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Truthin7: Texe Marrs

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Shock Garden
01:18 AM ET (US)
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wesley mukoko
03:47 PM ET (US)
i am a pastor in africa and i do the same service that you do. and i want to tel you you are in the truth continu your mission God is with you. and i need to be your corespondence.
this is my email:
07:47 PM ET (US)
The last name mars is Jewish. All he did was add a r to the mix. Also he goes on and on about how bad these so-called Jews are when really they are not Jews at all but are turks who were in the promised land in Jesus' time and before which John warns of in the seven letters to the seven churches which was wrote in 60-70 a.d.(revealtion 2:9)Then if any one wants to know truth he has to go to the bible and see that in Exodus 2:13-19 and Acts 21:37-40 we are given the true Identity of the real people of God which Texxe never speaks of. He also is associated with people who are nothing but fear mongers leading all in the wrong direction . The true threat is The destruction of this people and what that means for america ,england, and Israel as Propesied by Ezekiel 38-39. I did not write it and it is not mine to say when God shall bring this but it seems it shall come soon for many reasons. This is what they do not tell you and they are sucjh prophesy scholars? I have learned one thing through the years,trust no one who has a platform like his and speaks badly about them whom could erase his memory in a second. No the true prophet sits in the shadows . You are the one who needs to get alone withg God and quit relying on these crackpots. I say this with respect to Daniel and Joeseph. Both said let God REVEAL to you what he has to REVEAL. We all sell ourselves short by allowing them to do the work. Turn off that televion or smach it and turn on your attention to the mosyt high and he will see you are truly seeking his face and let his wisdom and understanding take you to knowing the truth directly from him not these imposters. The truth is hard to get as they (fake jews) have destroyed everything but look to Ezekeiel 38-39 to see they already have invavded Israel in 1948 and are now facing God's impending judgemnent upon them for profaning his Holy Nmae which is not the same as taking his name in vain. These people have done much evil in his name and now are facing the dreadful day. God brings true Israel back soon as he says in the end of 39 which these men he is associated with won't tell you.
03:28 AM ET (US)
Seems like quite a few biased Texe Marrs fans have commented here… Too bad most of them weren't listening to the actual dialogue.

It was clear to me that Markus won this debate when he called out Texe on his failed Planet X prediction… Texe denied that he claimed Planet X was coming even though it was on his own website! So that was a flat out lie. Then, Texe immediately starts yelling and using ad hominem attacks when Mark tries to ask him simple questions. If you have nothing to hide, Texe, then why don't you answer the questions? Instead he goes on about how Mark has no "qualifications", etc.

I an convinced that Texe Marrs is a NWO fraud after listening to this interview.
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01:18 PM ET (US)
Texe Marrs is guilty of ethnocentrism. He thinks any cylindrical architectural object is a phallic symbol. Is affiliated with Alex Jones. Both appeal to ignorance. Far right conspiracy theorists believe that anyone pointing out anything against their story is a "liberal" and in league with the devil. If a mind works like that, then reason won't work. So sad that people can't read a book by historians who've earned their degree, but you can't, because... They are in league with the devil and part of the conspiracy don't you know.
01:09 AM ET (US)
Mark Allen, simply, whether you believe in Christ or not or any "religious" topics, you are just plain dead wrong about most every comment you have spoken. Your approach is uninformed , completely liberal biased, and you really have no idea what you are talking about. I give credit to anyone seeking truth no matter what angle they come from; but, you came to try to discredit a warrior with nothing. Do not be discouraged, study. You are seriously lacking in knowledge. This interview of Texe by you can be likened to a preschooler trying to tell an English PhD. he doesn't know how to spell. Do you understand your position here? Your 25 minutes on air was nothing more than a horrible embarrassment for you. You presented nothing against Texe, but everything against yourself. Instead of scoffing, study. Not just Texe, but others as well. There are huge numbers of people on the net exposing the entire world globalist network. Texe isn't the only one. Your problem seems to be you can't open your mind to ideas different than your own in order to see something contrary to your own mindset bias. That is your worst handicap. I hope you take a more open approach in the future. Not to blindly believing Texe, but to receiving the huge truths that are out there you have clearly demonstrated to not be aware of. If not, you will be forever lost.
Edited 11-24-2012 01:20 AM
An American Woman
09:56 AM ET (US)
Markus, you sound so uninformed, just where do you get your info? Are you just wanting to challenge something/someone to get some attention? Your arguments are pathetic and incorrect. Give up. Texe Marrs was respectful and intelligent. He ate you up. You seem like a joker/troublemaker/hater.
10:40 AM ET (US)
 markus you didnt research, you were pathetic and go back to the day job.Also try to improve your supercilious manner it is v offputting. texe treated you with the manners of a true gentleman ,maybe you should learn at least that from him!!
01:28 PM ET (US)
I do find it interesting that Tex is on Alex Jones frequently.
 Allen Watt is considered Alex's mentor from what I have researched. Alex Jones wife is jewish as are most of his sponsers. He claimed to have predicted (911)before it happened. He actually got it from Bill Cooper! Bill Cooper lost all respect for Alex after being a guest on The Alex Jones Show, partly because of this lie and the "Y2K" run to the hills fear-mongering fiasco. Bill Cooper ended up dead after Alex's show and Clinton declaring him "The most dangerous man on radio"
It is confusing that he (Tex) does bring up the 'J.W.O.' but still makes guest appearances on Alex's show! When I put the pieces of the puzzle together it does appear to me that Tex Marrs does warrant further investigation.
Charles Guiliani (Thruthertz) on Oracle Broadcasting seems to be well researched on the Jew (Zionist) issue.I will call in and get his perspective. Should be interesting.
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Mel Gibstein
04:38 PM ET (US)
Who are these "Vatican is behind it all" retards?
 Is Rothschild a Catholic? Is Greenspan, Silverstein, Bloomberg, Silverman, Blitzer, Redstone, Emanuel, Leibermann, Frank, Soros, etc., ect.. Are these all Catholic names?
Wake up morons!
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02:00 PM ET (US)
First of it says on here your name is Markus Allen everyone is calling you mark if your such a corrector in truth you should correct that. it is clear that you are nothing more than an un-informed scoffer, you would not last one week in Tex Marrs shoes, the first thing i would do if i were you would to receive Jesus Christ and then you may see the light because if you think you see it now you are deceived.
I believe Texx Marrs is a wonderful man who loves Christ and is probably one the most bravest men on the earth telling the truth putting him self in harms way how many men are truly doing this today who are well balanced with the whole truth? i can name Just two who go all the way and that is Tex Marrs and Alex Jones the difference is Tex is the only one who Has Christ in all he does Alex is morally great but rejects some of the important events in Christianity that will take place. As for you Mark or Markus Allen you are wasting your time working for Satan as his puppet you sound like a fool and have made a donkey out of your self to put it in Christian terms, everyone on here should pray for you that you may come to the knowledge of the truth. Tex is not deliberately scaring any one if this is the case then Mr. Marcus you should go argue with Jesus and accuse him of trying to sell bibles because Christ himself has said many things i guess you would have to say that would scare many but the intention is to show us that we need to repent and receive the grace of God and in him there is no fear at all.
It says in the book of James which if you do not know is in the Bible which say this:{1:22} And of some have compassion, making a difference: {1:23} And others save with fear, pulling [them] out of the fire; hating even the garment spotted by the flesh. As for Tex it brings things into perspective, you know you are doing what your called to do because your being challenged, and people like Mark or Markus really have no idea what you really go threw on a daily basis to bring light to a dark world.
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I Know the Answer
08:18 PM ET (US)
Markus Allen, you made a fool of yourself, but you accomplished this so naturally that I am sure you must be a thoroughbred idiot.

If you intended to discredit Texe Marrs, you failed. Instead, your illogical, ill-informed, childish attacks only generated sympathy for him.

Did Texe Marrs' publicist hire you to set up so many retarded strawman arguments?
04:44 AM ET (US)
Well Marcus you had your day on the big stage now piss off to the little hole you came from.Texe Marrs is a hero for speaking out about these subjects and if you did your research you will see that it`s all true.He made you look like an idiot and I would be embarrassed about releasing this.You have nothing on him ,go get a real life.
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