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09:19 PM ET (US)
I need a description or an explanation about " Ethnolinguistics".
What are the difference between 'Study Sociolinguistics" and "Study Etnholinguistics".
Tell me some terms and definitions that are found in Ethnolinguistics
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Septianingrum _C1307021
10:53 PM ET (US)
Hello, everybody.........

This is my understanding about one of the Sociolinguistics's definition.

"Sociolinguistic is a developing subfield of linguistics which takes speech variation as its focus, viewing variation or its social context." (Nancy Parrot Hickerson 1980:81)

It means that speech variation relates to social factor which includes who speak it and to whom, when speak it, then what language used. The speech variation is also influenced by variety of language likes diction, accent, or anything that is influenced by some social factors.

By the way, can any one or particularly the member of Zabila's group give me an explanation about another definition of sociolinguistic that has posted by Zabila's group....??

Here is the teory that I want to ask you...

"Sociolinguistic is the study of language in operation, its purpose is to investigate how the convention of the language use relate to other aspects of social behavior." (C.Criper and H.G Widdowson 1975:156)

Thx before...........
umi dwi lestari
10:44 PM ET (US)
Good morning Mr. DP......

This is my little understanding about sociolinguistics:

Branch of linguistic which study language in relation to its society is called sociolinguistic. there are many definitions regarding to the sociolinguistics. one of them is that:

"sociolinguistics is the study of the way people use language in social interaction." (Chaika, 1982:2)

from that definition i can catch that language and society are never parted because language always need society and the society itself is shaped by the language, as I remember that the function of language is to communicate with others.
sociolinguistics is classified into two scopes of study, is that macro sociolinguistic and micro sociolinguistics.
1. Macro sociolinguistics refers to the study of relatively large group of speakers; concerned with the study of language history and development in the scope of society in general. e.g. language planning and language standardization.
2. Micro linguistics refers to the study of relatively small groups of speakers; concerned with the study of language in specific speech community, such as behavior toward language, style of speech, domains of language use, register, speech act, etc.

Mr DP, later i will post again my understanding about sociolinguistics.
I need to read and understand it since there are so many scopes of study in this material.
thank you for correcting my message.
Agus D. PriyantoPerson was signed in when posted
07:24 AM ET (US)
Well, hope you'll find this forum easier to have discussion.

Please post any message or comment dealing with sociolinguistics.

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