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National Reassessment - NRP

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Gordon'Person was signed in when posted
12:05 PM ET (US)
Just wondering. Did any of the "big" unions. From say the late to mid-1960's till early 1980's . Ever make a "play" to get letter-carriers to jump ship from the NALC ?? I don't remember anything from my time with the PO. Just curious.
Steve BeerPerson was signed in when posted
11:10 AM ET (US)
Of course the NALC is culpable..We have a no layoff clause. When I was walked out I was given the option of filing for unemployment. That is a layoff.
  The NALC should have filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of all people walked out.
  The NALC obviously decided that they didn't want to spend the money we paid for representation once they realized how much it would cost.
 The NALC knew we would eventually fade away and they could continue to brag about the 2 hours of recovered overtime they got for filing a contract violation.
 The NALC is a fraud! When a union does not have the right to strike it is then called a club.
Marie...Person was signed in when posted
09:35 AM ET (US)
jjmv... I believe it took approximately 15 months from filing for hearing, then another 10 months until final decision. Still waiting on appeal for damages, it's been 2 years now.
Edited 10-24-2016 09:37 AM
Betty SinclairPerson was signed in when posted
08:47 PM ET (US)
 The Air Force Robins Air Force Base Ga , possibly tinke and Hill also decided in 2014 to follow the steps of the Postal Service. they created what they termed internal gates and basically did the same to air force civilians. They used medical information from their Ocucpational Medicine services to create a list of employees with limitations and disabilities and solely based on that list created what they call GAtes. if you are nonoccupationally temporarily limited you are proposed and conseled you will be sent home 30 days to indefinitely. Problem most people are permanant and have both genetic and ocupational disabilities. They are not on the list for being unsuccessful and none have a unsuccesful performance rating solely based on the list. Then they have a 100% standard for the employee to return able to work 100% no disability or accounting for accommodation. Then they have removed all accomodated employees with a template letter to all that they have 120 days and are being removed from their accomodation and at the will of the agency and will in 120 be put in another position but by the way no one was looking for them a position for the first three to four months of that time and then they will result in either placement, disability retirement or retirement. What happened to our federal laws and the government being a model employer and all the hard work of the Republicians and Democrats who both agree on this subject. We must hire, retain and help disabled to reach fullest potential and do so mitigate chances of having to take any of these actions. Help Telling them right from wrong only gets them to change their working to seem compliant.These actions have about over 300 on their list and crucial date is November 18, 2016. the holidays 5 of 9 suicides in one year were employees faced with this disability issue in about 2009. We dont need to add this to the holiday season when depression and issues increase what are these officials doing to us. Same with our union, I am fighting to get them to step up to the plate and getting targeted for my protected activity.
Gordon'Person was signed in when posted
10:09 PM ET (US)
Kimmiek I think the NALC were 90% responsible. When and IF, I find out for sure. When I find some tangible evidence I will make sure I post it on this very site. Anyway nice to hear from you, Kimmiek,. Hope you are well. Sincerely Gordon'
jjmvPerson was signed in when posted
07:31 PM ET (US)
Marie : I have a question / from the time you and your representative submitted the request to the court ; of course after you received your green folders from the EEO investigator ; how long before you received either a court date or a settlement offer from the employer USPS ; and can I check on the status of my case like how much longer will I have to wait before a court date
Leon MillerPerson was signed in when posted
07:18 PM ET (US)
Re: 6694 Kimmiek

Exhibit 1

NALC won countless arbitration awards. How many were walked out and how much has the union put towards getting them back.

Exhibit 2

A personal story. The district OWCP person was named Kathy. Every Dr's office I went to I gave a copy of the law and specifically told the staff she did not have authority to contact them and they would be violating my confidentiality by responding to any contact from her. In this story the Dr's 'patient representative' said to me, "How can Kathy tell us what she needs if she doesn't contact us?"

In this situation Kathy's contact was in letter form. She did send me a copy. The envelope was metered with the correct date, but the cancellation was 2 days later. Her letter to the Dr had been faxed after after Kathy had made a call to them. Also this was a Dr I was no longer seeing.

On the day my copy arrived at my home I was called into the post master's conference room with the post master, 2 supervisors and the local union president. I immediately requested the chance to consult with my representative, the union president. I was told they had already advised him of the situation and the president did not take my side. Then I was told they had a CA17 showing I did not have any work restrictions. As long as I was obviously able to work I was being sent home.

I filed an eeo the next morning hand delivering a copy to my supervisor. The postmaster settled with me two days later including full pay for the days missed. The agreement actually included an agreement the district would not make direct contact with a physician's office again. I immediately mailed a copy of the agreement to the local unions with cc to the postmaster.

The local president never followed up on my request to grieve the failure to allow me consultation and the failure to immediately notify me of the contact with a physician.

Exhibit 3

Everyone is well aware the case against the post office has been proven. Where is the union getting a jump start on getting anyone back to work with back pay?
KIMMIEKPerson was signed in when posted
05:33 PM ET (US)
Hi Gordon

Was the NALC really culpable? I never heard this
Gordon'Person was signed in when posted
01:58 PM ET (US)
I remember how I was so happy when I got a high mark on my Postal exam. There was some BS when I started in the early 1980's. . But no more then anywhere else.I like the job of being a letter carrier. Out doors, in the fresh air, year around. Love the exercise, thats how I looked at it not as work but as exercise. I was being paid to work-out everyday. I think the first time I realized something was wrong was when they started the TE program. The fact that they were allowed to do that undermined us as a union (in my opinion). Hire more casuals, so they could one day become regulars. With hard work and time it would happen. I was a casual for 9 years. You did it all. But, after about 10 years it started to get bad. Then it got worse and worse. And worse and worse, worse ECT. ETC. ETC. To where we are today ! Here is the understatement of the century. Our union. The NALC was very, very, very, culpable ! Couldn't have happened without them !!!!!!!! Ya, I know. Tell me something you don't already know. Patience ! Bradley, patience !!!!!!!!!
Gordon'Person was signed in when posted
01:45 PM ET (US)
So what I'm seeing here is those who have been reinstated, are subject to the same abuse. As they were originally. But more so !!!!!! Unbelievable ! Well sociopaths are always right. To think any of them are capable of moderating their methods "power" ! Is not in their make-up. They know the union is a joke. So the contract is a joke too ! But there are laws against descimimination. So WHEN these laws are finally upheld by the courts. We will see justice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gordon'Person was signed in when posted
01:07 PM ET (US)
NALC : Allowed all of this to happen. They were culpable and so being should be criminally liable along with the United States Postal Service. We paid them to represent us and uphold the contract they negotiated and signed on our behalf. I hope they both go down the toilet together. They were meant for each other. A match made in hell !
Silverlight1Person was signed in when posted
04:42 AM ET (US)
My sympathies go out to all of you.... I got pulled out from work by my foot doctor just before they had a chance to pull me behind closed doors for their "KGB routine". However, prior to that I was stuck on limited light duty with a micromanaging, diabetic egomaniac rural carrier supervisor for the better part of 11 months.... He played mental warfare daily trying his best to get me to quit....... He even said I must have hit my foot with a hammer or something on purpose to get out of doing my job as a city mail carrier & that the MRI, when I finally got it, would prove that..... He even made the dictionary disappear to try to make me so bored that I would quit!!!! That's an extremely brief version of the whole scenario!
Gordon'Person was signed in when posted
11:41 PM ET (US)
Wow Leon !!! A 8 X 12 room 8 people !!! I'd like to curse them out but it's against the rules. You know the postal advocate, I think it was said they are sociopaths and he was right. When you give people like that unlimited power. With no checks or balances. They can do what ever they want and they LOVE it !!!!! You know what. I'm rescinding my idiotic " Now Option" ! I've been away from there too long ( which is a good thing) . I've forgotten the whore of going to work for the United States Postal service every day. Sorry ! They need to pay every penny. To every women and man who they have discriminated against. Back pay, AL, SL, COLA's, lost TSP, and they PAIN AND SUFFERING they have caused. Again sorry for my idiotic posts.
Leon MillerPerson was signed in when posted
08:59 PM ET (US)
As we all know, the stories are each worse than the next. The times were stressful and the local postmaster tried to find ways to get me fired. Even when she had been promoted to a large city postmaster job, she kept looking at my hours to be sure I wasn't getting 40 hours or overtime. I tried to keep work separate from private as much as possible. My wife became diagnosed with terminal cancer and to reduce stress on her I saw no option other than retirement. Being 65 and widowed with 16 year old twins is not optimal. When they first put me on standby, they had an 8 by 12 closet they 'required' up to 8 of us to stand by in. There were 2 men and 6 women. The other man recovered and went back to work. Seeing a psychologist was helpful for me. In one meeting we discussed the others in the standby room and she pointed out to me that it didn't really seem unusual to her that the others were all women. It was that men would move on to a different job, but women would tend to put up with more of the crap. I let one of her pet supervisors over a discussion about asking osha to look into cramming so many employees into a closet and we're were moved to an office with desks.

The story goes on, but the thing that makes me the angrier the was seeing the mistreatment of women who didn't have the various means and capabilities to change it.

So when this is decided, if my theory holds true, I believe there will be a large number of lawyers to represent our side. As the proof of grievous action is done, they will be happy to take on the negotiation of damages. As I have twice won settlements, my experience has been the post office most likely settles when beaten rather than litigated.

Just my thoughts.
Marie...Person was signed in when posted
02:18 PM ET (US)
I was reinstated 2.5 years ago. I received half my back pay through the EEO process. It's nothing compared to what was lost. After taxes and all, it's peanuts. Since returning to work my LWEC's been reduced & my wages are being garnished, I'm basically screwed again.
Gordon'Person was signed in when posted
12:11 PM ET (US)
Leon thanks: Ya, you have to believe that they have the reinstatement drill down pat. Unfortunately, they have the drag out till they die drill down pat also. Like I said just a thought on my part. I just don't see how you litigate 130,000 cases. Who can predict how this tragedy will end ! I lost everything too. When or will the folks who are supposed to enforce the law get mad and quit screwing around.
Leon MillerPerson was signed in when posted
11:16 AM ET (US)
Re: 6683 Gordon

EEO awards are taxable by statute. The post office has a great amount of experience reinstating employees with reinstatement of al,sl and tsp as well as adjustment for tax consequences. It is pretty much standard in arbitration awards I have read.

Re: 6684 Marie

Your message shows the difficulty the class council has in this case. A global settlement always leaves someone looking for more. If you look at the other settled class, you see that settlement has been fought in court. How this will end is hard to predict.
Marie...Person was signed in when posted
03:02 AM ET (US)
I'll pass on that one Gordon. I lost everything! SIMPLE & EASY just doesn't cut it for me.
Gordon'Person was signed in when posted
09:29 PM ET (US)
"Now Option" is just an idea. Just something to make restitution SIMPLE and EASY ! Back pay thats it. Nothing else. Your last day of work was what date ? What is a regular mail-carriers year amount today. Do the math and cut the check ! Nothing else. No AL, SL, TSP, pain and suffering. None of that. Tax free of course ! If you don't want to take the "Now Option" . Then you can go the conventional route spelled out by the Judge. It is just an option for people who have been discriminated against in the harshest legal definition of the word. People who have been treading water for over 10 years. We won ! I personally have just had ENOUGH ! Pay me NOW. The "NOW OPTION" . I hope she (the Judge) offers something like this, as an option to years and years of more litigation. Again . These are just my personal thoughts. The sheer numbers in this class action demand an unorthodox but fair resolution.
MetooPerson was signed in when posted
02:51 PM ET (US)
Now option is what I want also, not sure if it would be back pay but that's not a bad deal... Back pay would give you AL/SL TSP also.. but... those on owcp would have to pay back to them.. but tsp/sl/al might offset... again, those on periodic rolls would lose any AL over the 440... we should be allowed to receive any AL over 440 in cash...
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