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A Tribute to Arthur F. Freeman, Jr.

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David Russell
12:13 AM ET (US)
I was a PBI HS student in Mr Freeman's English class in 1962. He was, truly, a great man, with a great family, as all these messages attest. I would appreciate it if one of the family, Nancy, Stephen, Joel or Beth, contact me - in Texas, at sevena@yahoo dot com or phone 281-614-0843. Thanks.
Paul Hickok
03:40 PM ET (US)
Entering into grade 7 was a "right of passage" into (something), nobody was ever clear just what but it was a giant leap ahead. Mr. Freeman's class was looked forward to which in itself (speaking personally) was a minor miracle seeing as how going to school at all shared the same excitement level as a root canal. Mr. Freeman was a level headed man and if that changed at all it was usually to the humurous side. All those mid-afternoon films that he showed regularly where always a cause of excitment. He seemed to get the good ones. There were no favorites in his class and he took an intrest in each and everyone.
One of the curses of youth is you don't appreciate the good people in your life until much later. Sometimes too much later.
Loretta Zwaan
05:10 PM ET (US)
I'm so glad I came across this opportunity to mention my thanks to, and praise for, Mr. Freeman, my grade 8 teacher. I will never, ever forget both him and Mr. Rashleigh (grade 7), both of whom share the honor of being my most favorite teachers ever! I never think of one without the other, and I don't think I could really choose one over the other for a favorite. They were both gentle, godly men and wonderful teachers. I will forever be grateful that I had the privilege of being in both their classes when we moved to Prairie. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the help and encouragement you (both) were to me!! Thanks, Darren, as well, for the reminder of the personal birthday bookmarks. I was always touched when I got one from Mr. Freeman. I'm sure I have mine tucked away safely in my memory boxes; they are a real treasure for me. God bless! Loretta Zwaan
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Darren Rish
07:54 PM ET (US)
I had Mr. Freeman as a teacher in junior high, and for quite a few years after that, I received annual bookmarks from him on my birthday. The one I received in 1989 is still in my Bible today, and I've been encouraged by it many times. It has the verse Joshua 1:9 written on the front, and a personal note from him on the back. It was a simple gesture that has had a continued effect for 22 years now. I am grateful to have known Mr. Freeman!
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Dr. & Mrs. H. Poggemiller
10:33 PM ET (US)
We were a young couple in our first high-school-teaching positions. As Principal of Prairie High School, Mr. Arthur Freeman was our "Boss". We so enjoyed his dry humor and friendly disposition. But, above all, we appreciated his Godly charactor and his devotion to the Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Katherine Freeman was a real delight and helper to her husband. She was so hospitable and friendly. We will never forget her devotion to God and His Word. She was truely a Godly woman.

Together they both made a lasting impression and contribution to our lives. We look forward to seeing them in Heaven some day!

(We have the privelege of having two of their grandsons living in our rentals. They are a real credit to their Grandparents).
Joanna (McPherson) Brewer
02:19 AM ET (US)
I had the priviledge of having Mr. Freeman as my teacher in grades 7 & 8. He always had a twinkle in his eye, and a joyful spirit in all that he did. Even when he had to correct someone who was misbehaving (never me, of course!), he always did so in a kind and respectful manner. I have fond memories of Mr. Freeman, and especially remember him as someone who had a genuine love for the Lord, and his students. He will be missed here on earth, but I look forward to seeing him again in heaven one day!
James E. Yule and Family
12:58 AM ET (US)
   The capability to do justice by my friend and brother, Dr. Arthur F. Freeman is not within my ability to do. So, you are forewarned about this inefficiency from the beginning. My journalistic skills are less than mediocre. A bit of empathy on your part would be appreciated.

   To say, he was a gentleman and a scholar is vast understatement. The evidences for such an assertion were there for all to see.Intelligence,grace,kindness,scholarship,poise,empathy,and you name it. If there was ever any disparagement about him expressed by the faculty,I never witnessed it.

   Having sprung genetically from the founding fathers of this country, it is no wonder that he exhibited the character and courage that he did. I know he would upbraid me for taking this liberty with his origins, but I respect and love him for whom he was as well what he was.

   There is no question that the lady who captivated his heart, and mothered his children was a great contributor to the final product,labeled Dr. Arthur F. Freeman.

   It is a successful marriage if the participants truly love,honor,respect, and extoll the virtues of each other. And ,of cource, if they know and incorporate the Lord Jesus Christ into their union, it will be a great and functional success. Those who knew her would spontaneously arrive at the conclusion that Mrs. Katherine Freeman was no ordinary woman. In addition to her obvious comliness they would automatically perceive that she had a think tank on her shoulders. Native wit was copiously registered there, too. One time I was relating this incident about an altercation between two fellows where in one gave the other " A good whupping". She said, "Brother Jim, is that anything like a whipping?" It was common knowledge about her propensities for singing, culinary skills,and etc.

   She was well versed in several languages. Her children were required to search the scriptures. I symphatized with them when the assignment entailed knowing the context of the scripture, but rendering the report in German or Russian. Her sons chagrin was monumental. She was a wise parent.

   So, the final summation: This family is the product of trial beyond belief,(Some of the places where they lived and worked would prove that), labor with minimal remuneration, and love beyond comprehension. If that sounds a bit flambouyant I meant it to be. They were a lovable people, and the debt I owe them will be paid in the same coin... Love.
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Margaret Ewing
12:38 PM ET (US)
For years, while the Freemans were on Prairie Staff, they were our next door neighbours. They were always kind, encouraging to my children and myself following the passing of our husband and father, and an inspiration to many more. What a Godly couple!
We send our sympathies to each of you family members in the loss of their presence with you now, but we acknowledge that you will meet them again when it is your turn to take that trip to Glory!
May God's blessings be yours day by day during your pilgrimage here.
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