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Proud Argylls

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donald mckay
20:04 GB
tam slattery thanks for letting me know about malky he was my best man when i got married in plymouth we must knoww each other as i was in mt passed my test in singapore0180313238 noww live in torquay im on facebook check me out regards donald
Jon (tufty) mclachlan
20:49 GB
What were you in Fleetwood for mate?..business?..nice neck of the woods if you like quiet and the sea!!..i am in a relationship and have been since 2000 with a lady called Debbie..she's a teacher.Do you keep in touch with the lads from the signals platoon? Malky,Geordie Rowan,Rab Ewart,Rab Hogan,..etc..really good to hear from you mate..brings back all the good times!!!
Tom Callaghan
19:53 GB
Hi Tufty
I am well. Left the Bn in 1987 I also divorced. Married to my present wife for over 20 years. Now I have a Procurement and Bid Management company. {www.tenderbids.co.uk} where you can access my contact details. Live in Newarthill Nr Motherwell. I was in Fleetwood a few weeks back I was trying to get in touch before I came. I am glad to hear that you and yours are well. Take care mate.
Jon (tufty) mclachlan
17:47 GB
Hi Tam!..long,long time mate..how are you doing?..me plodding along since i had the crash..Wendy and i divorced in 1997 (amicable!) Lee,Steph and Andrew all grown up now, 4 grandchildren (that makes you feel old!) Was up in Glasgow a while ago (nephew's wedding)..good to hear from you mate..take care.
Tom. CallaghanPerson was signed in when posted
23:03 GB
Frank hope you and yours are all well
Tom callagha
22:55 GB
Tufty left messages for You on forces reunited was in Fleetwood couple of weeks ago Get in touch mate
Jon (tufty) mclachlan
19:40 GB
Hi Frank...long time no hear!..sorry taken so long to get in touch (busy, busy!)..been trying for ages to get in touch with some of the lads.been a long time since us sharing a room in Osnabruck!! Was up in Glasgow a couple of months ago (miss it)..hope you keeping well?
frank mccolgan
13:56 GB
tufty give me a buzz ya bam
frank mccolgan
13:55 GB
john no bad mate still working away in the security game pays the bills lol looking after gran weans
John Kenny McCourt
10:03 GB
Not bad m8 still here, haven't kept in touch very much with any of the guys from our time though still think of all the things we used to get up to ?? how getting on ??
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Subject: Proud Argylls
frank mccolgan
06:56 GB
Jon how the devil are you
David Wilkie
10:27 GB
I was looking for any information about my father Eric Wilkie (private) served in Cyprus 1958/59. I have
recently found quite a few photos of the Argylls football team, he is in them all, appears they were quite decent and never lost a game in the Middle East. My dad sadly passed away back in 1985, when I was only 11, so never really got to hear many stories, so am relying on old photos. He was good friends with Pte Morrison who was killed in an ambush between Limni & Polemi.
Tam Slattery 21
18:09 GB
Donald McKay, You were asking about Malky Hart. Sadly Malky passed away a few years ago in Paisley date forgotten by me. I attended his funeral with other Argylls in Hawkhead Cemetary, Paisley. I was in the MT platoon with him in Plymouth.RIP Malky.
Bill Mcleary
19:36 GB
Most photographed jock in the battalion apart fae Jimbo
Norrie Gerrie
19:33 GB
Does anyone remember Pops Porteus Anti Tank platoon Kirknewton met him in LAS VEGAS at the Rangers convention has"nt changed what a guy Argyll,s through and through
Noel Crowe
23:09 GB
Donald go to Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders website on Facebook people know him but his whereabouts are unknown.Nige.
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