to oppose or foment revolution against Civilization. UPLIFT is a means to replace Civilization by NU.

The spirit of vision is the soil from which relevant action emerges. But,it is attention to full realities and details of strategy that lead to patterns of action that characterize viable emergence.

But, in my conception of UPLIFT, many people will be attracted and become members long before they have a robust vision of NU (or even of the larger UPLIFT scenario). We can't wait for that; as such involve a sequence of awakenings, usually seafed. People can be attracted to UPLIFT by more limited visions and be provided with the means for immediate empowerment through BUS.
06:38 AM ET (US)
Regarding item 325
I agree, it is consciousness of the situation which empowers liberation from its constraints. The primary task as I see it is to empower those with the potential to realise this to actually do so, and to begin to act from this higher altitude (this action is not going to arise from the current prevailing worldview).

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