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A NEW SCIENCE IS NEEDED FOR Add your comment on this item1

STUDY OF EMERGENCE AND ORIGINATION, Add your comment on this item2

BEYOND TRANSFORMATION Add your comment on this item3


            Scientific explanation is always in terms of models of transformation (usually mechanistic) - how forces give rise to sequential, incremental changes in form, from momentary state to momentary state. Unfortunately, the phenomena of origination and emergence cannot be adequately studied by contemporary science - as these phenomena are (by definition) not transformation. There is no prior FORM to be transFORMed.  Both emergence and origination involve the appearance of new forms where no prior form existed (although a substrate can be postulated). Scientists can report on emergence phenomena but can’t explain them within the constraints of contemporary science Add your comment on this item4


            It may be that the type of changes we must undergo to survive/thrive is emergence (which is more than evolution, but a mode of transformation): the origination of wholly nu forms of human social organizing/learning systems, probably involving active, synergistic, collaborative creation. These phenomena have always been epiphenomenal to science, in spite of scientists' attempts to squeeze them into the mold of transformation. So long as science is locked into the assumption that the only type of change is transformation we will never explore potentially viable alternatives for change. Add your comment on this item5


            In spite of their mythic words, the practices of all movement for social change are intended transformation (reform, recovery, revolution, fixing & healing, etc.) Add your comment on this item6


            SHIFT:       SCIENCE IS THE STUDY OF PATTERNS IN DATA, Add your comment on this item7

                           NOT OF AN ASSUMED OBSERVABLE REALITY Add your comment on this item8



            Traditional science is reaching many limits. One coming SHIFT may be from viewing science as the study of observable reality to the study of patterns in data (semiotic structures). In practice, it is always data that is compared to data, never data to nature. Only data can be confirmed by different observers (of the data) has having the same spacetime pattern independent of culture and potential interpretation. Only data can be accurately cloned for multiple observation. Modern computer facilitated instrumentation and output processed to computer displays to be observed by human scientists has already created a major gap between so-called observed entities or phenomena and the material structures (data) that are actually observed by the senses of scientists. Add your comment on this item9


            This SHIFT of the objective of scientific study to data brings all social reality under “scientific”  purview.  Politicians, economists, and media pundits can no longer appeal to what is “really real”.  All analyses must be between conflicting data sets and their textural explications (also data). Rules for data analysis can be agreed upon in the neutrality of content free operations - as in mathematics. Add your comment on this item10


            SHIFT:               SEMIOTIC STRUCTURES (Patterns in DATA) become  Add your comment on this item11

                          a new reality domain, in parity with MATTER/ENERGY and MIND. Add your comment on this item12