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Blank Frank is the Siren, He's the Air-raid, He's the Crater

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Bill the Splut
04:41 PM ET (US)
I give up. I can't fix whatever is wrong with my page. It saves in the same place that it always did, but ever since I got the "update" of Filezilla, it adds extra crap to the url. If you want to follow my deathless prose, bookmark this:

Bill the Splut
07:28 AM ET (US)
Before you ask: Yes, I know the first image isn't there. Right-click on it, and it will show where it's supposed to be. All I know is that my FTP program FileZilla has gone insane. It took several days to just upload this text. It's saving things in random folders, including ones I didn't create. If you're thinking "You must've done it yourself" as a general rule I don't do things I don't know how to do. It's right in the same folders as the duck cartoons. I have no idea what's going on.
Also--I put this here because now it won't let me update the text on my page. It worked after 4 days, then an hour later failed. Just understand that I'm pretty sure it's not me doing it, it's ZileFilla, and I can't fix them from here.
Bill the Splut
05:53 PM ET (US)
((hugs back))
04:23 PM ET (US)
{{massive hugs}} re: Father's Day. It's going to suck for me too this year.
12:53 PM ET (US)
I feel like I haven't seen Marty the robot anywhere, but then again I always forget which is Star and which is Stop and Shop
08:40 PM ET (US)
Unsurprisingly, the smelliest person I've ever encountered was via public transportation. She was a sweet-looking old lady, but the stench was so vile that I couldn't even assign an origin to it (...shit? Decay? Three-week-old deli meat?). I finally ended up getting off the bus two stops early because I could not bear to sit next to her for another second.
Bill the Splut
04:03 PM ET (US)
I spotted a lot I knew, mainly from the old PBS show Matinee at the Bijou, but also some from MST. I should've pointed out that the Manhunt snippet includes the "CEILING MEPHISTO IS WATCHING YOU MASTURBATE" Lolcat I did for my review.
Funniest though was the doughy guy in his 50s who strips and he's--Captain America. Chris Evans was different then! The role would've been more believably played by k.d. lang.
02:51 PM ET (US)
Hey, they used some footage from Undersea Kingdom! "Your hat's very creative today, Kyle."
Bill the Splut
03:21 PM ET (US)
"Constaaant craaaaving--to punch Hitler in the face..."
See? I'm the best of both possible worlds!
02:11 PM ET (US)
I've had a crush on k.d. lang a lot longer than I've had a crush on Chris Evans. Just sayin'. ;)
04:33 PM ET (US)
The thing that has astonished me at Tumblr--okay, one of the things--is that among a certain age segment, there is great sentimental attachment to that godawful movie. I have read elegies rhapsodizing about it, I kid you not. Maybe if I had seen it as a kid, I wouldn't have been overwhelmed by horror and the thought that this was the worst possible Hollywood debut for a comic genius who deserved better. He gave so many inspired performances, like Lord Flashheart in Black Adder! As well, he used to--wildly, energetically-host a kids' show telling fairy tales called Grim Tales, shown on A&E back when it was good, and most of which I have taped on VHS! Plus he was cast as Peeves in the first Harry Potter movie, only all of his scenes ended up on the cutting room floor.

What I guess I'm saying is yeah. It's a terrible movie, yet bizarrely, it's adored by some Gen Y and/or millenials. And I'm sure that it's not at all apparent that I've been fangirling over Rik Mayall since 1985 or anything.
Bill the Splut
04:17 PM ET (US)
Lilly, I kept thinking "I think I know this guy," but never put it together. I believe that 2nd Siskel & Ebert video has him in it. But it's from "Drop Dead Fred," so it's best to say nothing more about that.
05:14 PM ET (US)
Something you neglected to point out about that Art of Noise video is that it stars Rik Mayall (sadly, RIP). I was at the zenith of my Young Ones obsession when that video came out, and I just about had an aneurysm when I saw who was playing the hero.

(Two other unexpected Mayall appearances: in the RHPS sequel Shock Treatment and An American Werewolf in London!)
01:35 PM ET (US)
To carry over from FB...whether I can sit through A Talking Cat!?! is now a moot point, unfortunately. I rolled over it in my sleep and broke it. I'll let you know if I want another copy. ;)
02:52 PM ET (US)
I like quiet moments too. One of my favorite scenes with 'my Doctor' (#7) is where he's just sitting in a café, postulating by way of shooting the shit with the guy working there. One of my criticisms of Nu Hu is that there aren't a lot of those kind of scenes. It's all action-action-action so much of the time, which as you know is exhausting.
07:22 PM ET (US)
Losing a pet is so hard! Sending you internet sympathies from NYC!
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