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National Reassessment - NRP

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jazzie01Person was signed in when posted
03:22 PM ET (US)
Mick1, make sure you have them ask the " golden boy" questions in the complaints- affidavits. You will see where he is running back and forth to and if he has received a.promotion while running in hiding!
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jazzie01Person was signed in when posted
02:09 PM ET (US)
Mick1, call and find out the status of your complaint. Give the Investigator a statement to add to your complaint as part of the records your EEO Complaints have been mishandled, and the decision's are not only outrageous but shocking! Make sure they are Investigating your complaint if they do not complete the investigation within six months or reindeer a decision go straight to the US Federal District Court in your area and file a lawsuit against the Postmaster general! List what each person that was involved did!
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jazzie01Person was signed in when posted
01:59 PM ET (US)
The AJ a lot of times ( not all), will rule in favor of the agency ( depending on your complaint). The Commissioner is good but they take longer but if you can hang in there could possibly rule in your favor.
The Federal District Court will rule for the Agency ( depending on your complaint). Mick1- you have a good chance of winning that is why they keep moving them around. List Megan J. Brennan et.al ( all the others) the Postmaster and tell what they did!
Significant Misconduct, Hostile Work Environment, Improperly Detained employee ( hostage) situation!
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jazzie01Person was signed in when posted
01:52 PM ET (US)
When you file a Complaint in the US Federal District Court you must include all supporting documents and file Chronological timeframe- the order in which the events occurred from the beginning to the end. You only need to provide enough proof not everything. Discovery in Federal District Court is when you provide additional supporting documents. Make sure you provide enough to prove what you are saying. Don't forget Chronological timeframe. A brief of when you hired in and what you did and your last position then list of event's to include you are on Limited or a Permanent Rehabilitation employee etc.
jazzie01Person was signed in when posted
01:39 PM ET (US)
Micki 1 your answer is yes! You can peruse an EEO each time you are discriminated against within 45 days of the discriminatory action. If you are being forced to retire because of the Hostile Work Environment add that the time and date. Google Constructive Discharge!
jazzie01Person was signed in when posted
01:16 PM ET (US)
Micki 1, allow the US Postal Service 6 months to Investigate. It is Okay if you are retired. After six months request a right to sue letter. Have all your paperwork and go to the US Federal District Court Office in your City and request to file a lawsuit and that all fees, cost and securities be waived and legal counsel be assigned to assist you. Request Forma Pauperis, meaning you cannot afford to pay the fees associated with a lawsuit. For an Indigent person that feels they have been wronged and wish their complaint be hear in court. The Federal District Court has forms and a Pro Se Attorney. They will file immediately so have all your supporting documents. Make sure you file within the time allowed but always allow the agency six months to Investigate and reindeer a decision prior to filing a lawsuit! You cannot file a lawsuit before six months and you have to use the EEO process first. Stay on top of your complaint and make sure it is not just sitting on the EEO ADR Specialist desk with no action taken!
Don't be surprised at all the falsified documents and make sure they haven't altered your signature on a withdrawn form or Annomous form. If you sign Annomous form they don't Investigate. They move all the Criminals around to avoid answering affidavits as long as they haven't given you a decision you can add amendments. Do not allow additional time for extension they are only going to lie! Keep fighting don't give up and be very careful they are watching your every move to set you up anyway possible! Don't be surprised when you learn everyone is aware how Complicit the US Postal Service is! Make your Union fight for you and if they don't help file a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board within six months. I have been through it all and survived. So can you!
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jazzie01Person was signed in when posted
01:12 PM ET (US)
Micki1, you can pursue if it is within 45 days. Call and request a packet within 45 days! You have to go through the administrative process. You cannot file a lawsuit before 180 days( six month's). Always draw a line through the Annomous box and put you do not wish to remain anonymous. Draw a large X on the withdrawal form and add you are not withdrawing your complaint.
Always make copies because the EEO-ADR will mishandle your complaints. Drawl Aline through allowing an extension!
Always make copies and yes US Postal Service allows these Criminals to move around.
I read where two Postal Inspectors improperly detained an employee and took her to a hotel for questioning. That employee was awarded $50,000.
I hope things work out for you! Let me know more details Please!
Mick1Person was signed in when posted
12:23 PM ET (US)
Is there any way I can pursue an EEO after retirement? As a member of the NRP I was improperly detained (read illegally imprisoned) by a postmaster who is being moved around to protect him from multiple EEOs. He is the golden boy of my area but it looks like I will be retired before my EEO Is heard. Since he is younger he will still be in the PO.
jazzie01Person was signed in when posted
09:27 AM ET (US)
Thank you Rick Owens for your "Vision" This site is truly a blessing to me!
Rick OwensPerson was signed in when posted
09:23 AM ET (US)
Appreciate the kind words. Wish all of you the very best and an end to your worries.

However, I will continue to moderate (smile) - hope all of you understand.
jazzie01Person was signed in when posted
09:23 AM ET (US)
A demand for relief once authorized to request one...will not take long! Estimate 30 days to make a demand for relief.. And about a total of 90 to have settlement distributed. Once again we will receive instructions from the NRP Counsel.
For those of you that do not understand and need additional assistance I would have an Attorney assist. They won't charge much to guide you on damages that you may claim. I think I will take my own advice and seek legal counsel to guide me. It maybe possibly they may not charge a fee for telling you what damages you can seek and the amount! They have books on the amounts.
Always make copies and send a certificate of service, sign and date. I'm sending my request by "Priority Express". The US Postal Service Law Department is going to be flooded with Demands for Relief! Oh happy day, when this day finally arrives!
Edited 03-18-2018 09:25 AM
MetooPerson was signed in when posted
09:05 AM ET (US)
yesitsme.. thank you for the update, just hearing that helps... AND THANK YOU like jazzie01 said if it wasn't for you none of this would be possible... AND THANK YOU RICK for establishing this site which is helping so many... I just hope when this is settled we will not have to fight the PO another 10 yrs in separate claims...
jazzie01Person was signed in when posted
10:59 PM ET (US)
Is all this leading to the US Postal Service being "Privatized"? (Privatization) A plan to transfer a business from government to privately owned. Although USPS is an Independent entity,this has been something for many years discussed as a "future plan".
Once all the " Career " employees are eliminated the US Postal Service can be "Privatized".
Edited 03-18-2018 09:10 AM
jazzie01Person was signed in when posted
10:08 PM ET (US)
Thank you Rick for allowing us to post and for all the information regarding the NRP!
jazzie01Person was signed in when posted
10:03 PM ET (US)
It does appear they left all the dirt on the Postmaster General. The Postmaster General before Brennan had an article online saying they would have to force people out and they would no longer offer a buyout after he retired!
Not all the Criminals are gone! The nightmare still exists. The injured people are still being targeted and set up for destruction! Senior employees too! They are afraid to make an injury claim and work in pain. The US Department of Labor are involved too! I would like to write a book and possibly request an interview with the News to tell about the living nightmare I experienced as an employee! The US Postal Service has a terrible reputation! I still cannot believe the ongoing trauma I experienced for nearly twenty years at the US Postal Service! I suffer from PTS! This doesn't seem real! They allow the remaining Criminals to go on Details with Promotions. They keep moving them around! Can you believe this? I would never want to return back to the US Postal Service. They don't deserve me! Who in the world would be so low to think of the NRP? The US Postal Service has been eliminating injured people for years!
yesitsmePerson was signed in when posted
09:36 PM ET (US)
Hi, guys!!! Sounds good, ah? I didn't really do anything, just asked for a lawyer's advice 12 yrs ago. Eight years since this was certified as a class. I'm still hoping and praying for everyone, it sounds like it will be a few months before we begin to see any relief. They are still playing dirty and underhanded. The thing I hate the most is that the people responsible for this fiasco will never be held accountable for their actions. Long gone, retired, well off and not giving another thought about the lives ruined. Our current postmaster had very little to do with this crime... I'd love to hear her thoughts. I am hoping and praying to get the story to the public. Talk again soon when I have more news. Thanks so much everyone, especially Rick
jazzie01Person was signed in when posted
06:00 PM ET (US)
I can not say enough how very grateful I am for Sandra McConnell jumping through the loop holes and saving all the NRP class members from drowning!
Yes, there were a few others that filed discrimination complaints but Sandra included all the injured employees of the NRP and because she filed her complaint of discrimination disability in a timely manner we all are included in the NRP class action!!! This would never have been possible without Sandra McConnell and her legal counsel!!
...and for this I am very grateful!
Edited 03-17-2018 08:10 PM
jazzie01Person was signed in when posted
05:21 PM ET (US)
...and then some 7280
TFFC7BPerson was signed in when posted
04:40 PM ET (US)
I hope that we will be able to get all withdrawals that we made from TSP! I have nothing left in my account. Plus the insurance!
jazzie01Person was signed in when posted
06:49 AM ET (US)
USPS saved Millions of dollars possibly billions eliminating our jobs! Offering a buyout was too much like right and because we are the little guy's they could careless about the damages and harm the NRP would cause. NRP was nothing new to the US Postal Service. This was something they had been doing for years even now. The only difference is with the NRP they eliminated a larger group of injured " Career " employees!
...and because they have always had a history of getting away with breaking the Law they thought they would get away with this!
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