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The Great Lakes Nostalgia Convention Discussion Board

(Was the Cincy OTR Board)

2017 Guests: Ivan Cury and Beverly Washburn

Friday-Saturday, May 5-6,
Four Points Sheraton Hotel
3600 E. Cork St, Kalamazoo
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PHOTO, from left: Dan Hughes, your amiable board host; a rather excited Kathy Garver; and a rather calm Paul Petersen.

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Michael Helms
03:35 PM CT (US)
I'm sure you're OK but will check. Not sure if there's an automatic confirmation but I'll ask them to check those who've registered and send a confirmation. See you next week!
Paul Iverson
10:45 AM CT (US)
Make that early MARCH
Paul Iverson
10:44 AM CT (US)
Hello All,
I registered in Early may and have not received any confirmation or information.
Has anyone else received anything?
Thanks, Paul from Rockford, IL
Dan HughesPerson was signed in when posted
09:44 PM CT (US)
Looks like the spammers have found us. If it continues, I will disable posting to the board for a couple of days. You can buzz me personally at danhughesmail@gmail.com if you want to post something here and posting is disabled.
Bill Oates
11:00 AM CT (US)

Thanks for the update.

FYI I clicked on the kzoo arts link, went there but had "page does not exist" error. The quick topic worked fine.

Michael Helms
02:45 PM CT (US)
Greetings All, from Kalamazoo! Looking forward to everyone coming to the 2nd "Great Lakes Nostalgia Convention". We are pleased to not only increase the panels, recreations and other sessions this year, but also to provide longer breaks for dinner on Friday and Saturday. Also, this year we've moved to the Four Points by Sheraton at 3600 East Cork Street Court, closer to the airport and I-94 freeway. The Hotel has free parking for all and ALL EVENTS are at the hotel. There are restaurants nearby, as well as lots of others and craft breweries all over Kalamazoo!! NOTE: The hotel will still honor the convention rate IF YOU CALL DIRECTLY and ask for the "GLNC RATE". (269) 385-3922. Don't for get to register for the convention, as well. www.kalamazooarts.org/page/glnostalgia
Need more info? Call the Arts Council at (269)342-5059 during business hours.
Mike Helms
Don Ramlow
Ron Centers

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> On Apr 17, 2017, at 11:53 PM, QuickTopic daily digest <qtopic-41-yL4hDeiALxM@quicktopic.com> wrote:
05:44 PM CT (US)
Somehow I am just reading your mail. The Convention is doing better than last year, however Great Lakes is doing a very poor job of getting the word out. This is what killed Cincinnati. The biggest complaint of last year was that there was no time to eat. If you look at what has been put out we will have one hour which is still not enough time. This could be avoided by starting a hour earlier.
See you in Kalamazoo.
Charles P. Niren
In a message dated 2/21/2017 2:28:53 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, qtopic-41-yL4hDeiALxM@quicktopic.com writes:

This is only the second year of the Great Lakes Nostalgia Convention and we can't assume that everyone who regularly attended the Cincinnati convention knows that this convention is the successor to/continuation of (however you want to look at it) that one. So, the convention website should be both easy to find and have as much detailed information as early as possible.
Dan HughesPerson was signed in when posted
10:20 AM CT (US)
Just booked our reservations! I like this hotel - they don't charge your credit card until you actually get there and sign in.

Here's the info - special price ($105 plus tax, instead of $179) ends April 4. You do have to tell them you're with the convention. Better hurry before they run out of rooms! (We were still able to get a room with 2 queensize beds):

Four Points by Sheraton Kalamazoo, 3600 East Cork Street Court, Kalamazoo, MI 49001 Phone: 269-385-3922
Edited 03-14-2017 06:02 PM
Dan HughesPerson was signed in when posted
11:09 PM CT (US)
Thanks, Mike, Karen won't be the only one who's excited about doing a Benny show!
Michael Helms
11:00 PM CT (US)
On a good note, tell Karen we are looking at doing a "Jack Benny" recreation. If we do, hopefully Karen will audition on Friday! Mike

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> On Mar 1, 2017, at 11:57 PM, QuickTopic daily digest <qtopic-41-yL4hDeiALxM@quicktopic.com> wrote:
Michael Helms
08:23 AM CT (US)
Sorry, Dan. Tony Dow will not be able to join us this year due to a conflict. Don Ramlow and I had the chance to work with him at the SPERDVAC Con in Las Vegas and he checked his schedule and got back to us recently. We're shooting for next year. Mike

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> On Feb 28, 2017, at 11:54 PM, QuickTopic daily digest <qtopic-41-yL4hDeiALxM@quicktopic.com> wrote:
Dan HughesPerson was signed in when posted
08:56 AM CT (US)
Michael, I'm confused. Somebody posted that Tony Dow was coming, but he's not listed on the website. Help?
Michael Helms
08:48 AM CT (US)
Hi All,
Here is the web site for the Great Lakes Nostalgia Convention. The detailed schedule will be up shortly, just making some last minute additions. Make sure to get your hotel reservation by April 4 for the convention rate.
Andrea Smith
02:58 PM CT (US)
Thank you for finding a free parking location. Last year's parking garage took a huge chunk of change for me but I'm thankful I got the chance to come. I'm thinking of returning this year and many thanks to the Hughes family.
Rick KeatingPerson was signed in when posted
12:28 AM CT (US)
Information about the convention itself is still pretty sparse. Here's the link:


You'll note that it _still_ says "Check back Feb. 1, 2017 for registration details. Such details would presumably include both "admission prices" for attendees, but also rates for dealer tables.

Last year, the dealer's room was practically empty because the word didn't get out soon enough for dealers to schedule the weekend of the convention. I don't know how much advance notice is ideal, but better to have the dealer costs available sooner, rather than later, so more dealers are able to factor the convention into their schedules. Besides, with the hotel selected and room rates established, shouldn't costs for the use of "ballrooms" for the convention have also been established?

Could there be some other website with more detailed convention information? It seems odd that, three weeks after Feb. 1, there hasn't been any registration details. And no, convention registration isn't the same as hotel registration.

Hopefully Bob Burnham isn't alone in letting dealers know about the Great Lakes Nostalgia Convention; hopefully the convention organizers are getting the word out, too. Granted, not everyone attends for the merchandise in the dealers' room, but A) enough people might come to buy OTR-related material to make a difference in attendance numbers and B) some dealers, like Martin Grams, also put on programs. If he hadn't come to Kalamazoo last year, there would have been no Tallulah Bankhead presentation.

This is only the second year of the Great Lakes Nostalgia Convention and we can't assume that everyone who regularly attended the Cincinnati convention knows that this convention is the successor to/continuation of (however you want to look at it) that one. So, the convention website should be both easy to find and have as much detailed information as early as possible.

Paul Iverson from Rockfor
02:56 PM CT (US)
Hello All,
Thanks for the info about the Hotel.
Looking forward to being there.
Bob Burnham
10:28 AM CT (US)
As an old-time radio vendor who has been around since "dirt" was invented, I missed the first Great Lakes Nostalgia convention, but attended almost every Cincinnati convention (including the very first one), and was on hand for most of the FOTR shows in Newark.

I'm gearing up for this years convention, and have actually promoted it in my last 2 mailings, but information on where dealers sign up (costs, etc.) seems to be sparse -- as in non-existant -- for the convention, or maybe I'm just too far removed, or it's too early (??). If there's any updates on this, someone please post it or let me know.
Michael Helms
07:57 PM CT (US)
Thanks, Dan! Randy beat me to letting you know. That's great! Hope to see you all here. We feel this will be a great venue. If you'd put out the word to any vendors you know, we'd appreciate it. Also, would you be interested in doing a Trivia Contest on Friday night? If so, we'll plug it in to the schedule. Best,
Mike Helms

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> On Feb 3, 2017, at 11:54 PM, QuickTopic daily digest <qtopic-41-yL4hDeiALxM@quicktopic.com> wrote:
Dan HughesPerson was signed in when posted
09:45 PM CT (US)

I Just got this information from Randy Larson:

Hotel: Four Points by Sheraton Kalamazoo, 3600 East Cork Street Court, Kalamazoo, MI 49001 (phone: 269-385-3922). $105.00 plus tax per night, but this special rate (normally around $179.00) only if booked by April 4.

Convention website for convention and hotel registrations, event times and general information is: http://www.kalamazooarts.com
Edited 02-03-2017 09:50 PM
Stephen Jansen
05:31 PM CT (US)
I checked out Four Points

a bit on Google Maps:

Looks similar to many of our hotels (as one might expect), but it does seem to have several nice cozy nooks where we could stay up late and discuss OTR and the good ol' days and play "Jackpardy" Jack Benny trivia (Karen Hughes, the undisputed champ), etc...these late-night bull sessions have been some of my favorite times at the previous conventions!

I'm looking forward to some DISCUSSION on this discussion board, too!

Anybody getting excited about the con (I am!)? What do you hope to see or hear? What shows did you miss out on in previous years that the dealers could be sure to bring this year? If money is a little bit tight for you, I expect THIS is the place to ask to bum a ride/share a room/split a samwich...

03:59 PM CT (US)
I hope you can get this to Mr. Goldin.
Thank you.

There are words in the English language to describe my friend David Siegel, however the G-d of the universe did not give me the eloquence to say them, so I will rely on the Yiddish word Mench. A Mench is a good person, a trusted colleague, a person who goes out of his way to give advice, a trusted friend and a person you would care to measure up to. Dave was all this and so much more.
I had the extraordinary luck to meet David and Susan at a SPERDVAC convention about ten years ago and we hit it off immediately. We could not stop talking with each other. When I told David I was researching a 1932 radio program Meyer The Buyer by Harry Hershfield, David was amazed as he did not know about the program and could not believe that a collector from Louisville, Kentucky knew of a program he did not know! The friendship was glued and has never stopped. Over the years I have been blessed to have worked with David on transferring MD3's to regular CD's, Dave hated MP3's. Over the pleas of Susan I keep sending them, how could I refuse the master's request.
At the Newark Old Time Radio Convention or in Yorktown Height, David and Susan always made me and my wife Marilyn feel welcome as we made a yearly pilgrimage to see David and his wonderful wife Susan at least once or twice a year.
To Susan and the extended Siegel Family our deepest thoughts are with you. Heaven will be brighter place with David
Charles & Marilyn Niren

In a message dated 9/21/2016 11:31:58 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, qtopic-41-yL4hDeiALxM@quicktopic.com writes:
Dan HughesPerson was signed in when posted
10:31 AM CT (US)
Jerry Haendiges posted this on Facebook:


As some of you know, Dave Goldin and I are very good friends. Goldin was also very close to Dave Siegel. Goldin, will be speaking at Siegel's service. He asked me to see if any of David's many OTR friends had any experiences they would like to share. If so, please send your comments to me at Jerry@otrsite.com and I will forward them on to Goldin. By the way, the reason I'm using their last names is because I thought there might be some confusion in using the same first name for both.

Dave Siegel was a VERY dear friend in and out of the hobby and although I'll really miss him, there is solace in knowing that he is happy and finally pain-free and he's probably enjoying sharing all of his vast OTR knowledge with everyone in Heaven!


Dan HughesPerson was signed in when posted
10:18 PM CT (US)

I didn't know David, but a lot of people in the OTR community did. This was forwarded to me this afternoon.

David died this afternoon from complications of Parkinsons. He was 84 in August.

The end was fairly quick, he went to hospital Sunday evening and wasn’t in any pain or discomfort from Monday on.

Funeral is Friday.

Please let the OTR community know. I have to search through papers to find email address for david gibbs, joe webb, and jerry H, the people I know he wasn’t closest to in the hobby and whose addresses aren’t on my computer. I asked David goldin to say something at his funeral and I’m planning on playing goldin’s CD of Themes from Old Time Radio at the funeral home as people gather before the service.

Dan HughesPerson was signed in when posted
11:01 PM CT (US)
If you subscribe to this board, you'll get all the info about the convention as it becomes available. Right now all we know is that the dates are May 5 and 6 (Fri and Sat), 2017, and the guests will be Ivan Cury (Bobby Benson on old time radio) and Beverly Washburn (TV and movies, including Old Yeller and Star Trek).
Rick KeatingPerson was signed in when posted
12:54 PM CT (US)

I E-Mailed a zip file of all of Karen's convention reports to your Gmail address on July 4. I've just re-sent you the E-Mail, so you can restore the missing 2015 report.

Kathy Garver
10:17 AM CT (US)
Karen's report was so
Well written
Interesting and insightful! I loved it.
Reading it brought back wonderful memories of fun
And camaraderie
Keep up the good work Karen!

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> On Aug 24, 2016, at 8:56 PM, QuickTopic daily digest <qtopic-41-yL4hDeiALxM@quicktopic.com> wrote:
Frank Morgan
09:53 AM CT (US)
What a great report by Karen! I'll have to find my way to Michigan for a future convention.


Frank Morgan
Dan HughesPerson was signed in when posted
06:53 AM CT (US)
Karen's convention reports are back up finally (links up top on the message board). I'm missing the report from 2015. It's probably buried somewhere in my computer, and I'll post it when/if I find it.

Meanwhile, I don't think the 2016 report ever got posted until now. It's at http://danhughes.net/karen16.htm.
Dan HughesPerson was signed in when posted
09:51 AM CT (US)

I finally bought a URL for the Great Lakes Nostalgia Convention Message Board, so you can find it easily if you don't have a link handy.

It's a bit weird, but I found a site that sells URLs that end in ".club" for 88 cents. That's about right for me, so the URL to this board is:


(You don't have to use any caps; "glnostalgia.club" works fine too.)

Rick KeatingPerson was signed in when posted
02:48 PM CT (US)
That is sad news. I remember Esther as a fun and engaging convention guest.

On a related note, Dan, I E-Mailed you a picture of Esther and Karen at the 2005 convention.

David Maddox
11:26 PM CT (US)
Sad news. I had the privilege of working with Tyler and Esther (and Rosemary Rice), on an episode of
"Frontier Gentleman", quite a few years ago in Cincy. I was able to obtain a copy of the performance from Bob Burchett. It's really something special to work with pros, who make great acting sound so easy.
Dan HughesPerson was signed in when posted
06:58 PM CT (US)

From a Facebook page:

We are saddened to report the passing, per Barbara Watkins, of Esther Geddes McVey yesterday at the age of 99. She appeared on radio in "The Magic Garden."

Esther was a guest at the Cincinnati convention many times.
Dan HughesPerson was signed in when posted
09:06 AM CT (US)
Next year's Great Lakes Nostalgia Convention will be Fri-Sat, May 5-6, and guests will be Ivan Cury and Beverly Washburn.

I don't know where it will be held. Anyone? Thanks!
Rick KeatingPerson was signed in when posted
08:40 AM CT (US)
Happy Fourth of July, all.

Any word yet on next year's convention? Will it be around the same time as this year's? Will it be at the same hotel?

Dan HughesPerson was signed in when posted
09:51 PM CT (US)
Joe, I think the committee plans on asking this year's attendees what they liked and didn't like about the convention (via an internet survey), and then they'll start planning for next year.

So I don't believe any planning has begun yet for 2017.
Joe Barrow
07:22 PM CT (US)
I wonder if dates had been set for next year's convention? If so, will it be the same location as this last one?
Richard Schibi
08:56 PM CT (US)
what  a shame.
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