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Document uploaded 06-18-2009 02:55 PM ET (US)

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Larry VictorPerson was signed in when posted
12:15 AM ET (US)
Regarding item 5

This is a very important point, that I seem to too easily forget.

We need not be forced to chose between the near and far futures.

Maybe somewhere here I quoted myself:
"The Ideal and the Practical converge in the long term."


I hope that you have "SUBSCRIBED" so that you receive this by email.

I will be with you soon on email as where we can go with your suggestions this evening:

Yahoo Messenger - hopefully for higher quality sound, and video
Email dialog - and maybe expanding to QuickDoc
Experimentation with Recording

And, I will try to get moving on making my computer more functional.

It was good talking today.

Larry VictorPerson was signed in when posted
02:51 AM ET (US)
Regarding item 9
/m9 Nirmalan, I cannot adequately respond to many of your comments until I know some detail about your distinction between dual and non-dual. I have read many essays on this issue and find much of it highly confusing and circular. I have stated that, from what I have concluded the issue is, I cannot accept our problem as a conflict between dual and non-dual, but rather our difficulty is the conflict itself. I postulate an essential complementarity between diversity/unity - which is how the dual/non-dual maps out for me. True, a warped and excessive form of duality causes difficulty today. But, I feel an equally warped and excessive form of non-duality blocks any viable activity for better living.

Thus, for you to dismiss any statement by me because it become irrelevant in a future resolution of victory of non-dual over dual, doesn't clarify for me. That is, until I can comprehend what you mean by these two perspectives.

I will copy this and include it in my reply to your latest email.
Tomorrow I will see which of your comments here I can reply to without clarification on the dual/non-dual issue.

Nirmalan Dhas
12:27 AM ET (US)
Regarding item 11
It seems as though both good and bad exist together and we can tip the balance in either direction...
Nirmalan Dhas
12:26 AM ET (US)
Regarding item 7
Planning will be superceded by perceiving and conceptualizing and projecting strategic paths to the future...
Nirmalan Dhas
12:25 AM ET (US)
Regarding item 6
May not need stick and carrot since as more and more people cross over from the dual to the non dual world, the need for motivation will become a thing of the past...
Nirmalan Dhas
12:22 AM ET (US)
Regarding item 10
It seems that the global monetary collapse is actually part of the resolution of the crisis and will proceed in step with the emergence of the non dual perceptual paradigm...

sample scenario ..."The miracle is that nothing seems to have changed at all though people seem calmer as they go about their lives. Advertising is conspicuous in its absence, its place having been taken by an endless and easily accessible digital flow of information.

At first no one noticed what was happening. Then statisticians reported declining sales figures at the top end of the economy. No one was buying luxury goods and soon the trend began to spread throughout the economy. As demand for most goods began to fall reports began to come in of falling birth rates across the planet.

Spending on entertainment, holidays and travel suddenly seemed to stop as people began to gather together in little neighborhood groups where they would spend time together talking about how they had got here, what it was that was going on and what their role in the great going on could be. It seemed as though something had suddenly been switched on within the human mind causing everyone to focus on how the world had come into being and what their role in its continued becoming could be.

Governments all over the world responded with massive stimulus packages. Banks were ordered to increase credit card limits by upto 500%. Retail goods were made available on hire purchase terms. Houses came with five years free of repayment installments."

still under development...
Nirmalan Dhas
12:19 AM ET (US)
Regarding item 9
It seems to me that the crisis is due to the dualistic perceptual paradigm and that its resolution requires the supercession of this dualistic perceptual paradigm by the emergent non dual one..
Nirmalan Dhas
12:00 AM ET (US)
Regarding item 5
That would kill two birds with one stone?
Nirmalan Dhas
11:59 PM ET (US)
Regarding item 13
The ancient metaphor of the metamorphosis of caterpillar into butterfly, can be refined to better reflect the process of evolution, as follows:

As the Caterpillar grows amongst its cells there emerge some that begin to perform a peculiar function. These “Guide” cells begin to exercise the function of being able to reach into Caterpillar cells and turn on genes within them that make these cells restless and dissatisfied and filling them with a longing for something they know can be even though they do not know what it is.

As the number of these activated “Imaginal” cells increase, their growing restlessness and dissatisfaction causes the Caterpillar to stop eating and seek solitude where it weaves a protective cocoon around itself and sinks into slumber as a Chrysalis.

Starved of food the cells of the Caterpillar begin to disintegrate making their resources available for use by the increasing number of “Imaginal” cells which now begin to gather together in small groups. Disoriented and often driven by concern for the future or by a subtle hedonism or vigorous activism, the activities of these groups of “Imaginal” cells are uncoordinated and appear to be ends in themselves.

Some of these Imaginal Cells then begin to behave in a strange way. They appear to question, criticize and revolt against the activities of the “Guide” cells and withdrawing from all activity, they enter into silent introspection. Then, as though driven by a purpose hidden deep within themselves, they abandon all other activity save that of linking up with others like themselves.

As they link up they begin to form a network that functions as a framework held together by a vision that they articulate but which can be perceived only by themselves. They begin to build a strange new infrastructure within which they live and within which they build a communication system that keeps them linked to each other in real time. They relate to each other in ways that have been previously unknown.

These are “luminal” cells, tasked with facilitating the new way of being that is to be born and the new world that is beginning to emerge. Like the “Guide” cells these “Luminal” cells set up systems of teaching and training that help other “Imaginal” cells illuminate themselves and light up possible paths to the future.

Amongst the Luminals there appear to be a few who function in a very different manner to the rest. They take their orientation from a point that is a centre of interplay between various flows of information. They seem to have the capacity to process immense amounts of information at high speed and to configure information in ways that enable its use in guiding the process forward.

These are the Originals. They do not need to be taught. They seem able to extract the information that they need, from their environment and continuously move forward along paths that do not exist beyond their perceptions. These Originals are in fact carving out – with their perceptive power – the paths to the future. They are positioned on the frontiers of human perception.

Those who share this ability to whatever extent, may reach out to each other and explore what is possible together.
Nirmalan Dhas
11:52 PM ET (US)
Regarding item 12
I see the emergence of a global network that “engages” the current authoritarian violence based institutional structure, through connectivity, and guides it through the currently critical situation towards new sustainable processes of production and reproduction.
Larry VictorPerson was signed in when posted
07:42 PM ET (US)
General comment

This was the theme of the poster, and it appears that I neglected to put the brief introduction to this theme in QuickDoc. So I paste it here.

An Invitation to WHAT’S MISSING ?

Much thought and action occurs related to all domains & levels of our Crisis-of-Crises; activity which should continue, increase, and improve. Yet, I query, are there significant domains & levels of thinking and acting that are not being done, and maybe not even imagined as being needed? These missing domains may be essential for current activity to synergize for eventual success.

These two links take you to essays from 1969 & 1970 that demo these issues are NOT NEW.

Crisis-of-Crises: WHAT WE MUST DO? John Platt SCIENCE, 1969.


Isn’t it time we face them?

Join together to explore: "What's Missing”?


I presented a poster at the IONS International Conference held in Tucson, June 17-21, 2009. Below are urls to the five primary essays presented on the poster. These are presented in QuickDoc, where you are encouraged to comment on each paragraph or to ask me questions. By “subscribing” you will receive email notification of my replies and the comments of others. Those commenting can dialog on separate parts of each essay. A general comment of each essay contains brief instructions on how to optimize your use of QuickDoc.

Laurence Victor {nuet} June 22, 2009
Larry VictorPerson was signed in when posted
01:06 AM ET (US)
General comment
The Four Other Essays Presented in Poster at the IONS 2009 Conference.




Larry VictorPerson was signed in when posted
11:54 PM ET (US)
General comment
This essay is one of five composed for the lONS 2009 conference held in Tucson in June 17-21. The text of the essays were initially presented on a poster at the conference. I hope that you will comment on parts of these essays and participate in dialog with others who comment.

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Larry VictorPerson was signed in when posted
02:55 PM ET (US)
General comment
This discussion space is for comments on the document "WHAT IF:".
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