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Angela Oliveira
09:54 AM ET (US)
Hi, Bruno,
I`ve already talked to my friend.
The manager of the restaurant is from Croacia, indeed.
There`s a very friendly waitress there called Tania there.
Ask to be served by her.
The price of the meals vary from 13CD ( pasta) to 17CD sole fish with almonds.
There`s a 15% tax included in everything in Canada.
It`s terrible !
And the tip is 15% percent.
Montreal is a multicultural city. You meet people from everywhere in the world there.
Don`t forget to visit the Chinatown.
I think Chinatown in Montreal is larger than in NY. My impression, I`m not sure.
There you`ll find a variety of things to buy and if you like Chinese food( I don`t) there are inexpensive restaurants there.
I`m getting more tips for you.
Angela Oliveira
Angela Oliveira
10:44 PM ET (US)
• Hi, Bruno,

I tried to summarize but I didn`t succeed.
Let`s see which tips I can give you .
By the way, when are you going? I arrived two weeks ago. It was "Spring" already.
I almost froze in Montreal!
There is an old joke there , they say that they have two main seasons: Winter and next winter.

You`re going to hear different pronunciations for Montreal: Mont Réal as it was spelled in Middle French, Mont Royal in present French, and also Montréal.
 I always mispronounced it.

Even if you`re not catholic you must visit Notre Dame Basilica . The architecture and the paintings inside the church are unique.There are many other churchers and cathedrals there but I only visited this one.

Museums : There are many but I think these are the ones worth visiting: Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the Canadian Centre for Architecture, and the McCord Museum of Canadian History.

The Olympic stadium is also a must – very modern architecture.

Where to eat?
Reubens -
888 Ste catherine West, Montreal.
By the way, St Catherine street itself is a spot.
Inexpensive - The manager of the restaurant is Croacian( I`m not sure, I´ll ask my friend)
Very nice guy!
 Tell him that the Brazilians from the Comparative Education Congress at Fermont Elizabeth Hotel recommended the restaurant.
He is either going to make a discout or do the same he did to us- : generous portions.

The retaurant is open seven days for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
It`s like Outback, very cozy.
You eat like in France, in courses.
You have many courses in a meal like the entrance, soup, main dish, dessert and coffe and you pay around 16 Canadian dollars for all.
There`s a daily promotion - (a special dish is offered for a special price.
You won`t find anything similar for the same price.
Sandwiches in Montreal cost around 8CD and a cup of cofee 3,50 CD.

For a special occasion go to Altitude 737 in Ville Marie.
It´s on the penthouse of the highest building in Montreal.
I don`t remember which floor it is on, but the building reminds us the Empire State in NY.
It has more than 80 floors.
Breathtaking views!
I`ll contact some friends who travelled with me and get some more tips.

Angela Oliveira
Angela Oliveira
11:18 AM ET (US)
Hi, Bruno,
I´m writing from Cultura Inglesa but as soon as I get home I`ll send you some tips,ok?
Bruno Cunha
06:33 PM ET (US)
Angela and All

Do you recommend any special place to visit in Montreal??

I'm going to Montreal and Quebec in a few weeks, and i hope to cover lots of interesting things there. I'm planning to have 3 days in Quebec and 5 in Montreal as well.

Could you please give me some museuns and good restaurants to go.

Thanks in advance.
Marcia Bodas
11:06 AM ET (US)
Qui est vachement le plus dificille...

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Angela Oliveira
07:37 AM ET (US)
Hi, Barbara!
How have you been?
Nice to hear from you.
I`m still taking advantage of the useful vocabulary you gave us about movies, remember?
The other day I talked to a young American one shot film maker.
Well, I`m still organizing the notes I wrote in Canada.
After your comment, I`m motivated to write more about my trip.
Thank you.
About my French?
Je parle seulement un tout petit peau, mais je comprends beaucoup.
08:31 AM ET (US)
Nice description, Angela.
Do you speak French as well?

I am eager to read about the congress, too.


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Angela Oliveira
09:48 PM ET (US)
So, you` ve already been to Canada , Roberto!
What cities have you visited there?
We`ve got a lot to share.
It was my first time in Canada and everything was new to me.
I`d better divide my comments into sections, ok?
It`ll be a writing workshop.
Will you be patient enough to read everything?
Well, section 1:
The convention was in Montreal and I got very impressed with the underground city.
It is bigger than I expected.
Nineteen miles long!
It links buildings, multi-level shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, universities, and office buildings.
It`s really nice to walk through the brightly lit, very clean and safe passageways.
By the way, Montreal is considered one of the safest cities in the world.
It was very cold ( minus 05) but we got from place to place without facing weather or traffic problems .
It`s interesting how everybody there is bilingual, even those who do menial jobs. They can shift from a language to another very quickly.
Something unforgettable?
The maple pie.
Oh, my!

PS: Next section, the congress itself.
05:40 PM ET (US)
welcome Angela !!
how was the trip ??
Angela Oliveira
06:58 PM ET (US)
Hi, everybody!
Where are you?
 on holidays?
 on a strike for better salaries?
recession ?
saving words?
Angela Oliveira
Angela Oliveira
11:22 AM ET (US)
Stephan Hughes
12:58 PM ET (US)
I haven't seen the video yet Angela,

But I am sure there is a lot to be revealed.

Stephan A.S. Hughes
Language consultant

On Wed, Apr 13, 2011 at 1:53 PM, QT - Angela Oliveira <> wrote:

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Angela Oliveira
12:53 PM ET (US)
Replying Stephan´s message posted on April 8th:

Now we can make the association!
And... unfortunately be sure that everything was predicted.
No more doubts after the releasing of a shocking video where the hideous murder reported his dreadful thoughts and intentions.
It will take us time to digest such a tragedy!
Angela Oliveira
02:13 PM ET (US)

On one hand, I agree with Stephan, insanity itself isn`t a matter of education.
On the other hand, Roberto must be right, as well.
Everyone at school agreed that the guy who committed this hideous attack used to have a " strange " behavior.

What did teachers and educators do to help that student?
They were aware of the fact that he wasn`t a "normal" student.
He had been up to something for almost 10 years, since September 11th.
He had even talked to some of his classmates about it.

Educators are not specialists in killers` minds but they learn Educational Psychology and are able to know when there`s something wrong with their student`s behavior.
11:45 AM ET (US)
I don't know if it's all that simple Roberto,

I mean, do we really understand the mind of a killer? Try as we might, we STILL have no idea what motivates people to commit the most heinous crimes.

Who hasn't been bullied or witnessed some sort of bullying? Bullying is become such a fad these days that it has lost its original meaning. All the same, being a victim does not justify premeditated murder. If that were the case, we would have tons of "Wellingtons" all over this country.
11:05 AM ET (US)
It's all a matter of education !
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