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Havasu Pocket Cruisers

Welcome to the Message Board for the Havasu Pocket Cruisers!
The 2015 HPCC has been cancelled and it appears likely at this time that the HPCC has run it's course and is going to be retired permanently. The message board remains up to facilitate comunications between friends and sailors. It appears a number of sailors may still intend to come to the Havasu/Mohave area this season. There is once again a "Havasu Light" gathering being put together by Nelson Amen. Specifics for that gathering can be found at :
Nelson did a great job hosting everyone last year and I would anticipate this year to be even better.
Thanks so much for all the support of the HPCC over the years gang. :-)
Sean , Jo, and yes, of course....Ensign
(Please refrain from political or commercial posts on this board. Thanks)
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dauntlessPerson was signed in when posted
10:35 AM AZ (US)
Sailhavasu Message Board Closed....

See message below

New location run by Moderator Doug Ames can be found at https://www.facebook.com/groups/899303090138409/
dauntlessPerson was signed in when posted
10:34 AM AZ (US)
Ok Gang.... well, this is it. This will be the last message posted on this board after a somewhere around 11 or 12 years in existence. Thank you all for following. I have always said that in order to promote sailing here in Havasu we needed one place for the sailors to congregate to share information, stories, plans, etc. Having multiple locations would splinter the group and cause some to be left behind or to never find the clearing house of sailing information for our lake. This board has served as the clearing house for many years.

A new board has been created by Doug Ames on Facebook. It was not my desire to move the group to Facebook for a multitude of reasons, however I do use facebook extensively myself and have no issues with FB itself for personal use. I was unaware that the new FB page was even being created until it popped up and I was added as a member by Doug. This began some discussion about the downside of having two boards and my desire not to. Doug has indicated that he disagrees and intends to keep his facebook page open, and so, in order to keep to the mission of one clearing house of sailing information ..this board is being closed.

I am not happy about the descision and I truly don't like the tone or the nature in which it evolved. However, it is what it is. If I am to stick true to my convictions that one board is truly the best thing for the local sailing community, then this is the move I am forced to make. It's pretty much being crammed down my throat, and then will be painted as "he didnt have to shut down the sailhavasu message board", when in reality its an easy play for a hostile take over.

A cheap shot was made on the FB page when it was indicated that the new board would "not restrict access to anyone". This is a backdoor reference to the fact that over the course of the 11 years of this message board a grand total of 3....yes a whopping 3 individuals (out of over 1000 users through the years) were restricted access to the board. Two were from a sponsor that eventually had to be turned away from the event for causing numerous disruptive issues (who's name rhymes with RAGE marine), and the third was an individual who possesed very capable internet skills and could not stop himself from entering the event's website through backdoors into admin areas and monkeying around. It is not lost on me that in the intial opening of the new FB page, that individual is one of the first invited charter members. Times change, alliances are made and broken, and people do things for their own motivations. This kind of drama pretty much sucked the life out of the event for me and I truly have no time or desire to participate in it anymore. Over the life of the event and message board I have always tried to make decisions based on what was best for the sailors that participated. I hope that most of you can see that. There are a few who like to pop in and out with the "glass half full" theory, never truly having all the facts, and spout off like they know what is best probably for mankind, and certainly for the event, and at times have even been so bold as to contact me and offer unsolicited personal advice on how I could and should "walk the high road" (obviously insinuating that I do not). To them I say ,I'm certainly not perfect and I know it, however a little self-reflection on your part might be in order. If you want to destroy a friendship fast..that "holy'er than thow" attitude is a sure fire way to do it. And again....some of them are in the charter member group of the new page.

I'm moving on. I have fond memories of the good times of the HPCC, and some bitterness and hard feelings about the ultimate outcome and especially this final episode. I truly take it as a slap in the face but I can read between the lines, see where and who it's coming from, and then it makes sense.

 I wish everyone the best. Possibly the new team will create an even bigger and better sailing event and community than I was ever capable of doing. I hope so as that would be a great thing for Havasu and the sailing community.


Edited 10-07-2015 10:47 AM
dauntlessPerson was signed in when posted
09:17 AM AZ (US)
That sounds good Doug,however I have made it clear that I don't want to fracture the group and opening a second local board in my opinion does so. So, I'm really not driving this bus , but rather reacting in a way that I feel will best keep the group together.
The shot about not restricting access to the group did not go unnoticed either.
We'll move the group to your FB page and you can drive the bus. No, I'm not a happy camper right now, but it is what it is.
09:15 AM AZ (US)

I concur that there is no reason why both can't exist together and/or independently. I don't see it as divisive at all, and don't see how it is more "work" to follow both. Each can be set up to have posts sent automatically to your email or not and while I understand FB can be daunting for someone unfamiliar with it a couple of visits on it will have them up and running. Most have their own page on it and relationships developed through the sailing page could well lead to (and has already) folks "friending" each other on their personal sites. If it is too much "work" decisions can be made to just not do it. Whether both would be necessary is another matter so if there was cost and/or "work" associated with this one it would give Sean an out if he wants it - with everyone's gratitude and appreciation for giving birth to it in the beginning and nurturing it to the point that expansion seems logical. I'm a glass half full guy so naturally think more options will lead to more fun and more adventures! It's clearly All Good! Cheers, John
Doug and Katie
09:00 AM AZ (US)
Regarding the Facebook group I created. Please understand that it was never my intention that it should replace this board. In fact, I would prefer that it not be seen as a replacement. I intend it to be a way to reach out to sailors who view Facebook on a daily basis. Whether this board stays open or not is up to Sean. As he has said many times, he drives this bus. I am sorry for any misunderstanding that my page has caused.
08:49 AM AZ (US)
Keep in mind that FB has a wide variety of privacy and exclusion/inclusion settings. So using FB is not necessarily any "loss" of that close sense of family.
08:45 AM AZ (US)
speaking of carrying on.. a group of over 50 people showed up in Havasu last February and I hope that happens again this year (just a fine group of folks). The date ended up being set by the London Bridge Hotel - they set a week where you got a nice discount on a room plus slip. That worked out well.. I know some folks are also going to Mohave in Feb.. Could picking the dates be as simple as asking the LBR what week they would like to offer a discount again?

FYI, this forum and the people here are my all time favorite!
Dennis Lynde
11:16 PM AZ (US)
And yes, I realize what we lost. It was bringing me a whole new introduction to sailing, and bringing my new wife into the sailing community, much better than the racing club, I have belonged to for 30 years, so I feel a very deep loss, and also a very deep feeling of thanks for the time so well spent, and the friendships made. Hope it will carry on somehow.
Dennis Lynde
10:48 PM AZ (US)
I hate to lose the Message board, just because I am afraid of losing touch with the many people and opinions I hear hee, and also losing touch with Dauntless and even though I have a FB page and see some of you there, would miss this board terribly. Please keep it open if possible, at least for a few months so everyone can find the new location. This is kind of the spirit of Havasu pocket cruisers, and I hate to lose it.
Gare Bear
10:45 PM AZ (US)
I'm not a big FB fan, but if it will facilitate keeping things as cohesive as possible, then that's better than risking fragmenting the group. The group Sean created through Havasu Pocket Cruisers is a very unique group and thus has value in making it better to stay a group. Anyone out there besides me realize what was lost when the annual convention was shut down? Wow, some things aren't fully realized until they are gone.
10:37 PM AZ (US)
I was about to delete my FB site because of the crap I have to view from DA relatives until I found I can unfollow them without unfriending them. The one thing I find about this site moving to FB is I might understand a persons perspective a little better being able to review their FB profile and public pages. A person may find they have more in common with someone other than just thinking that they posted something odd. I look at this message board (Thanks Sean for keeping it alive) and see a click of people that outsiders might not feel comfortable posting too. We look at this site most days and post occasionally but most people probably have no idea who we are, but if they saw a picture from our FB profile they would say I remember that A-hole. We are leaning toward combining this page and yahoo Havasu Lite page into one place. Since we are permanent residents of LHC now, it would be easier to keep up with our sailing friends.
Don K
10:31 PM AZ (US)
I started to sign up to FB a few years ago, but figured I might not like the all the intrusion, & the TMI factor. so I never did, & still don't know how it works. It is nice to hear about others interesting adventures/ updates,etc. the message board has been great for that.
dauntlessPerson was signed in when posted
09:35 PM AZ (US)
Thanks for the input John. ;-)
09:24 PM AZ (US)
 I know I'm not a big contributor to the message board but I am a long time member and read it several times each day. If it goes to facebook I'm gone. I find Facebook totally offensive. Most of what I have seen makes me thing of mindless teeny boppers gossiping about nothing and showing pictures of what they have for lunch. I know this will probably offend some but that's just my feelings.
You ask for opinions and that's mine.
dauntlessPerson was signed in when posted
03:13 PM AZ (US)

It started as a closed group, but has been changed to an open group. Thanks for the feedback. So far that's two for FB.
Don McPherson
02:56 PM AZ (US)
I am for Facebook. Already have my own FB groups for Northwest 21 Sailboats, Lancer 27 Sailboats and one for my Hydro Bike called Biking on Water. FB is easy to post multiple pictures and link other stuff too.

Is the Sailing Lake Havasu FB site a open or closed group and do you ASK to join or just join?
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