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Looking for an answer but could not go dry./ ab could be an answer but not alone. rattled 4 times pver 15 years ?????
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Antabuse Information

Antabuse is a popular medicine which is so broadly known as Disulfiram. This medicament is so chemically known under the name of bisulfure diethylthiocarbamoyl. This medicine demonstrated to be able of augmenting the normal feelings of the patient in alcohol. Therefore, a patient whom they treat with this medicine could know strict hostile effects if he or she ingests a very small quantity of alcohol even.

Antabuse Indications

Antabuse is regularly prescribed in case of the patients who want to reduce alcoholism. This medicine is able of encouraging the intolerance of alcohol and it is ordinarily accompanied by a necessary psychiatric treatment. You should not consider Antabuse to be a medicine which cures alcoholism. Without enough motivation and necessary psychiatric advice this medicament is usual ineffectual.

Antabuse Warnings

Antabuse and alcohol are an extremely dangerous combination. You must never blend Antabuse together with no kind of alcoholic drinks or with no product which is known have a very small concentration of alcohol even among its ingredients (it includes cough mixtures, vinegars, after the lotions of shave, behind - rub which contains some alcohol and even the pastilles of antievils of throat).

Among the evil and potentially dangerous reciprocal actions of Disulfiram (Antabuse) with alcohol vary to beat of the head, nausea, the wrong of body, low blood pressure, hyperaeration, weakness, arrhythmia myocardial, cardiovascular collapse and weakness, respiratory depression, infarction, fact to sweat extreme, the angina or the pain of case, the thirst, palpitations, fact to make leave, blackout and anxiety. Other evil undesirable effects can also come from a combination between alcohol and this product. One known that the strictness of the undesirable effects which could occur depends on quantity and on concentration of alcohol which was ingested.

The patients who suffered from the dermatitis of contact should be wholly examined before they are first managed a dose of Antabuse, because this type of patient can have developed a strict hypersensitivity in the main ingredients of this medicine. This medicament was not wholly assessed on the patients surrounding walls (the women). Therefore, if you are pregnant, or if you plan to be so soon, you should ask your personal doctor if it is sure of beginning taking this medicine.

Before you begin following a treatment with Antabuse, you should alert your personal provider of medical care if you are subjected of a pf to following medical riot:

    * Hepatic cirrhosis
    * Acute nephritis
    * Epilepsy
    * Diabetes mellitus
    * Hypothyroidism
    * Cerebral damage

Your personal doctor could recommend you not to begin taking this medicine, or he could prescribe you a lower dose of Antabuse. Your personal doctor could also want carefully to control your treatment with this medicament to see how your body answers it. You should not take in this medicine if you were displayed in alcohol during last 12 hours.

Antabuse Intake Guidelines

You should follow precise instructions that your personal doctor gave you concerning your treatment with Antabuse (Disulfiram). If you need new advice or information you should ask your doctor, a nurse or a chemist. You can also follow the instructions which are written on the tab of medicine.

Antabuse Dosage

Ask your personal doctor to claim to the correct dose of Antabuse that you should understand, to accept the necessary positive results of your treatment with this medicine. You should not depart from the dose that your doctor prescribed you in any case.

The medium initial dose of this medicine is made up of 500 mgs maximums of Antabuse which should be given, every day one time a day.

Antabuse Overdose

We have no information concerning the symptoms of overdose Antabuse. If you think that you took too much this medicine, you are probably in need of attention of urgent assistance. Call your mission control of local poison as soon as possible and alert your personal doctor. If necessary, go to the closest urgent room.

Antabuse Missed Dose

To fulfil all possible positive results of your treatment with Antabuse, you should take this medicine on a regular foundation. It is recommended that you do not take double doses of medicament without the approbation of your doctor. If you miss a dose, contact your personal doctor and ask him or it that to make then.

Antabuse Side Effects

Certain patients who followed a treatment with Antabuse complained about several types of skin infections. One known that this situation is put right by a treatment with an antihistamine.

Among the regular undesirable effects of Antabuse are cases of splitting headache, drowsiness, impotence, allergic dermatitis, acne, changes in taste and tiredness. These undesirable effects should regularly disappear on time. However, if they do not make, or if they become extremely embarrassing you should immediately stop your treatment with this medicine and to alert your personal provider of medical care.

The patients who were prescribed the highest doses of this medicine sometimes knew senseless and mental disturbances which were allocated in toxicity. However, other undesirable effects which were not listed in this guide could also occur while further to a treatment with this medicine. During, or shortly after your treatment with Antabuse you should alert your personal doctor as soon as you can if you know embarrassing or unaccustomed symptoms.

Antabuse Drug Reactions

Being treated Antabuse you should alert your personal doctor if you also take following medicines what:

    * Isoniazid
    * Phenytoin
    * Nitrites (tests that have been performed on animals suggest that if Antabuse is combined with nitrites it might cause dangerous tumors).

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