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            Once a population is AWAKENED, having their CONSCIOUSNESS RAISED, what happens next is  (proposed to be) “SPONTANEOUS”.  We awaken, fully conscious and enlightened individuals needing only to relax and flow with the vibes and rhythms of Cosmic Consciousness bringing forth a new reality, for our benefit. Is this your dream? Add your comment on this item2


            What will people DO, after AWAKENING? Will they be, magically, competent in the tasks they must perform? Have they learned-to-learn-to-learn and learned-to-learn? Are they skilled relating to others with radically different cultural perspectives? Are they now, magically, skilled at collaboration, unbiased listening, quality explication? Are they now skilled at the varied intricacies of high tech mediation of human-human discourse?  Unlikely a simplistic AWAKENING to a "shift of perspective" will magically equip us with these tools we will need to create a nu world. Add your comment on this item3


            The fundamental flaw in Marilyn Ferguson's otherwise seminal, quality proposal, THE ACQUARIAN CONSPIRACY, was that the process of "conspiring - breathing together"  - was neither innate nor intrinsic, -- and NOT occurring, but needed to be learned and practiced.  What her book missed, while documenting all the exciting "imaginal buds for societal metamorphosis" active on earth in 1980, was that the "conspiring" was simply not occurring.  Essential synergy was empirically absent. There was NO COMING TOGETHER. Increased cross-disciplinary discourse was not equivalent to collaborative bonding. Add your comment on this item4


            Each component movement of a new order is over extended in it own efforts to achieve its local goals, so that they haven't any time to devote to relating to other relevant projects or movements; so as to  develop very useful synergy relationships.  It is a stupid strategy to expect those so deeply involved in enabling the success of THEIR ventures will have adequate time and motivation to devote to seeking and relating to other ventures (often quite alien) in search of useful synergy.  Indeed, in the competition for funding and support, these other ventures are often viewed as oppositional and competitive. Add your comment on this item5


            Facing reality:: IF synergy and inter-movement collaboration is to occur, it must be SEAFed (Supported, Enabled, Augmented, Facilitated) by independent and distinct (meta) movements whose primary intent is to create viable relationships and bonding between often radically diverse essential and ongoing movements (and catalyzing other new movements). Add your comment on this item6


            To those who propose flowing with emergence, I strongly recommend that you attempt to design a scenario from NOW to when the continuing progress of the nu system is sustaining.  It is not important that your scenario be "accurate"; what is important is that you become aware of the many, complex, sequential behaviors that human beings must perform ( in coordination and cooperation) to manifest in behavioral realty your vision of a better future for all humanity. Add your comment on this item7

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            The spontaneous model subtly proposes a deterministic, mechanistic strategy. IF you are to have no creative influence in the outcome, IF you are only to flow with Cosmic Determinism, then you have no role in the process. Add your comment on this item9



            The alternative to Spontaneous Emergence is CRAFTED, COLLABERATIVE, IMAGINATIVE, CREATIVE, DYNAIMIC, ENJOYABLE, FUN-FILLED,  AESTHETIC, and  INGELLIGENTLY "INTEGRAL"  (beyond Wilbur) achievable processes. Add your comment on this item10


            Once we awaken to our Crisis-of-Crises reality, with awesome options and very, very  scary dangers, we must begin to WORK, WORK, WORK in ways we never have worked before!  This is NOT a time to relax and flow with good green cosmically conscious feelings. Add your comment on this item11
Comments for item 11
Lion Kimbro
12:13 PM ET (US)
Regarding item 11
For further exposition of this, I cannot too strongly recommend: "The Trilogy of the Initiate," by Oberto Airaudi, of the Federation of Damanhur. The centrality of action and work and overcoming limits are fundamental themes of all three books.
Larry VictorPerson was signed in when posted
05:00 AM ET (US)
Regarding item 11
When we look at it, we are astounded how very, very little work is actually devoted to human survival/thrival. Even our high tech material world involves only a few in other than boring routine labor.

In The Federation of Damanhur many thousand have worked for 30 some years to create what now exists. The forecasted timeline and future of the Damanhur movement is not clear. Do they expect a sudden very rapid acceleration in growth of both numbers and competencies?

In my view humankind must discover and implement a system of processes that by bootstrapping and utilizing scaffolding a major portion of the whole human population will be uplifted to a distribution of competencies beyond our contemporary best - and in less than two decades. THIS IS OUR CHALLENGE.

In my EaseMen model, this can be achieved, in part, by the creation of human cognitive enzymes - teams of persons that can seaf (support, enable, augment, facilitate) the changes (growth, adaptation, learning, development, evolution, emergence) of synergistic human activity (measured according to six criteria: relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, sufficiency, enjoyability, elegance) towards NU (a world where what we do is based more on what we will become than on what we were).

I collapse this into a mantra:

reesee seaf galdee nu

SEAFing networks are as enzymes in that they greatly improve and accelerate ordinary human activity - by assisting in synergy and learning/development. Once we get in this groove, the dirt will really fly.

I am fully aware that this wild claim needs much more explication - and in the final evaluation, demonstration in practice. But, if this is what we need, should we not at least see if it isn't possible?
Larry VictorPerson was signed in when posted
02:24 PM ET (US)
Regarding item 11
This issue of WORK, CREATING, & PLAY needs extensive explication and dialog beyond this comment section.

QUALIFICATION: When I call for radically increased relevant human activity, a great acceleration, I am calling for increased achievement and productivity, not a faster pace of life. Indeed, in most situations I expect the pace to calm, with greater play and enjoyment. What leads to the acceleration is continuing improvement of individual and team intelligence and competence and much greater efficiency of accomplished work due to enhanced collaboration/synergistic technologies (including methods for "training" users in use of these tools).

However, if a faster "pace of life" includes more "quality" time (work, play, meditation, exercise) and less "wasted" time (tv, jabbering online, escape) - then the "pace of life" may seem to greatly increase -- but not be a strain.
Edited 06-25-2009 02:26 PM



            Imagine yourself in the ultimate crisis of personal survival. Starvation, Illness and Predators are upon you. You must somehow survive a few more days, with few resources and predators on your trail. Your loved ones are depending on you.  You devote 24+ hours each day of back-breaking struggle. You seek hidden resources you never knew existed. You experience excruciating pain. But you persist. You continue. You are creative and inventive - a literal MacGyver. And, phenomenally,  you and yours survive. Add your comment on this item12
Comments for item 12
Lion Kimbro
12:11 PM ET (US)
Regarding item 12
This passage matches "The Seven Scarlet Doors" (the final chapter in the Trilogy of the Initiate) by Oberto Airaudi, to the T. Further, I would point out -- the efficacy of this message is absolutely clear: One needs only glance at the Federation of Damanhur to know that it has worked.
Larry VictorPerson was signed in when posted
04:41 AM ET (US)
Regarding item 12
/m4 I just devoted over two great hours exploring online this phenomenon - truly astounding. I had heard of the temple before.

I was unable to find TRILOGY OF THE INITIATE by Oberto Airaudi in any local library or online book store. It doesn't even seem available in the books from the Federation of Damanhur, itself. Is it out of print? Was it written in Italian? Please point me to access to the book. I see a number of other books related, even some by Falco.

This is truly an exemplar human creative effort. I feel very attracted to participate. However, as with the theme in WHAT'S MISSING, my efforts will be to WORK to create a process that will actively seek the missing and attempt to facilitate the gaps being filled. To this end, I can't join any existing movement.

I expect that many members of the Federation of Damanhur believe they are the center of what is emergent. I believe that there is no center, but many centers -- of which The Federation of Damanhur is very significant. What I hope to create, a Network of The Missing, will also not be the center - but only another network of human creating activity.


            The Crisis-of-Crises facing us today is of Cosmic Dimensions. But it is not the losses of what exists (the Magnificent Living Planet Gaia), but the extinction of any future potential, based on 4 billion+ years of creative evolution/emergence. We humans are products/components of Gaia, "intended" as initiators to a nu domain of living reality. COSMIC EMERGENCE is experimental, as creativity must be, ALWAYS with the option of FAILURE - or it wouldn't be freely creative, but more comfortably deterministic. So, we are sitting on the cusp of Cosmic Eventuality!  How do we turn? Add your comment on this item13


            Do we chose to flow with the spontaneous model, risking cosmic destruction for the purity of emotional being-ness with the  ethos of some vague Cosmic Consciousness (whatever these human terms may really mean.), or should we leap, as with Don Juan on his power run to the cliff and the abyss, BITE THE BULLET,  take personal moment-to-moment responsibility (for decades) for the design of strategy, tactics and execution of SEE, the Synergistic Emergent Eruption  of humankind bootstrapping the uplifting the whole global human population ( in a few decades ) to a distribution of cognitive competencies far, far beyond our contemporary distribution. Add your comment on this item14



            IF YOU FEEL THIS IS WHERE WE SHOULD BE MOVING Add your comment on this item15

            PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE       RESPOND. Add your comment on this item16
Comments for item 16
Lion Kimbro
12:15 PM ET (US)
Regarding item 16
Of all papers you have ever presented me with, this is the one that I most strongly and ardently agree with. We must dedicate strongly to the work of creating societies of transformation the world over, and put everything into this. Lion Kimbro - 206.427.2545.