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TAXONOMY OF WORLDS Add your comment on this item1

>> an experimental exercise << Add your comment on this item2


Laurence J. Victor Add your comment on this item3


“nuet” Add your comment on this item4



"TOP OF HEAD" PROLOG Add your comment on this item5


            This is not a summary, or an introduction. These are rough notes made during an active exploration of a new domain. Many return trips here with some editing, re-writing, and expansion. Yet, not a crafted document. Add your comment on this item6


            What are the "first cut" distinctions (a la George Spencer-Brown's  Laws of Form) in the vast diverse fields of human constructed worlds? I need this rough tool now to distinguish my "episteme" from  the epistemes of others, whose lives I hope to influence (in win-win ways, for the good of all - no exploitation). Add your comment on this item7


            jorl, nuet intuited a rough overview of your episteme and how it differs from nuet's. Below is the start of an essay outline where I will attempt to explicate the context in which I hope to compare our epistemes, without an aura of competition. Add your comment on this item8

              Add your comment on this item9

            What I have read of jorl's world so far I classify among a reasonable number of new visions of human emergence (past to future). Each variant in this category of epistemes is a reform/modification/improvement/tweaking of the most advanced contemporary knowledge in many relevant disciplines. This category is the "foresight" class, which contains considerable diversity. Add your comment on this item10


            Members of this foresight class are the avant-garde, "new" in they define themselves primarily in contrast to what was. Add your comment on this item11


            Some other books where this category of episteme is expressed (in some way) are: Add your comment on this item12


            COMMENTARY Add your comment on this item13


            This minor task of creating a list of books possessed me. It trumped all other things I was to do. As I added more books to this list I began to question the definition of the category to which these books were to be members. I added books from two sources: books currently on my shelves and books in my book list of having "recently" read. As process, I simply copy/pasted book data to my outliner or entered book data from books taken from my shelves. My intuitive sense drew me to these books. About 20 books have been deleted from the list, primarily those I had not really read adequately. However, although I have read all of the books listed, I have not studied or researched most of them. For many, I cannot how remember details. Add your comment on this item14


            I started with the intention of listing other books I would place in the same category of John Ringland's compositions accessible online (of which I estimate I have read less than 10%). The characteristics I started with were 1) broad in scope, 2) innovative and "out of the box", 3) a sense of being "integral" and "holistic", 4) open to significant change, 5) deep commitment to quality cognition. Add your comment on this item15


            As I proceeded I was surprised to find so few books selected. I was having difficulty with the first characteristic, broadness of scope.  Few authors cover the breadth and depth-of-analysis as John Ringland. I am excited because I felt I shared the above traits with John. What slowly emerged as books were added and removed from the list, was a change in the set of characteristics. My difficulty had been with "scope". I realized that the scope of John's work (of which I have not yet read most - but I have scanned them most) is less than mine (which is natural given our years). There are many domains that John is far more knowledgeable than I.  If we could devise a quantitative comparison of "scope" I am not sure that nuet would out-score jorl.  Both have only but penetrated the rich field of knowledge domains. Add your comment on this item16


            I realized that most of the books I selected were less in scope than jorl or nuet.  Yet, although the focus of the book may have been narrower, a larger context was clearly evident. Traits 2-5, above, are in evidence in all book in the list (but not equally).  It would be an interesting exercise to ascribe a measure of attention to each cell in a matrix of domains, for each book (and for the author, who may spread scope with many books).  For each of the books listed here, the authors are far more knowledgeable than I (nuet) in their area of speciality. Yet, in all their areas I have some knowledge and some "holistic insight" as to how contexts may influence the "meaning and significance" of that knowledge. Add your comment on this item17


            I am proposing that when the scope gets large, and integral, and open -- there may be a threshold after which the "whole" can contribute comprehending details in the specifics. The prior sentence was slow in coming, and points to a related topic, to be explored at another time.  In more practical terms, nuet can intuit (grok) how well a detailed hypothesis in a limited domain would fit with the "integral whole" of nuet's world - and may give recommendations for research, even though nuet has no formal education in the domain (which often leads to an automatic rejection of nuet's recommendation). However, quite a few have weathered the years. Add your comment on this item18


            Why am I dithering on?  I can't answer, from my consciousness.  I certainly have devoted many, many hours to this whole project, not only THIS LIST !!!!!!  The actual books in the list may not be of much value -- until I attempt to rank them on as to different criteria.  This long exercise has had considerable value, to nuet and Larry.  In attempting to share with jorl, nuet had discovered more about himself. [What a warped use of language!]  John/Jorl is in good standing, from nuet's perspective, being in the company of the authors in the list (and many who should be in the list). As each is unique, jorl is unique, nuet is unique.  nuet and jorl may have much more in common with each other than with those on the list.  This we can explore. Add your comment on this item19


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