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Blank Frank is the Siren, He's the Air-raid, He's the Crater

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02:06 PM ET (US)
How's everybody holding up?
12:07 AM ET (US)
This is the intro to the one I grew up with https://youtu.be/lFO9MEFcT6Q still such an awesome theme, and for a toy pushin' cartoon (I never saw any JQ toys though) the animation is gorgeous compared with most of the stuff today. The toonami one I kinda remember, wasn't it the one with the CGIish intro? I was starting to get into puberty and in that brief phase where I found cartoons lame so I didn't pay much attention to it. Plus I don't know why but it reminded me of James Bond Jr and I wasn't falling for something like THAT again.
Bill the Splut
01:12 AM ET (US)
You're the kind of girl that fits into my world. I'd give you my bike, but I borrowed it.

Wow, I have no idea what that version is! Despite it happening when I was managing a toy store and watching every toy-based cartoon that came out at least once. I might've watched a bit of it and noped out. "Bionic Six," I made it to the first commercial break, or exactly 6 minutes.
I remember the Toonami version, but I didn't watch much of that. The most interesting thing was the high body count. In GI Joe, everyone leapt from their helicopter or tank just before it exploded. In that one, they just DIED. I don't mean "flying cartoon body parts," but it was jarring after the lame-ass 80s. And knowing is half the battle!
10:52 AM ET (US)
I loved Johnny Quest! It felt 'realistic' to my dumb 4 year old self, sentinent stone golem nonwithstanding, and that was really interesting to me. (I should give the earlier version a try, the one I grew up with was the 80's one obviously) One time in the radio they had a contest to win a GAMECUBE and you had to guess what song was it from a short snippet and it was the Johnny Quest theme! Those drums are unmistakable. I called and called but it was always busy and I THINK one time it went through but I was dialing so much I hung up right away to redial. That's my sad story. (I had won earlier a Gameboy by listening to the radio all afternoon so I was just being greedy but man, what a trip, radio and landlines)
Edited 02-24-2020 10:52 AM
09:05 AM ET (US)
I only have the albums ranked #1. My love for Syd Barrett is such that I have 'em on vinyl *and* CD, too.

I'm so glad the new job is going so well for you, esp. after all the shit you've been through. <3
10:20 PM ET (US)
Elvis Costello's "Welcome to the Working Week" is playing in my head now. Know it don't thrill ya, hope it won't kill ya!

With the advent of me working almost full-time now, I observed to my husband that I get it now: this is what most people do. They spend most of their day at a place they would rather not be because they need to keep a roof over their heads. Or their cats' heads.
01:05 AM ET (US)
Ootch, it blows that you had to pay for CuteFTP, for what it's worth it's old enough that I used it at some point in the past, so it should be good to use for a long time to come hopefully and two, I think it's very cool that you still update your page in what is now almost an artisanal way, or the e-equivalent of it anyway.

I have a friend who had a roomie with a cat who was.. well, dumb, no way to be gentle about it with that cat. His human was a lot more negligent that that girl from twitter, so this cat once ate two or three weed brownies, but didn't have a photogenic trip, just barfed the brownies all over.
Bill the Splut
01:04 PM ET (US)
Yeah, due to some fluke of my crappy web editor, you have to add an extra /new to get to the older articles. The one you're looking for is at
on 5/18.
10:38 PM ET (US)
Trying to find Bill's review of Speed Racer (thing is over two hours holy cats) it seems a whole bunch of News from '08 are down and that's why I can't find the review but it was nice to reread the tale of DJ arriving home for the first time
10:01 AM ET (US)
Negative, Cap'n. Sounds like a good deal!
Bill the Splut
04:27 AM ET (US)
Lils, did you ever sign up for the RiffTrax list? Every Xmas they send you a $10 gift card. I used mine with a sale, and I currently owe them negative $2.
I spent it on Attack of the Giant Monsters, and where the fuck has this movie been all my life?! It's Godzilla rubber suits for the monsters, and horribly 1970s cheap animation for the humans. I'd put it on my very short list of "So bad it's good movies," worth watching even without wisecracking robots. It's...The Swarm-y?
10:09 AM ET (US)
Damn you for forcing me to go back and watch Carnival Magic just to see who you're talking about! I've barely made it through twice. A lot of the time whether I like an MST episode depends on the movie itself--the reason I could never get into Side Hackers, even though I know the commentary is hilarious. Ditto Carnival Magic. *shudder* Give me Reptilicus or Starcrash any day!
03:15 PM ET (US)
Yeah seems ok now
Bill the Splut
11:05 AM ET (US)
I'm seeing it, you're not?
It was a blank page for 2 days (1/4 & 5). I think it's my ancient web editor or Filezilla. It's not the host; I talked to them for an hour and they tried everything with no go.
Hmm, I can see it on my computer, but not on my phone.

edit: Can you see it now? It looks like the problem was Filezilla, which means I have to upload the whole damn thing one at a time.
Edited 01-07-2020 01:39 PM
10:33 AM ET (US)
I grabbed a copy of "newest.html" from Google cache (Jan 2)
10:32 AM ET (US)
Oof, more crap with the webhost provider?
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