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ETTA Individual Membership

08:37 AM ET (US)
Steve, The ETTA have replied. League and Non League players may play against each other in their own club either socially or competitvely. You can't however play against another club. Ie If we had a mixed team of ETTA member and non members we couldnt play Britannia as all thier members would be ETTA members. If any juniors play in Suffolk Trials, Intra League, Local League, Ipswich Championships, Suffolk Championships they would have to become an ETTA member.
08:48 AM ET (US)
Good comments Steve, I think you are absolutely right. I'm awaiting areply from ETTA Chairman on this point. I also assume that the IDTTL will have to record all the ETTA Memberships before a player can play in the IDTTL.

Clubs would also have to ensure that a player is a ETTA member before signing him/her otherwise they won't be able to play.

Sounds like the ETTA need a bit more thought into the process. I alos noted that a player plating in the GT Yarmouth League, would have to register with ETTA to play in tournments, other ETTA league, so he is then excluded from his local league?!!!
Steve Branton
08:15 AM ET (US)
Jimmy, I think that non members would be excluded from affiliated league open competitions as is currently the case with non affiliated league players / affiliated league players. It gives a whole new meaning to 'Open Championships' - i.e. open only to ETTA members.
As an affiliated club we cannot hold a closed competition that has a mixture of ETTA members and ETTA non members - so much for trying to encourage new members without them signing up for a whole year.
Some of this is covered in the ETTAs FAQ Question 16.
I'm also concerned that the juniors I coach at school who when reaching a suitable standard to participate in external events may then become discouraged because of there being a 'joining fee'.
06:18 AM ET (US)

Do you think under the ETTA proposals that ETTA members would be able to play against non members. I ask becuase it effects all clubs that have social TT players who probable won't be ETTA members, where as league players will be ETTA members. If you have a competetion at your club I don't think the ETTA would allow non members to play ?
01:53 PM ET (US)
Read about the ETTA Individual p[layer Registration

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