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FWDPerson was signed in when posted
08:14 PM ET (US)
A NTFT and me are both picking up extra hours this week with two employees needing time off of work.

Today I received my schedule for next week. No extra it's time for the beach before summer is over.
Edited 08-10-2016 05:41 PM
SouthernClerkPerson was signed in when posted
09:51 AM ET (US)
Glad to hear your new OIC in APO is a good guy.

We have several offices that have clerks working as OIC's. Movement now as they post PM positions in these offices. And as that goes rumors are flying. PMs in upgraded L18's trying find a home before downgrades.
And then there are PMs wanting to move on up ranks or such, such as my PM.
I still suspect when our PM leaves, that will be when our office becomes a RMPO, but will be surprised if our PM leaves anytime soon.

I'm still in amazement over my new FT position. The schedule is great. I come in after distribution and basically work window, except Saturdays. Didn't realize how much having a set schedule makes life at home easier also. I can plan things!! My schedule can no longer be used as a punishment by the PM and back pay coming for all that time PM played games with not processing my maximization correctly after bid posted. Its been a good year.
FWDPerson was signed in when posted
07:50 PM ET (US)
We have a new OIC in the APO. He is very nice. He said I am his go to person when the power goes out.

The manual office is good for back up.
Edited 08-02-2016 08:45 AM
FWDPerson was signed in when posted
07:39 AM ET (US)
Well, it's back to work at the RMPO today.
I heard I have a few Amazon days this week at the APO.
SouthernClerkPerson was signed in when posted
10:03 AM ET (US)
Thanks FWD. Good to hear you have your sis's coming for a visit. Enjoy your leave and their visit. Hard to imagine you have never taken a week off. I never have taken all my leave in one year, but certainly took a week off. With getting the NTFT, I basically got an additional 3 weeks AL as I can't take 40hr/wk now, can only take 30hr/wk. So I'm definitely taking some leave this year.
FWDPerson was signed in when posted
07:58 AM ET (US)
Congrats. on your promotion SouthernClerk. Good news:)

I will be helping out most mornings this week at the APO doing the Amazon and morning reports etc. before going to my RMPO.

Last week I put in for the week of the 4th off. I have never taken a week off before.
APO OIC said he put my copy of the leave slip in the mail but I have not received it yet.
My sisters from Alabama will be visiting me :)
Edited 06-26-2016 11:34 AM
SouthernClerkPerson was signed in when posted
07:55 AM ET (US)
Been a couple of months since posting, just thought I would drop in and say hi. Hope everyone doing okay.
Managed to get my PTF position to NTFT with mgmt. hiring an additional PTF in our office. I lost some hours but not nearly as much as I would had, had I not maximized to NTFT. And added bonus is a set schedule that I love.
There is an increase in using clerks as OIC's again. They don't seem to be filling PM positions. Highly suspect our area will see a change in office reporting config. in coming fiscal year.
And geez, as ya'll know we scan EVERYTHING now it seems. Walk to the right? scan. Walk to the left? scan. Did you go to the bathroom? scan . . . well, okay not that bad YET.
FWDPerson was signed in when posted
08:20 PM ET (US)
This week I am helping out at the APO before I go to work at my RMPO.
The extra hours are good.

At the APO I do the APOs morning reports and then process the Amazon parcels and distribute the box section letter mail and parcels.

The carriers and clerks are here at the APO about a half hour later when I open the the p o box lobby.
FWDPerson was signed in when posted
08:01 PM ET (US)
I set up my Lawn Maintenance Contract....y'all know how..... and got it approved.
Set up the Cleaning Contract for 2 years and got it approved today :)

I changed 6 p o box locks yesterday but still have 8 more to go......then I can tackle the WebBATS Audits.
Edited 05-18-2016 09:02 PM
Deleted by author 05-06-2016 07:25 AM
RIKSNYPerson was signed in when posted
08:17 PM ET (US)
Always something new at the good old PO. :)
FWDPerson was signed in when posted
08:11 PM ET (US)
I received a phone call at work yesterday. A man wanted to tell me all about the great benefits I had available to me as a postal employee.......TSP etc....I tried to explain that I didn't qualify for a thing.

Well, finally I said ok and agreed to meet with the lady he was sending over today.

Ah. Nothing new. "Part time" USPS employees are not entitled to anything.

I set up my Bulk Funding for Grass Cutting/Lawn Maintenance work and it was approved.

So much WebBATS work and LMS training to do and the deadlines are so close. I don't know if I can do it.

APO office OIC dropped off a tub of Hazmat stuff for the office this week......I think I already have most of it posted in the office.

I received an email today that said.....All post offices are now "Primer" offices ?......anyone know what that is about ?
Edited 05-05-2016 08:26 PM
FWDPerson was signed in when posted
06:16 PM ET (US)
lol......Thanks RIKSNY :)
RIKSNYPerson was signed in when posted
06:54 PM ET (US)
Yes, every few years I would get my nose rubbed in it pretty well. Oops, sorry.
FWDPerson was signed in when posted
06:01 PM ET (US)
Have you ever had one of those days when you realize that you are not always excellent/perfect in the work you do ? Ugh!
Edited 04-16-2016 06:11 PM
FWDPerson was signed in when posted
09:04 PM ET (US)
Stock reevaluation was done without a hitch in e1412.
I will have to confess.....I didn't even look at the instructions....just knew how to do it.

Our offices have several deadlines for reports but the APO office has to do most of them so I am holding tight until I receive instructions otherwise.....Well, I did help out and do a few of them but not all.

Have any new stamps been released in the past month or two ?
Edited 04-13-2016 06:54 AM
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