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SEAFING DIVERSITY Add your comment on this item1


            Laurence J. Victor - nuet - 8/25/2008 Add your comment on this item2

            early draft


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            DIVERSITY RECONSIDERED. Add your comment on this item4


            Variations of traits of individuals in a species population is a fundamental of biological evolution. Diversity is Universal, in complementarity with Oneness or Unity. Add your comment on this item5


            Science has grossly poor information about the diversity of humans. We have not yet begun to identify the most relevant variables, let alone map distributions and correlations.  Age, gender, physical measurements, skin color, IQ and results on various standardized tests and profiles, languages spoken, educational achievements, work history, health statistics, economic statistics, family history, social webs, sources of information, notable productions and creations, etc. -- is far from being a adequate list of variables for sufficient distinction in knowing what each person might need for optimal living. We might include a complete DNA mapping and a complete record of moment-to-moment activity from conception on. Knowing what to look for, this data might be processed for useful groupings - but this would be excessive. New variables such as cognitive styles, imagery modes, brain scan data -- and various measures of differences in performance to tasks deemed relevant for recommending the optimal environment for each person. Add your comment on this item6


            We may have begun to sequence the human genome, but we really have little knowledge who we (humankind) are in our diversity. We even tend to suppress this diversity by speaking of norms as if they represented the vast majority with differences from norms viewed as (potentially harmful) deviations.  I cringe every time I hear a politician speak of The American People.  Indeed, thinking of averages and norms, instead of distributions (which can be clearly comprehended by most using quality graphics - after some instruction), creates a highly simplistic and distorted constructed world, in the context of which our decisions often cause great difficulty. Much of science, itself, has fallen into this trap. In psychological and sociological research, the standard paradigm views diversity as a variable to be eliminated by experimental design. Add your comment on this item7


            I am definitely not proposing a system so intrusive and controlling that each person, as a result of continued surveillance, would be but a cog in a mechanism.  On the other hand, we can admit that our social and cultural systems provide a very poor fit for improving the life of each person. Might it be possible that a little more information about our diversity and a means for social processes to account for that diversity may enable us to create sustainable and peaceful societies. In analogy, as the biological viability and health of our bodies depends on the considerable diversity of cell types so might our diversity as individuals contribute to the creation of viable human societies. Add your comment on this item8


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