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List of blocks driving high crime stats in April 2017
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July 4 "Celebrate Responsibly" Flyer -- English version
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When you encounter aggressive panhandling (whether in Rogers Park or downtown) CALL 911 immediately! (not 311). A printable one page version is available in post.

* panhandler touching solicited person
* panhandler blocking the path of solicited person
* panhandler blocking entrance to vehicle or building
* panhandler using profane or abusive language
* 2 or more people panhandling together

Panhandling often supports substance abuse and is not an effective method of aiding homeless and needy.

It is also prohibited within 10 feet of a bus stop or an ATM or currency exchange. Additionally it is prohibited near or on any public transportation vehicle or facility (CTA location). Also, anyone in line at a commercial facility (such as a restaurant) cannot be solicited by a panhandler.
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