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Ben Davis Class of 56

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09:59 AM ET (US)
Marcia so sorry about your setback. Nancy glad the fire is finally out. Had a busy but great day yesterday. Ate lunch with a group from church in an Amish home in Bellmore . Needless to say the food was outstanding. Came home with several new recipes. The boys music concert only lasted a half hour then we all went to Wylie’s for ice cream.
Carole K
08:08 AM ET (US)
Good morning all
Nancy,,Good to hear the fire is out.
I have a few errands today,library for sure.
All of my crocuses are blooming now. I haven't checked anything else.
Everyone enjoy your day.
Sherry Schneider
08:06 AM ET (US)
Good Morning All,

It's great to see Nellie and Marcia posting on the BB and glad that Nellie is doing better now. I'm so sorry that Marcia has had this setback and hope they fired the person who cut her. Something like that is not supposed to happen!!

I think today is the first day of spring----Yea-Rah and Sis-Bam-Boom. Let's celebrate!

Everyone has a photographic memory. Some don't have film.

Ya'll have a super day. Sherry
Nancy Finchum
07:41 AM ET (US)
Good Morning all.

We are doing fine here. Finally the refinery fire is out as of 3 am this morning. We could see the smoke from our house but other than that we were not affected. The facility is about 25 miles from us. Supposed to be a beautiful day here. Finally, the rain seems to be gone until the weekend.

Y'all have a good day.

Nancy F.
06:59 AM ET (US)
A very Good morning to All

Nellie glad to see you on the BB

Looks like we are going to have some rain
this morning.. Happy SPRING

Nancy and Jack how are you doing ?

Have a great day Folks
Carole K
09:47 PM ET (US)
Marcia, I was hoping you were on the mend. I'm sorry for the set back. Both you and Cass will be in my prayers. Carole
Carole K
09:37 PM ET (US)
Nellie,Great to hear you are doing so much better.You have had lots of prayer and love from all of us. We will continue to pray. Love to you,Carole
Patsy Chambers Fleener
04:55 PM ET (US)
Nellie, great to have you write on the BB. So glad you are doing better. Write on it whenever you get it, someone is always reading on it. Think of you often.
01:51 PM ET (US)
 I get these messages a day late for some reason. want to say that I've had several of you in my prayers nd thoughts and I thank all of you that had one to say for me. I've lost 30# of water and am breathing much better, only wearing my oxygen at night. Blessed day to all. Nellie
01:50 PM ET (US)
Again thank all of you for the prayers
Today Jim is feeling fine and has been
doing this and that.

Marcia, So sorry to hear that you are having another wound
to heal. You are always in my prayers. Hope things are going
to go better for you soon and hope Cass gets that blood pressure

Nancy and Jack have seen all that black smoke that is going on in
your area and hope you two are staying clear of it. Prayers for
the safety of All around that.

Prayers sure do help us !
Have a great day
Marcia (Rasener) Cassidy
11:07 AM ET (US)
Juanita, prayers are being said for Jim. Didn't know he was in the hospital. Cass felt bad last night and had a sky high blood pressure reading but would not go to the ER room at Riverview Hospital He is feeling somewhat better today and has ordered some nitro pills to have today if needed.. When you get to be our age you always worry about these things.

My wounds have finally healed and they were ready to put on a cast to hold my foot in place. In making the cast last week the nurse (some hired help) sliced a big cut on the middle of the leg and so now it put me back a month of healing and starting to learn to walk. It hurt so bad when she sliced me open and you should have been all the blood. They finally got the cast off and back to square one. I went to the Wound Center where I go every week and started the healing process with my new wound and he thought at least a month to heal my leg. I felt like giving up but what do you do scream? Enjoy reading the message you girls post daily so guess I have to stay on the couch for another month and keep reading. Good luck for Jim and enjoy the soup. Wish Cass knew how to make vegetable soup. Hope to see you soon.
Edited 03-19-2019 11:10 AM
Carole K
08:42 AM ET (US)
Good morning all
Juanita, Happy to hear about Jim. I know you're happy to have him home.
Nancy,I heard this smoke will be around your area for several days. Be careful.
I hear our temperature should be much warmer today. I hope to get out and take a walk.
Everyone enjoy the day.
Sherry Schneider
08:13 AM ET (US)
Good Morning All,

Juanita, So glad Jim is back home and hope he continues to feel better too.

It's a frosty morning here in Speedway with temp at 33 degrees on our back porch. But it looks like it will be a sunny day.

Nancy, I hope you and Jack aren't getting any of that black smoke in your area. Better stay inside and avoid any possible breathing problems.

A bus station is where a bus stops. A train station is where a train stops. On my desk, I have a work station.

Ya'll have an amazing day. Sherry
07:55 AM ET (US)
Juanita, so glad Jim is home. Glad he is feeling better. Nancy, the fire made the national news last night. Neal do you have any flooding near you? Hope you all have a great day.
07:26 AM ET (US)
Good Morning All
Thanks to all or you for the Prayers
Jim got home around 5 PM yesterday.
The doctors didn't come up with what was
wrong with him. He is feeling much better
His dizzy head and head hurt have gone away.
They did check for a stroke and ruled that out.
Again thanks for the prayers.
Another cold morning but it is to warm up a little
Have a wonderful day and take care.
Nancy Finchum
08:43 AM ET (US)
Good morning all.

Juanita--prayers for you & Jim.

Another slow day for us. There is a massive fire at one of the chemical plants over close to the ship channel.mmit is really bad. Last I heard, no injuries, which is good.

Y'all have a great day.

Nancy F.
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