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INTERNET BACKUP - COMPUTER SECURITYView comments on this item Add your comment on this item1

IMMEDIATE PRACTICAL PROJECTS Add your comment on this item2


        Many futures scenarios involve breakdowns or repressive control of internet access, already very active today in some regions. Activists for positive change should plan emergency backup systems for continued electronic sharing in case The Internet is not available to them. This might occur due to natural catastrophe, wildcard sabotage, or explicit political oppression. Add your comment on this item3


        Computers and Electronic Communications are distinct, but related, technologies. Processing and organizing data and information can be conducted in self standing computers - as in the early days. Communicating between computers is a very important, but distinct process - and was first done one computer to another over direct cable or telephone connections. Alternative process utilized the material exchange (manual deliver or mailing) of discs. Add your comment on this item4


        There may be very useful spinoffs to the development of such BU systems. The basic system might be called Pony Express Discing (PED). Our idealistic future must consider such BU systems for all cyber infrastructure, considering potential future disruptions. Now is the time to initiate development. Our social system is extremely fragile. Add your comment on this item5


        Standard, personal BU technologies for activists needs to be strengthened and reinforced. Hacking attacks (by cyber competent terrorists) could easily destroy the new Green/Peace/Counter-Corporate/Justice/Choice/Eco-Transition movements. This should include multiple BUs and alerts to new styles of potential attacks. Also we need ready plans for rapid reconstruction of our databases and networks should a major cyber collapse occur. THIS IS URGENT. [Are we prepared for what we now see happening in Iran, when the Shock Doctrine is applied to the USA, as is in the planning, SOON, according to reliable sources ?] Add your comment on this item6


        Doug Englebart's foresight that the primary value of computers is the AUGMENTATION OF HUMAN INTELLIGENCE, remains primary. In addition to BUs for computer-computer communication we need a system to sustain functionality of computer hardware/software IF access to conventional sources for parts replacement becomes unavailable. This includes a greatly enhanced tech-service system for maintenance and upgrades. Our contemporary use of this technology is grossly inefficient and ineffective, primarily due to the lack of an adequate novice/user training systems. Add your comment on this item7


        Backup technologies could also be useful for regions where quality computer access and communication is not yet available, or repressed. Add your comment on this item8