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Comments on SEAFING DIVERSITY.htm item 20
Document uploaded 08-25-2008 05:10 AM ET (US)

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Larry VictorPerson was signed in when posted
02:01 AM ET (US)
Regarding item 20
/m5 It is probably a prime commandment for rulers, passed down for millennia, that an openly education population will not tolerate being ruled by elites. This becomes a difficult problem today, as the maintenance of our high tech societies requires highly trained workers, and it is difficult to train elite workers without also educating more of the population.

Deception is a technology with a long history, greatly accelerated with new technology. In the USA (and most of the developed nations) the population select media brands and stick with them. Today, MacCain supporters only watch Fox and Obama supporters only watch MSNBC. Neither hear or view messages from the other side, except sound bites that are torn from context and embedded in a new context. There is more complex segregation of information seekers.

The current elite are masters of control. They cannot be challenged on their playing fields. Their Achilles heal is that once exposed, all their magic won't work. Such awakenings are, however, usually only partial, and the awakened are trapped in a more subtle propaganda field. For example, the top, hidden, elite enable an opposition media to exist to appease the critics, let them think they can object but also keep tabs on them. Most of the "liberal" media in the USA are of this type.

Lesson: The revolution cannot be broadcast through the mass media.
01:05 AM ET (US)
Regarding item 20
Indeed this is the situation, and to make it worse the current 'government' education seems designed to further entrench this.
Between commercial interests and the governments' need to supply personell to its armed forces, the propagandising and education of all levels of society is works to ensure that not too many 'smart' people are available to pursue alternatives.