Crescendo Infected Quicktopic Crescendo Infected Quicktopic QuickTopic <![CDATA[almightybo... | YAAY :D]]> 2010-06-04T20:34Z <![CDATA[xRECKONERx | Go check the thread.]]> 2010-06-04T20:19Z <![CDATA[Amished | Ok, response is I can't both track and kill unless I was the...]]> 2010-06-04T20:02Z <![CDATA[Amished | Ok, I'll be V/LA for the rest of the weekend. Sending in a...]]> 2010-06-04T19:56Z <![CDATA[crypto | Hurr. That's funny because I thought my pipe bomb...]]> 2010-06-04T15:56Z <![CDATA[almightybo... | Yep all items accounted for, the only one floating around...]]> 2010-06-04T15:34Z <![CDATA[almightybo... | No objections here. bv said in his last player analysis...]]> 2010-06-04T15:32Z <![CDATA[crypto | Nope.]]> 2010-06-04T15:23Z <![CDATA[Amished | Ok, so bob is right, we just have to avoid bv's redirect...]]> 2010-06-04T12:48Z <![CDATA[almightybo... | Nice one guys, this one is pretty much ours :D No worries...]]> 2010-06-04T11:53Z <![CDATA[crypto | Yuppers to all of the below.]]> 2010-06-04T04:01Z <![CDATA[Amished | I should probably send in the kill since there's a chance...]]> 2010-06-04T03:24Z <![CDATA[Amished | Also, sorry about my post, you were scummy so if we didn't...]]> 2010-06-04T03:21Z <![CDATA[Amished | If there are, it's either SK or bv since both izzy and star...]]> 2010-06-04T03:21Z <![CDATA[crypto | MS is screwy for me too. I'm still just paranoid about PRs,...]]> 2010-06-04T03:18Z