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Blank Frank is the Siren, He's the Air-raid, He's the Crater

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01:00 PM ET (US)
Kirk - well, given how the hammer is coming down upon us Tumblrinas, it's anyone's guess where we will migrate before or after the 17th (Pillowfort,some still-in-beta-testing site called "Fumblr," and other places are being floated) but yes, my mutuals are what have made the Tumblr experience so great for me. I've made some really good new friends, and maintained connections with old ones. I can see how Tumblr could work as read-only, but for me, the interaction is what I will be trying to maintain in the face of our impending doom.

Bill - thanks for letting me know that I'm a Left Coast'er marooned in the Far West. (Not a shock, really.) There are numerous Far West cities that are fairly Left Coast, though--Sacramento is definitely one, and maybe Vegas?--and in any case, the ad/link on that page about "cats that will cosy up to you" amused me because at that moment, I had an orange tabby asleep on top of my feet, so I'm going to guess they're one. :)
Edited 12-08-2018 01:00 PM
01:27 PM ET (US)
Lilly - yeah, kirk.is had a per-entry comments board that really was important to me, and the center of a small casual community of sorts. I think FB might be what drew away from that the most, at least for me.
Do you find tumblr to be as community oriented? I've always been in read-only mode for it, so to speak, and so I hear about "mutuals" but it's not really part of my life.
01:25 PM ET (US)
Bill -
Cool. Do you want to collaborate via email or FB messenger or where?
Do you have a copy of all your files locally, on your computer?
Bill the Splut
11:03 PM ET (US)
I may take you up on your kind offer. I just spent I-don't-know-how-many-hours just trying to upload an update. Same thing as a couple of weeks ago--my web editor is saving it, but saving it in weird places that take me forever to uncover on my ftp server. It's been screwed up for years. I'd get a new one, but I don't even know how to get everything in the right order! I'd just transfer it via ftp from my site, but I think it'd just replicate the same mistakes.

If I don't get in a relationship in 20 years, it's probably not a thing I'd miss!
03:05 PM ET (US)
I've had my LiveJournal since 2001, and though my energies fandom-wise in recent years have all gone to my Tumblr--maybe not for much longer, though--I've begun to think of my LJ as letters to my future self. "Dear Me, this is what's going on now." Mind you, I do miss the old days, when I had a lot of readers/commenters and I could do the same with them. Back when it actually was social media.
01:28 PM ET (US)
Just read "I guess I do. I never wrote it down, and that's the point of this page. It exists for me to remember things. Let me collect my thoughts and memories, and I guess I'll write it about it."

I've been thinking out my own almost-2-decades now of blogging at kirk.is - A lot of parallels, including the realization "it's mostly for the author" - (though still your InExOb was a crazy fun draw way back when) - it's so lovely to be able to go back and find a half-remembered quote. It's that mix of "commonplace book" - collecting interesting stuff from the outside world, and one's one thoughts and notes on how things are at that time.

Anyway. My offer still stands if you want a different home (or maybe a backup) of your site, I could provide that on my host, and it would be no additional cost for me, just the time to get your stuff and any upload workflow needed. But no pressure if you like your status quo.
12:12 PM ET (US)
I remember Groovygirl. And my relief when you were shed of her bullshit.

Now, may I recommend a little site called Geek2Geek? It worked for me... :)
02:21 PM ET (US)
The bug bit made me literally LOL--not a small accomplishment first thing in the morning, when my mood is at its lowest. You've always had that unerring ability to make me laugh and cry, though thankfully not at the same time.

Thanks for all the great links--I'm already watching Los Hillbillies, though it's feeding my confirmation bias re: hillbillies and country singers. We saw MST3K Live last week and met Joel--me for the 3rd time--Jonah and Rebecca (who plays Gypsy/Synthia). I couldn't understand a lot of what they were saying during the movie ("The Brain") cos we were right next to the speakers, but at least Joel was amused enough with my comment about our photographer doing Jim Mallon cosplay that he repeated it to Rebecca (who I then hassled for not knowing what Jim Mallon looked like). I also told Jonah that as the only person there taller than David, that obligated them to fight at some point. Thankfully this was averted.
Edited 11-19-2018 02:22 PM
Bill the Splut
03:37 PM ET (US)
My only disappointment was that they only did the first season, rather than the whole show. Such as the Cycling Tour, with the Russian Army chasing Mr Pither through the least-Moscow-looking streets ever. Or the forest where Clodagh Rodgers first manifests herself.

I heard about Terry a few years ago...at least they interviewed him for retrospectives before it happened, unlike Graham.

Edited 10-11-2018 03:37 PM
02:02 PM ET (US)
LOVED Pythonland. Thanks so much for passing it along! The first time I crossed Westminster Bridge, I realized I was at the spot where they had filmed the sketch with Michael Palin's chair-pilfering cop and I started laughing hysterically--the same thing I did the first time I saw a keep-left sign. As I often said then, Python was supposed to be a comedy show, but it was really a friggin' documentary on the UK!

Of course, any mention of Python now brings sadness; in case you hadn't heard, Terry Jones is no longer able to speak due to dementia. :(
01:55 PM ET (US)
Also, I don't know if you noticed, but the guy in the Parklife video is Phil Daniels, who you may remember from Quadrophenia or--a fave film of my punk youth--Breaking Glass. Last time I was singing a song from the soundtrack? Two days ago.
10:21 AM ET (US)
Believe it or not, my only familiarity with MAD magazine stems from the late 60's/early 70's era, because I read my brother's old issues when I was a kid. Thus that parody made perfect sense, though I took a miss on most of it. My brain doesn't do cartoons very well.

You're maybe the only person I know who's cool enough to link to a Barry Andrews song. :D
09:48 AM ET (US)
I couldn't become a hero, so I reluctantly decided to get a job! That's so amazing, somehow. Also thank you for reminding me about Lackadaisy, I hadn't checked that comic for over a year...? Sigh.
Bill the Splut
02:00 PM ET (US)
I love Iggy and Spike! Especially when they're evolved, and are just as stupid, just have a better vocabulary. (Although they are smart enough to realize that King Trump--er, Koopa--is a fascist they should depose.
Where's my devo ray gun to to use on Congress? And where's my pizza?!
05:05 PM ET (US)
Whereas I watched Super Mario Brothers entirely because Richard Edson was in it. I'll watch just about anything if Richard Edson is in it, tbh. You prolly know him as the (faux-Latino) parking lot attendant in Ferris Bueller, but Jim Jarmusch's Stranger Than Paradise (1984) can't be overlooked either. He also was Sonic Youth's original drummer!
08:53 AM ET (US)
The fact that (spoiler) they chose to kill the sole person of color in the entire cast was just so fucking wrong on so many levels Why couldn't he have had a happy ending like in the book? It seems like such an arbitrary decision to kill him off, to say nothing of the underlying racism the Beeb would of course totally disavow.

I'm not sure when I gave up on organized religion, though it prolly stems from 9th/10th grade, when half my coterie of giggly teenage girls split off into their own little Baptist gang--we called them the Killer B's--and decided that since they were Saved, they were innately superior to the rest of us. That's certainly the root of my hatred of Fundamentalists (of every stripe).
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