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Angel Midnight

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Konny Christensen, Norway
07:03 AM ET (US)
Greetings from Norway!
I`m an vinyl collector, I came across John Lincoln Wright and The Sour Mash Boys EP #92745, and your song "Sweet Montana"!!!
So glad I found your CD at CD Baby, great album, love all the songs on it!
An album that belong in all music lovers collection!
Edited 05-09-2015 02:52 PM
Bill Henderson
10:42 AM ET (US)
Hey John, what's up? I'm still listening, at least once a week--which means it stays in my head, of & on, most all the time.

I was thinking: I'm lucky enough to have most of your "vault" in my computer, but maybe some of it could be available to others, too. Like a "bonus album." The simple way would be via downloads on iTunes, CD Baby, Revernation, etc. Songs could also be uploaded for free streaming, whatever. I agree with Heath. More, buddy, more!
George Heath
11:43 PM ET (US)
By the way. The Weather in Florida is great right now. Any time you want to come, you will always have a roof over you head, comfortable beds and a beach near by with cold beer in the frig. Come on down.
George Heath
11:35 PM ET (US)
In all seriousness. I need new stuff from you. I need new tunes. Your talent is too great. Don't stop. Keep going. The Entire Sour Mash Nation is with you and waiting for new tunes. Give my best to Peg and the kids.
Edited 01-19-2011 11:38 PM
George Heath
11:16 PM ET (US)
Hi Buddy,
I've been passing your music around and it has been getting me more girl friends than you can imagine. Thank you so much. I love you man
Bill Henderson
12:35 AM ET (US)
Michelle, was that really your dad who wrote on my blog "not dead, still puttin' the pedal to the metal"? (There was a "Ray is Dead" rumor floating around.) I took those old b/w pics of him when we played the Chicken Box (Nantucket) & yes, we had a lot of fun! Your dad owes me $82.7 million. Ask him about that.
Michelle Jacques
12:39 PM ET (US)
Hay John! It was real fun looking at the old sour mash boy photo gallery.
I can forward the pictures of my dad "Ray Jacques" to my children. Looks lie you guys had a lot of fun by the smiles on his face.

Hope all is well!
John Macy
01:03 AM ET (US)
Whoa...just found this...I am so sorry I had to miss your release party...I have so many great memories of all the gigs and craziness and the drive to Texas and up to some ways it seems like yesterday and others like a 100 years ago...wish there were not so many mile between best to Peg and hope to catch up with you eleven year old baseball playing son is dying to go to Fenway, so maybe before too long...all the best old friend...john macy
Alma Yee
06:57 PM ET (US)
Hi, You won't remember me but my husband (john Conway) and I always called ourselves groupies of JLW and the SMB in the 70's. Listening to Sweet Montana is such a beautiful song (I havent heard it since the 70's) and brought back so many memories of many a night spent at Kings, Jonathan Swift's and other places where we used to follow the band. I hope John is doing well and if you see John Lincoln Wright (we stayed in touch for quite a while up until the mid 80's), please send him my regards. Thanks also for the great website with all the pix from the old days.
John Oliphant
10:31 AM ET (US)
Hey John,

I recently heard from Peg via FaceBook, and, through the spider's web of email,and social networking sites and blogs,learned of the CD release."Angel Midnight" was always a song of yours that I loved.The CD and photos flooded me with memories of those days. It's was great to see pictures of the family, and to learn that Travis has followed in your musical footsteps. By the way, was he the son you nearly dropped at the old house in Allston ? :) !!!!! Wish I couldhave been there for the party, but hope to chat with you both soon.Take care. Much love, John Oliphant
Larry Gollub
03:03 AM ET (US)
John, I woke up tonight around 1am and was restless, so I went on the computer and was just punching in random stuff, looking for old people and found you. And found the photo of me in Kings, which Bill sent to me when I was in contact with him a few years ago. And found the photo I took of you and the band with Waylon too. Old old memories. Hope you are getting along OK. I know you have a birthday coming up and wish you well. By a strange coincidence my wife's cousins, Ruth Ungar and Mike Merenda, are playing at Passim's on your birthday, if your birthday is still the same as Paul McCartney's. It was checking out their schedule and seeing that date that got me Googling the Harvard Sq. days...funny how that works. It's three am and I am rambling.
Robert Rosenblatt
12:57 PM ET (US)
Hi John. Nice to hear you're still doing things you love with your music, and glad to hear you have a great family. Just wanted to say hi. It's been a while since we've been in touch.

If you run into JLW please send my regards, we miss him.
Hutch Hutchinson
12:31 PM ET (US)
Hey brother John.
Thanks for having me be a part of your CD release party on Sunday at Sally O's. It was a very special
day for everybody there and everybody involved. You looked fantastic and Travis sounded great. You've always been one of my best friends no matter how much we've been able to see each other over the years. And when we played together as teenagers I felt that you were sort of my big brother as well. I feel that way even more so now. See you before I hit the trail again. Thanks man. Your pal, HUTCH
Tony Pelusi
12:18 PM ET (US)
Hey John,
Congrat's on the new CD! my brother tom dropped off a copy yesterday and i listened to it last night. great are in the groove.
and i'm played at the chicken box in nantucket? i am amazed with the depth and range you have covered.
all of the best to you, peggy and the kids. you've got a good thing going there man. it makes me proud to say i know you.
know i am here if ever for whatever.
all the best and
be well,
09:49 PM ET (US)
John - our whole family(Antoncecchi's)had the great joy of witnessing that wonderful magic that you have always been able to produce! Thank's for inviting us to be a part of your special day! We are so very proud of all your accomplishments! You have created not only a beautiful family but been able to fulfill your dream!! Your CD " Angel Midnight" will always have special place in our hearts and play on for generations! We love you with all our heart & soul! Love to all (Peg, Travis, Ryan and Lyndsey )! Kathy & Hoppy & Mom & Brian(and extended family!
09:18 PM ET (US)
John every family has special days and yesterday @ Sally O,Briens will be remembered for a long time.You should be very proud of Peg and the kids and all others who helped make it such a success.But more important you should be proud of yourself for fulfilling your dream.Seeing T sing your songs along with his was very special.Happy St Pats
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