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Family over Freedom

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01:18 PM ET (US)
Everything is permissible"—but not everything is beneficial. "Everything is permissible"—but not everything is constructive. Nobody should seek his own good, but the good of others.
10:29 AM ET (US)
I totally agree with the govt. of Singapore for keeping 377A. This ensures that there is no erosion of moral values that must be kept in order for progress and growth to happen.

This will also ensure the protection of families and not change the status quo for the worse. Having visited Sweden, I know. The church there allows same-sex marriages, and there seems to be a slow, but sure erosion of family values...

Also, the population of Singapore will drastically reduce if 377A were to be taken off. How then will we meet the target of 6.5 million people in Singapore??

So Do Not Ever Remove 377A.
Edited 11-30-2007 10:31 AM
Sim L. K.
10:10 AM ET (US)
I support the Singapore government for upholding Section 377 (A). God bless our Singapore government for doing the right thing.
Nancy & family
10:29 PM ET (US)
I'm thankful our forefathers had the insights to lay down this law that has protected and preserved the family unit till this day. Let us press on and not bow to social pressure for the sake of our future generations! we need only take a very close look at those societies that have embraced the homosexual way of life as mainstream lifestyle to see where we do not want to go! So please do not change this law coz we might never have the chance to restore the family unit again! We all know deep within our hearts families will never be the same again if we allow homosexuals to promote their lifestyle officially!
Chua Family
10:04 AM ET (US)
Section 377A should stay.
Cheong Hui Keng
11:55 PM ET (US)
My family and I applaud our government for upholding Section 377(A). God has blessed us with a discerning government, and it is my prayer that our government will continue to lead our nation in the right direction. Never, ever consider repealing S377(A). Keeping it is the right thing to do and may God bless Singapore !
shahril and family
11:14 PM ET (US)
Im all in full support of governament decision and majority of singaporeans to retain law 377A.Imagine what it would be like if 377a was repeal,read this-:
                    -more AIDS cases (especially with gay men)
                    -health budget will increase with government has to spend more money to treat this group.
                    -family values will shrink
                    -marriage is no longer a prority as men and women has other option to satisfy their lust hence less babies are will be born to replace the ageing population.
                     -more pubs ,discos and even brothel will open to cater for this group of people hence will attract young girls and even boys for a quick bucks to engagae into this sleazy trade.
                     -social values will eventually collapsed.
The government has spend 43 years to make Singapore what it is today.Im sure we don't what everything to go down the drain just by this small action that was made when there are more other serious and important thing which deserved attention.
Chee Family
12:46 PM ET (US)
Section 337A must stay because it helps to preserve the natural family intact. We must as a nation be very careful to walk in the ways of God and not incur His wrath. Condoning homosexuality is one of the sure ways to invite God's judgment on Singapore.
han hm
10:09 AM ET (US)
i support the retention of Section 337A.
Koh Ho Kiat & Family
01:57 AM ET (US)
Section 377A must stay for the good of my children and my grandchildren. I do not want my grandsons to grow up believing that homosexuality is a norm and an alternative. This is morally wrong and morals should never be compromised or altered with time and culture. Let what is right remains right and wrong wrong. I applaud and appeal to the government to not repeal or amend section 377A.
mitchell victor
11:50 PM ET (US)
section 377A must stay for the good of the next genaration.legalising homosexuality is not what some people choose but what a country chooses. GOD didn't createded only men for a reason,so dont' try to be GOD to change the reason
Michael Chua
11:09 AM ET (US)
Retaining the Section 377A is one of the key structures in place to maintain an equilibrium in our gradually-confused society, especially our younger generations. Legalising homosexuality is NOT going to help in this aspect. Singaporeans like me do not ostracize this group of people but that is the ultimate limit for us. Do not demand too much from other people, especially our Government!
Erin Ling & Family
10:17 AM ET (US)
Don't open the 'flood gate'!

We need Section 377A in place to protect our children and future generations in Singapore. We don't want our next generation to suffer bad consequences of what we have done today. Government play a crucial role to safe guard proper social and moral value.
Pang Family
06:51 AM ET (US)
My family supports the retention of section 377a. Our future lies in what we do with it TODAY!!! Legalizing homosexuality, does not make Singapore into a more "international" city. We need to preserve the our core values that had built many generations and WILL continue to build our future generations.
Tricia Tong
01:24 AM ET (US)
This should not descend into a debate about fairness and equality as some homosexuals purport to argue. Several issues in our life and society are not "fair" nor "equal" (e.g. level of taxes, jobs, salaries, beauty, looks etc). We should not distort the use of the word "equality" in our country's pledge which was never intended to extend to this issue. Let's not try increase the types of human rights (as the West is wont to do) from the most basic ones like food, shelter, safety, education.
KEEP 377A.
11:15 PM ET (US)
I firmly believe the decision made by the government to support Section 377A is wise, right and most appropriate for our Singaporean society and culture. I think it's right that we stand tall as Singaporeans by making a decision which is different but one that will help build strong families the way God intended families to be. One father (a male), one mother (a female)and children through the union of the couple is what constitutes a family. Two members of the opposite sex coming together after marriage to start a family brings forth offspring. Two members of the same sex coming together to start a family equals a fractured family.
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