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Proud Argylls

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Nigel Crowe
19:50 GB
Wilco Frank if you are on FACEBOOK you will get him on there,i will send him a message,and we are having a reunion on the 27th of this month at the RBL Paisley..all the best to you .
Frank mcgufkPerson was signed in when posted
19:38 GB
Hi nigel great to see your still around, if your in touch with ricky ask him to get in touch, my email is frankmcgurk1941@gmail.com we can chat on private email nigel. Ne oblibiscaris
Nigel Crowe
19:21 GB
I remember you and the Glen G's big Ricky Cameron is still kicking about,and i met Frank in Stirling a couple of months ago Along with Jock Barr..I to was in the Signals Platoon..Nigel Crowe...
17:35 GB
Frank my email address is dmckay1947@gmail.com the Glenn's the group that done recruitment Visio 700 glengarried menSent from Samsung Mobile on O2 -------- Original message --------From: QT - Frank mcgufk <qtopic-41-CXizxhNcsLv3@quicktopic.com> Date: 08/07/2019 15:50 (GMT+00:00) To: QT topic subscribers <qtopic-subs@quicktopic.com> Subject: Proud Argylls QT|Hi don I joined bn in redford bks did 3 tours in borneo,  was 1 of the Glen G"s in plymouth  how you been mucker?______________________________________Reply by email or visithttps://www.quicktopic.com/41/H/CXizxhNcsLv3/m3781To unsubscribe: https://www.quicktopic.com/41/X/CXizxhNcsLv3Start your own topic in 20 seconds: https://www.quicktopic.com |QT
Frank mcgufkPerson was signed in when posted
14:50 GB
Hi don I joined bn in redford bks did 3 tours in borneo, was 1 of the Glen G"s in plymouth how you been mucker?
Don Mckay
14:44 GB
Hi Frank I remember you joined 2nd tour Borneo a coy Lauder and mcvittie on return to Singapore I put in for my then was driver then 3rd tour back Singapore then back to Plymouth then went to Aden as driver all sorts of vehicles co driver then ambulance and rations truck

On Mon, 8 Jul 2019, 15:05 QT - Frank mcgufk, <
qtopic-41-CXizxhNcsLv3@quicktopic.com> wrote:
Frank mcgufkPerson was signed in when posted
14:05 GB
Hi guys Im frank mcgurk, served in 1st bn 1963-1978 was signsl pl mostly but was also,recce,and last 18 month as assault pns pln comd.. left bn in osnabrook. Ne obliviscaris
joe grieves
14:53 GB
Hi i'm posting on here to see if anyone has any contact details for Jim Carr he was a SGT in Sennelarger tin city in 1993 and was Married to Marg he was my next door neighbour we lost touch at the end of 1993 and im just wondering if anyone has any contact details many thanks... Joe
Edited 06-06-2019 19:17
Robert Hatton
12:58 GB
Hi there I'm looking for information on my grandad George Cooke
Please email bfresh2uk@googlemail.com
Edited 05-06-2019 13:01
Catriona martin
14:55 GB
Can anyone tell me how to access a video of the Argyll and southern Highlanders pipe band playing at bury at Edmunds Balaklava day.. I believe it was 1958???? My father would like to see it..(he was a Piper in the band)many thanks
Christine TyrrellPerson was signed in when posted
13:24 GB
Hello iam looking does anyone have information on private George freebairn who died of heart failure in Norwich have information from northern Ireland papers but no photos if anyone can help thank you
anthony bush
14:03 GB
Hi I am looking for any information on a Alexander Mackinnon Gibson born 23 July 1919 and died 19th Jan 1992. He served with the Argyll Sutherland Highlanders during the second world war. I cannot find his regiment number and appreciate any help
Mike B
17:26 GB
Hello, my Great Uncle Peter Connelly (S/20341) served with the 1/8 Battalion during WW1. He was wounded in September 1917 and discharged in 1918 as no longer fit for duty.
Can anyone tell me where the Battalion was in September 1917?
If you need any more info, let me know.

Thank you, any help is helpful.
22:48 GB
Hi, just wondering if anyone has any pics/stories of my Dad - he served between 1964 and 1985; William 'CARL' Glenn. He was in Brunei, Singapore, HK, Borneo, Plymouth, Osnabruck and probably a whole many more places I know nothing about! It would be great to hear from people he knew - George Adams was in touch a few years ago, just after my Dad died (2010) and forwarded a few pictures...if you remember him and have any memories, it would be lovely to hear from you. Thank you! kimkendy@gmail.com
13:36 GB
Stewart. Why dont you text me and I shall pass on all that I know about your uncle.
00:08 GB
I knew Wool the bull quite well i really cannot give you much information on him except he was a BRILLIANT guy,you need to try and get on ARGYLL pages,Jimmy Stenhouse a few other muckers have posted pics if him..Nigel.
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