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Radical "Green" Space Discussion

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Deleted by topic administrator 07-25-2009 02:15 AM
04:08 PM ET (US)
Deleted by topic administrator 10-07-2008 02:34 AM
04:22 PM ET (US)
Now that they have failed and are exposed, let the denial begin.
07:39 PM ET (US)
Wow, you guys are really quick to make assumptions about what the 'leaders' you so 'cleverly' discovered people's backgrounds are, that of privilege and support from well off parents, let alone even knowing the nature of their involvement and relationship to those who were responsible for the violent segments of the protests. I know at least one of these 'losers' worked 60 hours a week at two jobs to support herself all while pursuing a graduate degree full time. This person also grew up in a single parent household and received no financial help for university, either at the bachelor level or the graduate level from any family member. Nor did this person have any connection or sympathy for the violent elements during the convention. Neither would this person ever describe themselves as an anarchist. Just wanted to add a few shades of gray to this conversation. Have a lovely day.
03:31 AM ET (US)
Don't take it personal if the citizen majority choose to be against your protest.

Isn't this like the freedom you seek for everyone?

Or do you hate it when our free country have laws that you can't abide by.

Oh well, we all have to learn to live within the law.
Which means I can't slap you all up side your heads, even though I would like to.

Probably our laws are a good thing, but sometimes I wonder about this myself.
03:03 AM ET (US)
Thanks guys, for letting the world see the kind of disrepectful people you are, who want change.
I think your actions may have actually boosted the Republicans cause.
Yet, I wonder if you'd prefer it, if everyone were to get up tomorrow and run a muck, like you, turning over dumpsters and acting a fool.
No, better yet, maybe you should try studying something about social behavior and/or philosophy.

One thing about it though, in the end, your point was mute and you hurt yourselves more than anyone.
02:50 PM ET (US)
You dumb shits! A bunch of over-priviledged suburban white kids who have shit for brains. I think those cops treated you well. I wouldn't have been so kind. I'm Laughing my ass off.
09:53 AM ET (US)
Think of all the career choices you free thinkers just threw out the window.

But it was all worth it, Right?

Oh well, some people's children.

At least we now have your name and number.
07:31 AM ET (US)
you people were too damnded easy to "infiltrate"- Geting a nice check to play pretend anarchist and report to the authorities what the plans are- when and where-- gee how did the authorities know where to find you (us)??
 sheesh... anarchists with rules LOL.
04:17 AM ET (US)
Damn whatsnext....where do you find this stuff? Wouldn't want to be them connected to a bunch of terroristic actions in St. Paul, and especially with all of their information posted....And yes...definitely a rich/privileaged trend...Playing activist on a holiday. Sounds like something a person at a private school could get kicked out for....hmmmmm..
03:17 AM ET (US)
Today has been a really sad day in Minnesota. I don't understand the purpose of this violence and destruction? It makes absolutly no sense. Blocking traffic, smashing windows, assaulting others also voicing their free-speech? Just so you think about something other than yourselves, when roads are blocked that means no one can get through including EMERGENCY vehicles with DYING people trying to get to a hospital (and can't).

I think these individuals are worse than anything else, Many people have something to say and are passionate about their views these few whackos have taken the focus off important topics and put many, many people in harms way!

I want to thank all of the officers and soldiers for trying to keep us safe!!!!! God Bless you!
02:27 AM ET (US)
To all you good people,

These "protesters" and self-proclaimed anarachists making asses of themselves in our streets by senselesly breaking windows, parking cars in intersections, and assaulting police officers that risk their lives providing the freedom they take for granted HIDE behind the anonymity of the internet!

Why don't they tell us who they are? Aren't you curious? I was. So, I spent a little time tracking a few down. Didn't take long at all! Stop posting here and start calling them, call their parents, call their work, call their ministers, or send them an email! Many points of contact can be found through just a LITTLE Googling. I've posted a few of the losers here, but there are many many more and I encourage you to out them.

Here are a few of the so-called "leaders":

Lacey Prpic Hedtke
A student at the College of St. Catherine! Shocking! It's a spoiled rich kid! You can see a picture of her here:
Her personal email address:
Send her an email... let her know what you think of her work in St. Paul.

Anne Mostad-Jensen
Circulation Assitant at University of St. Thomas library
(that's an awfully nice school for an Anarchist... hope that's not her capitalist parent's money paying for that higher education)
Email her at work at
...or call her at work at (651)962-5494.
And with a name like this, I imagine you could find her parents fairly easily. Perhaps a call to mommy and daddy would cut off funding for this little brat. My money is on her embracing capitalism once her allowance runs out.

Wanda Marsolek
Originally from small town Whitehall, Wisconsin
Once (and maybe still) a clerk at Woodbury Library. Try her there at 651-731-1320. Or, call and leave a message for her at her job at the University of Minnesota at (612)626-0585.

Kristina Darnell
Couldn't find any contact info for her directly, but she is on facebook and here's the contact info for her minister... perhaps we could encourage some devine intervention. Call or email Reverand Kendyl Gibbons at (612)377-6608 x116 or

Sanden Totten
Assistant Producer for Minnesota Public Radio
Graduated from Oberlin College in psychology and English
That school's site lists cost of $40k per year.
Just another spoiled rich kid.
Email him at work!

Paul Schmelzer
Graduate of St John's University. Anyone seeing a spoiled rich-kid trend?
You go to the source and comment on his blog here:
You can also see evidence of his involvement here:
He has worked with Twin Cities Public Television. Call and let them know that pledging won't happen as long as they work with this head case. Reach them at (612)222-1717.

Stop posting here where they will ignore you and start directing your energy where it will make a difference.
Edited 09-02-2008 02:46 AM
01:44 AM ET (US)
Sure are alot of links on this page. That is how you make money with a website..... Right? The anarchist's are capitalist..... Hmmm.... I'm not rich enough or poor enough to be a Democrat. I work for a living and am tired of paying for welfare and luxury. I don't know who runs this site , but I'm sure they were not in Minneapolis tonight. They were sitting home counting web hits and money.
RNC rulesurejects
01:03 AM ET (US)
what a pathetic ass backwards group of people. you should thank our GOD and soldiers every minute of every day for giving u HIPPIE ass BUM loser REJECTS an opporutnity. You would be shot in most countries.
Christopher Wheaton
12:42 AM ET (US)
why would an anti-authoritarian anarchist group employ lawyers (who are licensed by the very state they rail against) and the authority of the courts to help them out of their legal woes. Wouldn't that be against an anarchists stance? Methinks the RNC Welcoming Committee might be a tad bit hypocritical.
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