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The Bridal Boutique, Ltd

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Michell Dula
07:46 AM ET (US)
I did not buy my wedding dress here but did have my alterations done my Mira. She is just wonderful. When I went in for my first fitting my dress did not fit and of course I had a break down and she told me it was an easy fix and it was not her first rodeo, lmao. Being me I did not believe her and was worried until my next fitting. My last fitting was yesterday and you would not know I had a problem. Thank you soooo much, I love it!!!! My girls did get there dresses here and they were Alfred Angelo. When they first came in the wrong ones were ordered, which I understand things happen I did not get upset, there was still time. So the correct dress was ordered, then Alfred Angelo went bankrupt. At first the dress was being sent then there attorney would not let any dresses be released, so thank goodness we still had the wrong one ordered. Again Mira came to the rescue and fixed the dresses we had to what we wanted. I would recommend anyone who is looking for anytime of formal dress to come here. One last thing as you as tell from my situation things do happen but they will do everything they can to make it right for your special day! Thank you again to Pat and the staff!!!
Anna - From Scranton, Pa
12:25 PM ET (US)
Well this was first shop i came to looking for my wedding dress. I was over whelmed by all the beautiful dresses.. but the 4th dress i try was the one, i had a great sales lady that helped..
I couldn't be more happier with my choice..
Thank you, if your looking for dream dress come here..
09:13 AM ET (US)
I was with my friend when she bought her wedding dress. I saw a lot of amazing dresses. The boutique had casual dresses too. I bought myself some great day dresses
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07:50 AM ET (US)
Oh this is a great boutique and i can't wait to visit it again. The last shop i went in was La Femme prom dresses because my sister needed a dress for her high school prom and i must say that how fashion works these days i actually bought a few dresses for me because they were so casual and sweet. I need some dressed for spring and i hope that i'll find a few for my trip to Greece.
02:20 PM ET (US)
if i bought or put a payment down on a prom dress my first payment and im second guessing it can it use the money i put down on that dress on a different dress if i find a different one i like more ?
Kristin Foxwell
11:00 AM ET (US)
This store is awesome. Staff are very helpful! I bought my wedding dress from here in 2005, and had to return again for a flower girl dress for my daughter. They really helped me in a pinch. I had ordered a dress online for my daughter and it never arrived the wedding was just 2 weeks away, and the staff here, worked very quickly to get a new dress for my daughter at a WONDERFUL price. Thank you so much to the staff and owner of Bridal Boutique!
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SEO Reseller
01:48 AM ET (US)
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01:02 PM ET (US)
This was the first time my girlfriends and I went shopping for Wedding dresses and everyone at The Bridal Boutique was very helpful , nice, and made our experience shopping for dresses fun.
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01:59 AM ET (US)
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