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Suffolk Championships

Andrew Dosher
08:09 PM ET (US)
Don't forget all you over 40's Suffolk vetts is on Sunday the 13th of January so there is three weeks left to get your entry in, please go to the Suffolk County Table Tennis web site to get an entry form.
Tony West
06:55 AM ET (US)
Just to say, only reason I did not enter this year was a clash of dates with a junior event my kids were in. The poor entry was discussed at the county agm and there was talk of how to encourage more Juniors into the event. I feel a good question is how can we attract more Juniors to enter or the numbers will surely continue to dwindle. Bury is of course a much smaller league. With no disrespect meant to the Bury league, how many players from the Bury League would be seeded to get through to the latter stages and there fore feel that they may get plenty of matches. I feel this is particularly the case for up and coming juniors and maybe some sort of event for them might increase participation. Stowmarket definitely most central venue for the majority of players. Agree with Gary about lighting in big hall, although I will use any excuse!
gary young
04:04 AM ET (US)
there are a number of players who i spoke to, did not enter because of poor lighting.I find the lighting not good in the main hall but the condition in the small hall are really good yet this year we only used the main hall ,saying that i understand that it is difficult to find a venue thats big enough and at the right price.I also do not understand why more bury players do not enter i had the only two bury men in my group which was great as its always nice playing people you have not played before,take that away it did feel like the ipswich championships, a push to get more bury players to enter may be needed. there was a friendly atmosphere and the tournament was run well this year so hopefuly more will enter next year .
10:48 AM ET (US)
If you took away the ipswich league players from this years event, then it would have been cancelled due to lack of support. Where are all the Bury players? i know there are many from past experience of playing in the league. So come on everyone support what should be the main event of the year. Maybe have it at Bury for a change? but to my mind stowupland is the best place as you have access to 2 halls if needed, also it is central to Ipswich and Bury st Edmunds.
Andrew Dosher
11:28 AM ET (US)
For the past two years, my job has changed from actual promoter as such and chaser uper of people, to dealing with the draw and helping out a bit on the day.

The event is advertsied most certainly the Ipswich handbook and is also available by download from Suffolk county TTA via the web.

About three to four years ago it was about 28 -29 entered

People should want to play in this event like the Ipswich championships, perhaps if there was a grading of events to give grass roots players a chance to win something that might go down well.

Having said that to what extent? becasue the time factor is so important the more people that play the longer the day and people will be hanging around organisers as well untill perhaps 8-9 o'clock!!

What do others think?
idttlPerson was signed in when posted
10:19 AM ET (US)
why don't more people enter? I think we had 5 Ladies and 16 Men this year - perhaps an all-time low? As this is supposed to be THE main tournament of the TT calendar in Suffolk, I think we need to find out just why it is so badly supported...

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