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EUROPEAN ACTION publishers of European Socialist Action

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19:25 GMT)
Its a pity that EA is no longer being published or that the blog page has no new postings especially in these times.
19:23 GMT)
Agree with you Robert about the true nature of the British Empire and the fact that many supporters of BLM seem to forget that while their ancestors were being exploited by the aristocracy and the large capitalists the white working class were being just as badly exploited. Take the example of children as young as 6 being made to work in the pits alone and in the dark being trap boys. I also think that the BLM narrative seems to be stuck in the 1950's in the UK where racism was much more prevalent. I don't think that anything positive will come out of the present mass demonstrations of the BLM movement. Or maybe it will for the organisers who will get comfortable jobs in the race relation industry and academia.
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07:16 GMT)
Removing statues is a pointless exercise if these people think they can wipe out history. I am not one of those who glorifies the British Empire. Far from it. It was based on greed, plunder, white supremacy on the part of a ruling class, cruelty and murder. It was for the benefit of a ruling class in Britain who ruled over a white working class living in abject poverty. Keep the statues but offer educational plaques along with them.
23:02 GMT)
The BLM movement is a bit worrying with its demand to remove offending statues. What do you think?
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19:37 GMT)
Thank you for that, Dave.
18:10 GMT)
Thanks Robert my wife and I are staying in. The death toll keeps mounting especially among the elderly. Seems that what needs to be done is to protect as many people as possible by staying in. Bit worried about what Boris Johnson will say tonight when he looks as if he will drop stay in for stay vigilant. One other point is that there should be cooperation within Europe to make sure that Europeans are also kept safe.

Take Care
Robert EdwardsPerson was signed in when posted
06:43 GMT)
Boris Johnson does not seem to be responding to the coronavirus, Dave, at this moment in time. I do not mean that in a facetious way for my prayers are with him and his family. There is still this air of mystery concerning this virus and they say it will cost many more lives. The enormity of this crisis can not be exaggerated.
Stay indoors and keep well.
00:40 GMT)
Deadly in that it behaves similar to a bio-weapon. R0 is highly infectious.
18:51 GMT)
Whats peoples thoughts on the corona virus and Boris Johnson's response to it?
Ode to Joy
17:55 GMT)
Finding Dominic Cummings to be a slightly odd figure, but a master strategist. His Blog (https://dominiccummings.com/) comes across as slightly pretentious. There seems to be method in his madness. Naturally, he is on the wrong side of history almost as if, for him, black is white and white is black. Perhaps, put another way, reaction is progress and progress is reaction. Anyone care to share thoughts on this man?
Bill Rogers
22:45 GMT)
Brexit is a train which is going to derail or run out of track especially as it becomes clearer that US interests are an ocean apart from UK interests, even if on the same side of the fence, simply due to geography. Further, if the UK's Brexit remains on track it would eventually be derailed by the US which gains more by having the UK contributing to EU policy then having the UK isolated. A change in the US administration would almost certainly reverse position on Brexit. Trump will be forced to get closer to Germany or France now that the UK has hung up her boots. I suspect what will occur with UK's self-imposed exile from the EU table is moves by France and Germany for closer Union. This might not be a bad outcome because when the UK suddenly awakens to the self-imposed persona non grata status in EU negotiations, the move back into the EU will be in a much closer union. Many Europeans witnessed how a million plus people marched in London's capital for the EU. I doubt that has been witnessed in other EU capitals. Therefore, the door stays open for a UK return. The question is how fast can Europe move to get closer in Union before the UK rejoins. It's a great opportunity and experience will certainly teach the masses going forwards. The problem the UK faces is that becoming a tax haven impacts on the welfare state. You can't have an NHS with tax haven taxes.
Robert Edwards
08:07 GMT)
You are correct in your analysis but it could still come about with all existing governments in Europe coming together at an appointed time and making these decisions to abandon the debt scam.
But you need the strength and power of a united Europe to bring it about. Small separate nations could not achieve it because they would be picked off one by one. That is why Brexit is such a tragedy.

On Mon, 27 Jan 2020 00:31 QT - Joy, <qtopic-41-Xbtn2ba7FPSj@quicktopic.com> wrote:
00:31 GMT)
Government-led credit creation would work backed by very tight laws against interest on lending. A peoples' bank which is run by government could be created which monopolises the banking sector. All institution which have acquired assets through the practice of charging interest could have assets seized by the government and be taken over. The national debt could simply be abolished. Sovereign debt could simply not be paid back. Other governments could be encouraged to do the same. There would be an optimum moment for such a policy to be implemented. That moment should be when another banking crisis occurs. The banks today are running on ponzi-finance. Only a matter of time before they collapse. A regular house of cards.
Robert EdwardsPerson was signed in when posted
14:16 GMT)
Usury was forbidden by the Church for centuries. Jews were permitted to practice usury by the Church but Jews could not charge interest on fellow Jews. Only upon Christians.
Usury is an evil practice whereby debt is created and today that debt is a permanent condition with little chance of being free of it. When nations default they must surrender their assets to the moneylender. It happened in Greece recently.
The moneylenders become richer while severe austerity is imposed upon the people, bringing ruin upon them.
This entire system of usurious banking is a racket and a scam. It should be replaced by government-led credit creation, money being a means of exchange created by need alone. It should be controlled by government and taken out of the hands of cartels of private banking.
It takes a revolution in economic thinking. We need to understand there is always an alternative to the current system.
12:29 GMT)
It's an interesting plan. Wondering if there is any historical precedent. Rothschild started out through the restraints placed on usury from the time when religion was the dominant mode of production. Both Islam and early Christianity placed obstacles on usury. This left the Jewish community able to loan sums not only between Christians but also across the sectarian divides between Muslims and Christians. So, certain Jewish families became the go between bankers. The tradition of Monarchies using the Rothchilds is a very old one and that tradition continues with the British Royal family. Could it be that a form of lending money at interest is required to prosper an economy? If it is abolished how would money be redistributed to facilitate projects? You could tax and spend, or even print. Our economies are so tied down with debt that it would be a major disruption to reform. Then you have to assume that tax and spend or even print could be major disincentives. How far can an economy prosper on that basis.
Robert EdwardsPerson was signed in when posted
10:00 GMT)
The Rothschilds are part of an extremely wealthy financial elite. That is the first thing to consider. They are part of a very small number of financial powers that maintain a grip on nations through a system of debt slavery. This system must be overthrown. We need a new system whereby banking serves the people instead of the people serving the bankers. This is not impossible. It could be done with current governments. First, we cancel all national debts, abolish private banking and create our own system of credit without the need of interest payments. We could make usury a criminal offence. But this could only be achieved on a large continental scale.
Abolish all elites and then we have social justice.
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