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Blank Frank is the Siren, He's the Air-raid, He's the Crater

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03:23 PM ET (US)
Nice to see the New New News :-D
03:03 PM ET (US)
I grinned as soon as the page loaded. That Go 2 album cover is such a classic. The music ain't bad either. ;)
Edited 04-09-2018 03:03 PM
06:31 PM ET (US)
More hugs for Killsy! And congrats for you, I hope this job will be a good one!!!!
Bill the Splut
04:29 PM ET (US)
Thanks! I sure hope so! If I get another Drunken Toddler or Baby Owner as a boss, at least I'll have a union to talk to!

It's more of a guideline than required. Unlike anyone on food stamps, who HAS to live on $4 a day. In the US, the only way to make poor people work harder is to give them less money, and the only way to make rich people work harder is to give them free money, paid for by poorer people's taxes.

It's my goal for my main meal. I've always eaten basically 1 good sized meal a day anyway. It's mainly making a careful reading of store sales. For instance, I just bought groceries (at my new job), and Perdue boneless/skinless chicken breasts were BOGO. I bought $7 packages, so there's 2 $3.50 meals. I've also never had a problem with Shake & Bake or tuna salad. My big expenditure is once in a while getting a pizza, or a $5 salad bar.
01:27 PM ET (US)
I am so happy for you! It sounds like these new folks might actually be good people who appreciate you! Given your 14-year nightmare at the liquor store, that will take some getting used to, of course. I'm just so jazzed that things are finally looking up for you! *happydance scattering flowers*
04:13 PM ET (US)
What kind of meals do you get out of $3-4/day?
03:47 PM ET (US)
I hope the old meds get Her Killsiness back to whatever is normal is for a grande dame of her vintage. As for keeping her golden years relatively vet-free...you know how I went through this with Sophie. I still question whether it was selfish to keep her alive when she was sick, and if I should have just let her go, even if every part of me was screaming, "Not yet, not yet!" But Kill Kill doesn't have cancer, but a condition that can be controlled with medication. Keep that little girl with you as long as you can, because I can guarantee that after she's gone, you will still break down into tears fourteen months later when you write about her.
04:38 PM ET (US)
Hugs for Killsy! 19 is so impressive!
10:48 AM ET (US)
I get that. Maxil was raised on grain-free and though I feed him in the living room, away from the others, he still tends to wander into the kitchen to nom on the other cats' Friskies, though sometimes I can just give everyone Tiki Cat (Lucky esp. needs the pumpkin content for his Bum Issues). I wish I could afford to give that to them all the time.

The clip of Yoda's "hoo-hah" song is easily one of my top 10 fave Vines. Whenever I see the Leia/Tarkin scene, I now always think of what Carrie Fisher wrote in her diaries about how difficult it was to act all aggro toward Peter Cushing because of what a sweetheart he was IRL.
Bill the Splut
11:43 PM ET (US)
My experience has always been that if there are 2 dry food bowls out, the fat cat eats the regular or kitten food, and the kitten or skinny one eats the diet.

Yes, it started when B got back from the vet and DJ acted weird toward him, but it really was Byron freaking out over the visit. For 4.5 months.
10:55 PM ET (US)
Whadaya mean re: dry food that can't be diet? Is that because of KK's thyroid, or...? I haz a confoozled.

I actually referenced Byron at the vet yesterday, when the vet tech praised how sweet and cooperative Moe was--like all my cats have been--and I mentioned my friend's deaf polydactyl who is not exactly the world's most chill patient. Though I thought he freaked out when you brought DJ back from the vet and Byron thought he smelled weird? Or am I remembering this wrong?
01:11 AM ET (US)
Man, with all the trouble taking them to the vet can bring, and how necessary it is to do it anyway, you'd think there'd be a killing to be made being a home-visit cat veterinarian, should I go back to university? I have the veterinary-specific campus right around the corner.
05:27 PM ET (US)
Your friend The Silent Film Pedant wishes to point out that Coke Ennyday was played by Douglas Fairbanks in one of his first successful screen roles. You know, Douglas Fairbanks, who went on to star in the silent-version Thief of Bagdad, the 1940 color version of which starred Conrad Veidt, who remains tied with Buster Keaton as The Dead Guy I'd Most Like To Bang. C'mon, rewatch Caligari and tell me he ain't one creepy lil' bangable boo!

Ahem. Got a little far afield there. (Apparently having had my uterus removed does not stop my ovaries from driving the bus.) Anyhoo, playing a coke fiend only helped Fairbanks catapult to success, which I guess presages Al Pacino's career. Except Doug was a great guy and Al is an awful person, apparently.
12:16 AM ET (US)
I was born in '84 and I think mankind peaked in the disco era and it's been all downhill ever since.
05:49 PM ET (US)
I love hearing your early 80's college radio tunes. Even if I don't know the song, it always sounds so familiar, like something I would have heard on KDVS (UC Davis station that played a major part of honing my musical sensibilities). David still likes to listen to KDVS today, but I am an Auld Crotchety Person who would only like it if the KDVS playlist circa 1981 was in effect. EVERYTHING WAS BETTER BEFORE!! DAMN KIDS GET OFF MY LAWN!
Bill the Splut
02:48 AM ET (US)
Mom lives in a quiet, rich, low-crime suburb. But she lives in the USA. We're all one angry gun-toter away from harm.
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