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See Dailey
12:10 AM ET (US)
It is interesting that you gave Michael Jackson Scriptures...

Did you miss all the ones which prohibit taking strange wives?

The Black man is historically and notoriously stiff necked, hard headed and disobedient. IF you read Scriptures, you will see that THIS is the cause of his epic fall...not his skin color.

I do not care about who Black men date, marry and procreate. Never have cared.

What I do not like nor find respectable is their desire to blame Black women for their behavior and choices. They like to blame only White men as much or more.

Considering that these strange unions do not last and fatherless bastards the overwhelming end result...

At some point, the Black man would do well to acknowledge that he is the common denominator, irrespective of the hue of woman he chooses.

Let me know if you need some Scriptures to help your Understanding.

Black women are following the head/men out to strange nations. I cannot say that I blame them one bit.

Oddly enough, Black men STILL lament, whine and complain about that, too. It is almost like they are not happy unless they can believe that Black women are unhappy and lonely. Just as some White and other women base their value as women and esteem on believing that Black women are lonely or 'jealous' of them. Like Black women would want to age horrifically fast and bad.

It is a shame to see a nation of men who have historically been unable to protect the women of the nation...

Steadfastly refuse to respect the women of the nation.

It is what it is however. Black women will STILL rise.



Concepts that seem to elude the Black man collective. As long as this is the case...

So will the respect as men they crave.
Edited 01-03-2017 12:17 AM
R. Walker
10:27 PM ET (US)
It's just amazing that you can put this web page together showing the blatant disloyalty that black males have to the race and then at the top of the page, wrongly blame black women for the black male's disloyalty. Black women have absolutely nothing to do with the black male's desire for white women. As you have proven here, black males have been with white women going all the way back to post slavery in America. I doubt very seriously that black women drove Frederick Douglass away or Jimmy Hendrix away or Booker T. Washington away or Thurgood Marshall away or any of these other black males who have made these choices because they wanted to engage in escapism or hate what they saw in the mirror or want to be a walking dildo or want a white woman on their arm because they believe it gives them status, or are just plain sexually irresponsible or just plain hate black women. Very few of them can claim they truly love the white women they are with and most have hit the ten year mark and those white women have walked away with a fortune, money that could have stayed in the black family and in black communities. But once again you sit here as a blogger and blame black women for this when there is no comparison between black women and black men when it comes to race loyalty. It's like 10 to 1.

Black males have been engaged in this behavior for centuries, literally and black women have nothing to do with those choices. They were engaged in this behavior ever since the Moors went into Europe and those African women had nothing to do with that behavior then either. They have also walked away from their own black children as a result of their desire for white women and have often left their families to starve and struggle in poverty, never to return, as black women fruitlessly waited for them to return after they had their revolution in the 70's.

So to blame black women for this is just plain unconscionable and it is nothing but another case of blaming black women for the behavior of black males, as per usual, instead of black males taking responsibility for their own behavior. Black males are always blaming everyone else for what they engage in yet they want everyone to respect them as men. Well you can't have it both ways. That scapegoating will never result in black males doing a thing about their own behavior. Nor will it garner black males any respect as men who take responsibility for their own choices.

Fortunately, the days of the long suffering black woman is coming to an end and they are no longer waiting. Black women are now walking away from black males in droves. Black women who are tired of being rejected, ridiculed, mocked, abused, neglected, sexually violated and endangered, after fruitlessly being loyal to the race for centuries, are now seeking alternatives in the 21st century for themselves and their own happiness. As a result, black males even have the nerve now to be up in arms about Serena Williams being engaged to a white man who loves her, even though all of these black male celebrities have white women on their arms. It's just unbelievable how arrogant they are. Especially considering their long history of race disloyalty. So this is the current situation and unless and until they as black males change their own behavior and it certainly doesn't look like they will any time soon, they have absolutely nothing to say here about black women and neither do you.
ro grayPerson was signed in when posted
02:10 PM ET (US)
this is a great website..thanks to you kenneth black men from around the world will now know that there are many white women in this world that are not racist and that there are many in this world that have love for the black man,as you may have notice,,television and the movies only portrait black women and white males that are couples,,so do not pay any attention to the racist whites or the jealous black women..there will be always be haters,especially when the black man have a white spouse or a white girlfriend,,you see racist white males,racist white females and jealous black women just cannot stand to see BM==WW couples..keep posting photos of interracial couples that consist of black men,white women,hispanic/latino women,korean women,chinese women and japanese women and native american women that are with black men..this is the only website and platform that will feature black men==white women keep up the good work kenneth..thumbs up to you kenneth..
10:19 AM ET (US)

Could you please delete my "Pro-Nazi Youth Camps In America" thread?

The last entry in the thread from a 21st Century Nazi page, completely takes over the thread and returns you to the Nazi webpage. I tried to edit it out, but that site has a program that immediately takes you to their website, once the thread is clicked on and opened.

Thank you!
09:11 PM ET (US)
This is a very good website, it has a lot of different features.
Afield Negro
12:27 AM ET (US)
Hello Michelle, thanks for your feedback on the site. The famous quotes page, the music section and the message board has a lot of things that will inspire black people. With the pictures of black men that date outside their race, I'm asking the question is there something that's driving black men and black women apart?
09:36 AM ET (US)
I just stumbled across your site on Facebook. is an interesting name for a website ("the purpose of this website is to inspire, motivate and teach"). Given your explanation for the chosen name and definition, it puzzles me why someone would take so much time and effort to find over 100 photos of black men who are "dating" or married to non-black women AND ask whether black women are the problem? I find it interesting that you wouldn't use the same effort to identify just as many happy black marriages (there are just as many).

WHO are you inspiring, motivating, and educating? Why don't you enlighten the masses about our history or do you have to be educated on how we all got to this place in time? Have you ever read the Willie Lynch Letter, "Making of a Slave"? [1] If you did, I don't think you would be asking such questions and posting such a negative subliminal message to the public viewers.
Edited 07-16-2016 09:38 AM
Afield Negro
12:30 PM ET (US)
Abd al-Rahman ibn Nelson every person with a real email address has been approved, the site doesn't approve people with fake email addresses.
Edited 12-22-2015 12:30 PM
Abd al-Rahman ibn Nelson
01:00 PM ET (US)
Sister Fatima, if we would simply accept the Islamic Model, much of what you are debating would never become an issue. First of all, in Islam, there is no question of pregnancy before marriag. It is absolutely unacceptable for a Muslim sister to "date" and all that other white western non-sense. Get married and stay married.

Beyond that, Islam offers a huge volume of resources and ideas on how to live the married life. Basically traditional African values are to be our guide. The wives of the Holy Prophet (Sal Aalyhi wa Salam) also offer much food for thought. And never overlook Surah al-Nisa. My biggest disappointment after accepting Islam has been the sisters who want to copy the white man's feminism. Forget all that. In addition to The Quran and Hadith, there are many Biblical examples that we can follow. There is NOTHING that the west can offer us in terms of what we must do to rebuild the African family. It is all inferior to what Islam teaches us.

One last point to keep in mind: African women were used as baby factories in slavery. The white man wanted to keep the women pregnant at all times because each time she gave birth, he received ownership of a new slave. So women essentially learned to do whatever the white man wanted to make him richer. Unfortunately, many non-Muslim women still have that mentality today. We must learn to overcome that. White men have never loved black women. They used them for their own needs and left them with nothing, not even a husband, except a bunch of babies. Of course having children is commendable. But we cannot properly raise the children without two parents.

One last point: many of the girls nowadays cannot even communicate with a man because they have never had the experience of a father in their lives. Hence they cannot make good wives. They engage in adversarial relationships instead of harmonious relationships. They lie to men when they should be truthful instead.
Abd al-Rahman ibn Nelson
11:19 AM ET (US)
Why is it taking so long for you to complete the registration process? I have done the paperwork but you have not sent me the verification to my email.
09:34 PM ET (US)
This is a really nice website I like it, it's very creative.
09:10 AM ET (US)
David, based on what you are saying, it appears as if you are blaming the black woman for what happened to her in slavery and for all the problems in the black community today. Both black women and black men were subjected to the same brutality and the women also had to deal with the sexual aspect of slavery by being raped by the slave master. I do not agree with your statement that black women were “induced not to accept the black man as husband and father.” There may be a few black women like that but they are more the exception than the rule.
You made a statement that "the system has empowered the black woman to only need the black man to make babies so she can get housing, food, and financial assistance and live as the head of the household and do whatever she chooses not answering to any man!" I can’t believe you call that kind of madness ‘empowerment.’ She is not being empowered, she is being subjugated, as well as her offspring. She is damaged just as much as the black man and cannot possibly raise healthy, adjusted children. Basically all she is doing is preparing them for the prison industrial complex and that goes for both the male and female children. Furthermore, why aren't you holding the men accountable for making babies with these women? You cannot hold the black woman any more accountable for these problems than the black man. In doing so, you are doing what the white supremacists want you to do and that is, you are making the black man look very weak and ineffective. If you look at any community that is thriving and doing well, you will note that the men of that community take most of the responsibility for the problems in it and does not place the responsibility on the women like so many black men do.
I am not attacking black men by making my comments. He has been damaged as much as black women by the extreme psychological trauma of 400 years of slavery, which was extended to this day by a racist economic/political system. Whatever happens to the black man, also affects black women and black children, because he is the leader. What he is doing is playing out the same dynamic today that he was forced to do in slavery. He was just a breeding machine for the slave master. He was not allowed to love the black woman and his children and was only permitted to love white people and this is still occurring to this day. Only in modern times, he not only loves white people, but anybody close to white. If there was crying and sadness at the slave auction block by either the black man or the black woman, they were beaten, because blacks could not show that they cared for one another. So he became the ultimate breeding machine and that is what is still happening in today’s society. He just drops his seed and keeps moving.
Your statement that “almost any woman on earth will give the black man more love, and support than the average black woman” is erroneous. If that is the case why is it that when some black men get in trouble, or have some other need, the first person they call is a black woman? Answer: Because black women have done more for black men than anyone so they know they can depend on her.
If these other women are so much better to black men than black women, why is it that those relationships do not last hardly any time? What I see often, is black men jumping from one relationship to another with non-black women and I never hear any of you ever say anything negative about these women. Non-black women are no better than black women. It is just that some of black men will tolerate bad behavior in non-black women that they have no patience with in black women. So I would like to know just why are you holding black women to such high standards than anyone else?
02:35 PM ET (US)
I think, in general, that the history, and mental conditioning, of slavery to induce the black woman to not accept the black man as a husband and father plays an important role in the black man's choice of other, more loving,family oriented, and respectful woman. Also, the same pictures, and thoughts, can be applied to black woman dating white men. We all know the same number of examples, so I won't bother expanding there. Also, why is it that most people commenting negatively towards these black men would not speak against same sex marriage, but would condemn a person for dating or marrying a person of a different culture? Again, I honestly believe that the black man, particularly the successful and intelligent, are held in contempt by the WORLD and the black woman due to the effects of slavery! Also, the system has empowered the black woman to only need the black man to make babies so she can get housing, food, and financial assistance and live as the head of the household and do whatever she chooses not answering to any man! My experience indicates, IN GENERAL, that almost any woman on earth will give the black man more love, and support than the average black woman. More power to you brother!
Artelia in Portland, OR
02:25 AM ET (US)
Your paragraph suggest that Black men need an excuse to be with white women. I personally think a lot of black men believe they are somehow elevated with a white woman on their arm. And I say more power to them if that's what they want and/or need. If a black man wants a black woman, he won't be chased to another race if he runs across one that has an attitude or is not to his liking in any way. If he isn't intelligent enough to know that all black women are not the same just as all white women aren't, and he isn't willing to wait on the one that is right for him, then he should step. I certainly don't believe that every white woman out there is every man's dream. That's evidenced by the fact that a whole lot of those men in those pictures you posted are on their second or third white girl. Obviously the first one was not perfect. The other thing that bothers me is that you say you want to deal with this issue, yet nowhere in the article do you wonder if all of those white women are with black men because white men are chasing them away. It seems that every time this issue is discussed, it's just an opportunity to tell black women they need to change. We should always be a work in progress. That includes women and men. But, to all those black men who say they won't have a black woman because of her attitude, etc., I say, "Your Mama is/was a Black woman." And in a lot of cases, she may have raised you by herself and a little attitude might have been necessary.
06:37 PM ET (US)
Black women it's time for us to UNITE and hold our heads up high. Black men are abandoning Black women in groves. Not only are they abandoning them, they are BASHING black women's character to the lowest of the low.

What I want to say to Black women, as I am one, although this does not apply to me, we need to stop with the ATTITUDE, and thinking that it is cute!!!!! No one wants a woman that has an attitude no matter what color she may be, not even our black men. Let's STOP that nonsense now, learn to communicate effectively and respectfully, it's not always good to have to have the last word!!!

My mother has always said, you can catch more bee's with honey, men are EXACTLY the same way. Who wants to come home to a nagging individual. Start greeting him at the door, and asking him with a smile...Honey how was your day?, and if he complains about his day, DON'T start complaining about yours, offer him something that will make him FEEL better!!!!!

I'm a black woman who loves herself and her community, Black women we are already by default the head of our households, it's time to abandon that loud, mouth and the ringing of the neck attitude, not for the sake of our men, but for your own sake. That's played out!!!

The best revenge is success, show our black brothers that we can do, and be, just as pleasing, successful and intelligent as any other!
Earlene in Georgia
02:55 AM ET (US)
Thank you, Tanisha, you make me soooooo proud to be a Sister in your world. However, I need to ask, why did you feel it so significantly intentional to use the word "nigger" soooo many times? Thanks in advance. Much love to you, Sweetie!
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