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EUROPEAN ACTION publishers of European Socialist Action

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Robert Edwards
10:35 GMT)
Leaving the European Union is a great act of folly.
Robert Edwards
12:34 GMT)
I know you weren't being critical and I welcomed the opportunity of replying. We shall continue on the present path until other opportunities arise.

I look forward to your subscriptin in the meantime.
Richard Fairley
11:10 GMT)
Many thanks for the explanation - I wasn't being critical and I understand the strategy, it's just that I yearn for a pan-European political party such as Mosley envisaged and tried to get running ( admittedly unsuccessfully ).
I would like to get involved tho and will subscribe!

Best wishes,


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Robert EdwardsPerson was signed in when posted
10:46 GMT)
Richard Fairley,

EA is a propaganda group. We publish literature for the purpose of influencing others. We therefore leave it to the individual or groups of individuals to spread the word. We supply the tools, of course. This activity is of far more value than an organisation with a membership structure that gets bogged down in pointless mini-demonstrations with a portable loud speaker that end up on YouTube and are then forgotten. Neither do we do day trips to the coast or put up two or three candidates in elections that are doomed to oblivion. Pointless!
Our slogan is "We are performing the role of those who prepare". Think about it.
Robert Edwards
10:34 GMT)
... which makes us unique.
19:12 GMT)
It's a pity that there is not an organisation which reflects EA philosophy.
Richard Fairley
13:46 GMT)
Ah, that's a pity... Does that mean that the Action part is just reading the newspaper!
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Robert Edwards
08:05 GMT)
We do not have formal membership because we believe this would open the way for infiltration from hostile elements. Rather, we are an informal association of Europeans. Supporters are subscribers to the paper of European Action ... European Socialist Action.

We are essentially socialist in every sense of the phrase. As such, we are not "right wing".
00:16 GMT)
Is European Action a membership organisation that I can join or just a website and journal? As one inspired by Mosley's post-war ideas and the Union Movement, I would like to unite with others in the furtherance of European Socialism and Europe a Nation.

Any advice appreciated!
Robert Edwards
08:02 GMT)
This is the point I was making on the European Politics Forum. Karl Marx sympathised with the international bankers because they also wanted to break down national barriers and racial differences. They both want One World.

This is a reason I oppose the idea of integration and prefer the preservation of cultures even within a nation. Different peoples can live side by side so long as there is mutual respect. It is called multiculturalism and it can work. I do not believe in a one size fits all global identity. In Britain, Muslims can live side by side (as they do) with other cultures without any trouble at all. It is the "integrationists" (from Britain First to the Prime Minister) who create problems.

Long live the differences, as the French say.

Kerry Bolton (from the antipodes) was a practicing satanist involving under-age girls in dubious ceremonies.
21:53 GMT)
I have just started to read Babel Inc. by Kerry Bolton and wondered if any other readers of EA has read it and what they think of it. I thought it is quite interesting that one of the premises of the book is that both the Marxist left as well as the bankers want a globalised new order which will destroy local identities and turn humanity into one globalised blob. It's also interesting that he uses pro anarchist writers such as Noam Chomsky to back some of his statements. Still it's making me think about issues such as anti racism and multi culturalism.
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Robert Edwards
23:12 GMT)
You are right. It is the emblem of Europe. There is no other nor should there be one.
16:50 GMT)
Absolutely, I was impressed when I was in Italy recently how often it is flown with what appears to be pride alongside the Italian tricolour. Express/Mail reading cynics might say that is because they are celebrating the Brussels "gravy train" keeping their economy going, but I would disagree,it's more than that, there is a sense of European pride around there.
Robert Edwards
15:12 GMT)
The right wing reactionaries in Britain fear loss of sovereignty. What sovereignty when America seems to rule over us? I have a small enamel EU badge which sometimes adorns a left lapel. It is the symbol of a united Europe ... although the truly united Europe is the one envisaged by Oswald Mosley. The EU is still made up of separate nation-states squabbling between themselves. Now they talk about a federal Britain. How can that work when they can't get Europe going?
13:01 GMT)
Agreed also the present EU is a starting point, at least it is some sort of structure to re-mould, it would be daft to scrap it. I feel the same about the almost visceral dislike of the EU flag by the reactionary right in Britain, it seems like a perfectly good emblem for Europe.
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