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Edmonton and Enfield

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Garry Sleap
12:14 AM ET (US)
Hi guys,
as I am not sure if Geoff will remain the Moderator for this site, may I suggest we move to the QT site that Dave has started.
Those that have visited the facebook site, posting photo's has dramaticly increased the postings. As this QT site has no provision for photo's, I will offer my email, ,so you may all email me and I will email out to each of you each others addresses. Once that is in place we can exchange photo's off site, yet still be able to post in reference to them. I hope I have made sense??
Regards, Garry

North London Chin-waggers.
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carol sample
09:04 PM ET (US)
Ron , i thought Larry Lamb said he went to Enfield Grammer School.
05:50 PM ET (US)
I signed up for facebook but am not impressed,It must be me but I cant work out how to post a message on there,and all they seem to do is post photographs of each other.So Edmonton people your comments on this Tottenham Hotspur very much part of Edmonton,the spurs want to enlarge there ground and improve the area around it.Which would be very good for Tottenham as it is a total mess.But it seems the local Labour council are not much help.So the Spurs are still anxious to move to East London.That would be a loss to Tottenham bourough,so is this another case of the Labour party shooting itself in the head.For if Tottenham move the borough will lose a lot of cash.
04:13 PM ET (US)
Just watch Larry Lamb on BBC and he went to Edmnoton Grammar. Said he was an Edmonton Lad, What primary school did he attend?


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Helen T
03:48 PM ET (US)
Hi everyone again. Have been very quiet over past weeks as have been trying to keep an eye on both here and FB. FB seems to be running a slightly different theme from this forum (recent messages) and I've also sort of eased off because I seem to be just off the age bracket for most of the memories/names. I really enjoy reading all the posts though. So I'm sort of like an old style CB user, just sitting 'on the side' watching. One of these days I'll get back to visit edmonton just for old times sake. Somone mentioned Tottenham somewhere, but I used to go indoor swimming there when Edmonton Town Hall baths were closed from time to time. Tottenham or Bruce Grove I think.
Pat Cryer
05:05 AM ET (US)
I tried Facebook but it's not for me and I have left that group. My interest is in information about the early 1900s in Edmonton, and I dearly miss the one-time contributions from Mark Bailey, RailTechnician, etc. If anyone else is interested in this topic, I would be glad to hear from them. You can get to my website on early 1900s Edmonton by googling "Join me in the 1900s".

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04:53 PM ET (US)
Hi Everyone, you've all come out of the woodwork. Even those who say they never contributed don't want it shut down. Well, get contributing. I will leave the board here for you all but I will not contribute here but fully understand your wishes.

Love to see you all on the other side, but just in case - Farewell and it's been wonderful knowing you all.

Regards, Geoff
Colin Cumner
02:11 AM ET (US)
Hi DAVE - Tried your new link - yep, it will do me, so I have now had a change of heart. See you, and hopefully lots more, there. No Facebook account for me.
Terry Letch
11:29 AM ET (US)
Hallo Dave (not always mad) Well, I have found your message board and will keep an eye on it. I'll contribute if I can answer anybody's queries, perhaps we can persuade some of those we lost to come back? I shall also tune in to the existing one unless and until Geoff decides to close it down.
Dave Waller
07:08 AM ET (US)
Hi everyone, I'm back at home. Try this link to a new Quick Topic Board. I've (with a bit of help from my wife and Garry Sleaps suggestion) called it North London Chin-waggers.
06:34 AM ET (US)
If this message board could remain that would be great, even better if a direct to Grahams site which is the reason I am here today.

Would contribute to another QT board, keep us informed.

Garry Sleap
05:13 AM ET (US)
He must be 'mad' to want to start a new QT thread, but I am soooo pleased that someone is prepared to take it on.

"The North London Suburbs" ???

Regards, Garry
Terry Letch
05:07 AM ET (US)
Dave. (I still can't call you mad). It would be great if you could set up another board. I presume from what Geoff says that there is some sort of responsibility in managing it, which is possibly, why he wants to close this one down. I found Graham's original board whilst using his Edmonton website to find out information about the various streams that run through the area, Salmon's Brook in particular.
   I am not bothered what you call it so long as I can get into it easily.
Cheers T.
Mad Dave
03:48 AM ET (US)
Hi everyone,
   I'm just about to go out, but I will look into setting up a new board later on. Your views please on name. Perhaps Edmonton, Enfield & Tottenham Chat Room?
Garry Sleap
12:24 AM ET (US)
Guys, my email address is, , please contact me with you thoughts. There are at least 4 of you in the same lifeboat and I know you are all worth saving, get aboard.
I'm old school having been born in 1950 at the Nth Mid Hospital.
My entire school years were at Eldon Road, Infants, Juniors and Seniors.
I married in 1973 and emigrated to Australia in 1977.
It's a start....
Regards, Garry
Edited 03-27-2011 12:25 AM
Garry Sleap
09:04 PM ET (US)
Guys, there is too much history in your memories that could be lost. If no one wants to open a new QT site within 7 days, I will. I would like to suggest, "Edmonton and Enfield Too".Naturally, I would like one of you to start it so I will keep watching. Garry
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