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            COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE Add your comment on this item79


            There is some similarity between this seafing network proposal and the new movement towards "Collective Intelligence". Add your comment on this item80


            I am connected to many of the supporters of this concept. Add your comment on this item81


            I view seafing networks as a "simple mechanism" in concept, with great potential:  a procedure for effecting the flow of human interactivity that may (and should) contribute to the emergence of a more reesee "collective intelligence".  The seafing network doesn't depend on any metaphysical or psychic linkages (e.g. re: quantum entanglement) to succeed. The evidence for such linkages is highly suggestive, but weak - and the phenomena (at this time) has little utility. The success of a seafing network and a more general colab scaffolding for the emergence of a NU Humanity, may open the gates and permit these linkages to be more powerful. Add your comment on this item82


            However, we need to consider the "environmental impact" of strong telepathy and other "psychic" processes.  They may be suppressed for a reason. Add your comment on this item83


            I also have reservations on applying swarming phenomena on relevant human decision activity. It may "summarize" many surface social phenomena, possibly more tapping into some of our evolutionary early mammalian connectivity than a harbinger for the future. The components of a swarm have limited individual intelligence; indeed, higher individual intelligence probably masks swarming. Add your comment on this item84


            On the study of group decisions, given as exemplars of "collective intelligence", we may study the impact of mutual aide within the group; whether they have a primitive seafing network. Add your comment on this item85


            May it be that the suppression of Mutual Aide, or simply the difficulty of sustaining Mutual Aide in heterogenous populations, defaulted to dominator mode and the impoverisment  of “Collective Intelligence”? Add your comment on this item86

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