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Blank Frank is the Siren, He's the Air-raid, He's the Crater

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06:42 PM ET (US)
Hooray for cat interaction and sleeping in long cardboard boxes!!!!
06:40 AM ET (US)
I enjoy that the drawing of the protein bar dispensing machine shows that it has two almighty balls
01:37 PM ET (US)
I can't access my bookmarks right now--I only have my phone til my new laptop arrives next week--but I *think* I bookmarked that movie some time ago because it's Andy Partridge's favorite film. Now I REALLY need to check it out!
01:23 PM ET (US)
Have you seen Louis CK's "Incurable Shitty Ankle" bit? Worth googling.
02:24 PM ET (US)
As a crazy cat lady, one of the most useful pieces of advice I've ever gotten is that cat society will eventually sort itself out on its own time. Especially for a cat missing one of his fundamental senses, it's got to be so frickin' scary to experience any sort of significant change, so I can see how the thing on his lip could already freak him out, let alone going to the vet and/or any inward effects of the Kidney Blot. I'm sure Byron knows His Deegeness well enough to understand that the kid's a big spaz, so just give him time. (After four months, Maxil still tries to play with Moe and Fergus; thankfully it's only Teh Fergs that actually lashes out at him, and that's on a infrequent basis. They too know he's just a spazzy kid who means them no harm.)
03:36 PM ET (US)
Awww, I can totally see why that would be your song for Byron. I think now it's my song for Maxil, too. <3
02:51 PM ET (US)
Hugs for you and for toe-boy! Agreed that for a lot of cats, the stress of getting medical tests is worse than the stress/discomfort of whatever is bothering them, especially if the bloodwork is all fine!
02:17 PM ET (US)
*huge sigh of relief*
03:34 PM ET (US)
FWIW, my nephew Donnie's dog Shasta (who I have long referred to as The Best Dog in the World, cos she is) has had a large tumor in her belly/butt area for quite some time now. It's not actively interfering with any part of her life, so Donnie and his wife Brittany decided that until it's causing her pain or otherwise diminishing the quality of her existence, they're going to just let her get on with the business of being a dog. They don't have the thousands of dollars it would cost to remove it, but as long as she isn't suffering, they want to keep her around, of course. The vet said she had months, but I think it's been close to two years now.

As you know, Sophie didn't want to eat much in the last months of her life, the one exception being Greenies. See if our boy will go for some of those, at least. <3
02:09 PM ET (US)
what terrible news, I can't even begin to imagine. Whatever it may be that comes, you and your kitties are in my thoughts
11:04 AM ET (US)
05:24 PM ET (US)
Oh, sweetie...no words. {{{holds you and Toemaster B tightly}}}
03:09 PM ET (US)
Poor Byron! You're not using plastic bowls, right? Those are what gave Thibault acne, so I've only used metal or ceramic bowls ever since. Because my capacity to worry knows no bounds, I've wondered if my kids drinking from the plastic water fountains could have similarly problematic results, but nothing so far, which is good, since ceramic fountains run $100 and up. (PS: though Maxil seems to be a bright little fella overall, he has yet to work out that he's supposed to drink from the stream, not the bowl itself. Hey, at least he's staying hydrated.)

I can't remember, have you tried Rescue Remedy with Byron? Some people swear by it, though I never noticed any major differences when I tried it with Beezer. Or can the vet give you meds to render him less aggro? He prolly should have a checkup anyway, just given how long it's been since a vet was able to look him over...or has that ever even happened? Hopes for continued recovery, in any case! <3
05:09 PM ET (US)
Sooo glad you're posting again! And awww at el pobrecito Byron. That bond of love and trust is the best thing ever. Seven years after rescuing Fergus, he remains shy and standoffish--he IS a cat, after all!--but his need for personal space has slowly disappeared. Nowadays when I sit down to pet him, he stays as close as possible without actually touching, an amazing transformation from the scaredy little guy who stayed about a yard away. You and I are both blessed, though I would like to reiterate my earlier point that your kids deserve to have a healthy papa who gets the medical attention he needs and does NOT keep everything inside where it will fester and eventually burst. Just sayin. <3
08:27 AM ET (US)
Yeah without being able to poke around it it's hard to say, I know sometimes there's an issue of protocol/encryption to use.... the program I use on Mac (Yummy FTP) has FTP, SFTP, two flavors of FTPS and two flavors of something called WebDAV... I barely know what any of those are, except I think FTP is bare and old school and the one that works, SFTP, has a bit more security.

Anyway I'd happily chip in for paying for registering an ftp thing if it kept you posting
01:09 AM ET (US)
Glad to read you again! also I thought the webhost provider would let you upload things through their page without the need for FTP software, but if the software is a requirement what I'd do is look for a freeware option, most software now has a barebones version out there for free made by some kind code wizard or another. Also googling -name of software- + 'portable' yields results too but you didn't hear that from me
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