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            COLLECTIVE CATALYTIC SYSTEMS Add your comment on this item65


            Of very special significance for seafing networks is their potential to accelerate significantly social systems emergence and to greatly enhance their sustained viability. Add your comment on this item66


            I started this essay-doc with the intention to introduce the concept of this final section. Although the sections that came before are significant in their own right, and contain some potentially useful insights, they were composed to prepare you, the reader, with context for better comprehending this insight. Add your comment on this item67


            Yet, I feel I want to bring closure to this doc and develop the intended content of this section in a separate doc. However, I will attempt a brief summary. Add your comment on this item68


            Most people will admit that their lives are not very effective, or reesee. There is always too much to do, and to find more time to create a system for others to help you can become a lifetime project of its own.  Unless you are very wealthy or a CEO in command of an army of workers you must do much yourself where it would be much better to be part of a quality team dedicated to doing what you want to do.  For each project I attempt, my efforts are very inefficient.  There are many new tools and techniques I could learn, but this also takes time, no efficient process exists to optimize learning, it would be better to learn with others when we plan to collaborate in using the new tools and techniques. Add your comment on this item69


            I might dream of having a personal seafing team.  For "exchange" in the seafing network, I would devote some of my time and effort working in seafing teams for others, as those in my seafing team will also have seafing teams.  Some seafing teams, meta-teams, seaf seafing teams and seaf all aspects of the whole seafing network.  Persons on my seafing team may change, for different situations or preference of seafers as to which seafing teams they will be part of. A powerful database hold all relevant data about seafers and the needs of those wanting seafed -- called "seafees" (including seafers). Seafing teams will often consult with the seafing network for their seafing tasks they need help with. A seafing team can get to know the person seafed quite well, to the point of often intuiting their needs. Seafing teams have systems to monitor the seafee and processes this data for reesee use by the seafing team. Over time a great amount of semi-automation will be used. "Semi" because human members of seafing teams my be personally involved with other seafing team members and the seafee. Add your comment on this item70


            As mentioned above, seafers generally don't perform actions the seafee wants performed. The seafee may be seafed to perform those tasks more reesee. The seafee may be seafed in setting up a PRSOS process to attract partners, volunteers, work/study apprentices, or employees (an exchange of services). Add your comment on this item71


            A seafing team, with the approval of the seafee, may seaf the prioritizing of projects and tasks, seaf the provision of some personal training for the seafee, or suggest some complementary or alternative projects the seafee might consider. As seafers, those in seafing teams may learn of other work that the seafee might find it useful to know about. Add your comment on this item72


            As seafees are also seafers, they will grow in comprehension and appreciation of the service seafers provide. Add your comment on this item73


            How much more reesee would the collective activities of a population of mutual seafers be, not only in their seafing but in their work being seafed? In simple time-on-task, seafing should improve efficiency by half, possibly much more. Gains in reesee activity will result from better priority setting and better planning for tasks. The effects of seafing should be accumulative.  After a period of time, the reesee of the group may be astonishing -- yet the people will not appear moving any faster (with the exception of a few tasks), and may appear more relaxed, having more fun, and more confident. Add your comment on this item74


            The analogy for this is the systems involving enzymes in molecular biology.  Most molecular transformations [a set of molecules "A", over time will result in a set of molecules "B"], that occur within our cells do so a widely different speeds. For the set of final needed molecules to be produced only by reactions of the initial molecules usually takes far too long for the process to be useful.  However, when the initial set of molecules contains some other molecules, called enzymes, the reaction may go orders of magnitude faster, yielding the final set of needed molecules and the enzymes, not changed, ready to be part of the next catalytic action. Add your comment on this item75


            Stuart Kauffman, scientist and recent author of "Reinventing the Sacred" proposes (pp 51-54  & type in “autocatalytic”) a "theory of the emergence of collectively auto catalytic sets" of molecules that self-organized to become the first viable biological cell. In such an auto catalytic set, every molecule participates both as a catalyst for other reactions in the set, as well as being a participant in a reaction catalyzed by other molecules of the set. Kauffman's theory remains speculative, as a coherent theory for the origins of cellular life. But auto catalytic sets of molecules do exist and we would not be here if not for enzymes seafing thing to happen in the molecular world at speeds so they collectively might meta-organize, or emerge from a collection of reactions to a viable, sustainable biological cell.  One advantage of speed of reaction, is that the product of one reaction may decay or be destroyed before other reactions could occur.  To have ALL TOGETHER all the requisite molecules to permit emergence would require a threshold minimum reaction speed. Catalysis can provide this additional speed. Add your comment on this item76


            There is a wide range of differences from molecules self-organizing and emerging as viable biological cells, and human persons self-organizing and emerging as viable global social system.  But, there also are many suggestive similarities in the analogy.  Mutual aide is not new to humankind, and in its distorted form it has enabled human civilization to achieve what it has achieved - which is a great achievement - is spite of the many difficulties. Add your comment on this item77


            Seafing is a process well suited to scientific and engineering R&D.  Most R&D could be done online. Some could be supported by the established scientific disciplines (should this be desired); but it could be a venture independent of any establishments.  Seafing, even in its most primitive form, should be an essential thread in our early self-organizing towards STAR and EaseMen. Add your comment on this item78


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