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Revive me! Weekly Reflections 定ww.christian-recovery.com

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Revive me! Weekly Reflections #32 定ww.christian-recovery.com

Pro 8:33 Hear instruction, and be wise, and refuse it not.

Problem is there are so many ministers and instructors that do not do any thing or teach any thing of eternal value that we have turned a deaf ear on what God would say. We go from person to person, church to church, site to site, and program to program to receive relief from what binds us, and yet it doesn't dawn on us to take a direct route straight to God. He is the one with the answers. And He is the one who does not entertain, but who sets captives free.

Yet, you say I have done that and He is silent. God is not silent. We are deaf. We are in a rush for Him to speak, yet He even took 6 days to create when He could have done it with a blink of His eye. There is a lesson in creation even in that.

We are an impatient people. We are a society that was introduced to instant-on meals, and appliances, and technology. We have lost the ability to sit still and wait. I needn't account those Bible heroes who had to await God's promises to come to past, must I? We know by now that God will perform His Word. We know by now that He does give the only good counsel which is truly worth hearing. We know by now that He delights in instructing and guiding us. The question then is why are we so in a hurry that we jump at the first path offered to us and temporality lose the faith and trust in God that He is trying to build up within us? When you silence yourself before Him, He will instruct and guide you.

I go back to the first prayer ever written in this reflection series: Prayer: Lord God, I confess that I keep on doing the same things over and over which only brings about the same results over and over. Open my ears, eyes, and heart so that I might be open to You moving in a new way which will bring me the freedom that You desire for me. Amen God hasn't given up on you. Have you given up on Him? Fix your eyes steadfast upon the Lord this day.

My Commitment this week
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Revive me! Weekly Reflections #31 定ww.christian-recovery.com

Joh 1:12 But to as many as did receive him, to those who put their trust in his person and power, he gave the right to become children of God, Joh 1:13 not because of bloodline, physical impulse or human intention, but because of God. (CJB)

We have received Christ and have put Him on. We walk in grace by the will of God. We were ordained before the foundation of the world. God knew us and chose us as His very own children.

We read in verse 13 a very important Scripture for those waiting for deliverance. "Not because of bloodline, physical impulse or human intention, but because of God." When we realize it is God that sets us free and not our own impulse or will power, we glorify God because He is God. God is love. God has care and concern over you in your affliction. Christ paid the penalty for sin on the cross, in full, for that addiction you have. You can not cajole God to deliver you because of your bloodline, good works and standing, or good intentions. God sets you free because He is God.

Who can understand His vastness, His fullness and His power? Who can determine when He will move freely in your life and set you free? It will happen because He is Who He says He is. Your healing will be complete because God cannot deny who He is. Put your trust in His person and power. Be grateful that He is the one that wants your freedom, even more so than you do. Give Him praise, honor and glory, for He alone is worthy.

Gracious God, I often look upon my bondage as cries and pleas stored up in favor toward You and that it alone will cause You to move on my behalf. But You willed to choose me and call me Your own, and I trust in You that You alone have the perfect time and moment to set me fully free to sing Your praises. I offer You the sacrifice of praise this day. Amen

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Revive me! Weekly Reflections #30 定ww.christian-recovery.com

Mar 11:24 Therefore I say unto you, All things whatsoever ye pray and ask for, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.

Are we less burdened when we pray? Do we walk away from prayer with relief and gratitude? Do we believe and receive in that moment, or do we still turn away as beggars still unsure that God will do as He promised?

In no way does this verse promote instant gratification. It does not say what you have asked for will mystically drop into your lap. It enjoins you to believe and receive. There should be great relief knowing that God has heard and will grant your desire if prayed according to the pattern the Lord has laid out for us. Why does God encourage us to pray if His answer is always no or a lesson in futility? Why would our Lord devote so much time in further instructing us in the art of prayer if it were not to teach us the pattern of perfection? The lesson is to pray what is pleasing to God, believing it is His will to deliver it and thereby be glorified, and you shall have it met with much enthusiasm on your part.

If you haven't walked away from prayer less troubled than when you began communicating your needs to God, you have missed the simple instruction of this verse. If you have asked in sincerity to be freed from that which binds and afflicts you, would God not be honored in doing what is best for you, and His highest will that His people be free to serve no one but Him? The Lord says, "All things." Not frivolous things, so if some of your prayers for materialistic items have never come to pass, don't confuse it with spiritual things. It might well be His will to provide those things also, but His concern is with your spiritual life. Revive me! is about the soul and awakening. That is the "all things" He speaks of in this passage. God is Spirit and those that worship Him must worship in the Spirit. It is His will that you serve no other god but Him. That is a spiritual law. If you have asked for deliverance from that addiction or sin that has always come before obedience to God, you can believe He will perform recovery and that you do indeed have it. Now lay that burden down right now and thank Him for His mercy.

Lord, I can see that trust on my part must come into being. And then gratitude for You are Who You say You are. Thank You that I need not be overly anxious about the manifestation of my freedom, for Christ has won that victory on the cross already. Thank You, God Almighty. You are the One I place my faith, hope and trust in. Amen

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Revive me! Weekly Reflections #29 定ww.christian-recovery.com
2 Chron 20:17 Ye shall not need to fight in this battle: set yourselves, stand ye still, and see the salvation of the Lord with you, O Judah and Jerusalem: fear not, nor be dismayed; to morrow go out against them: for the Lord will be with you.
Take your positions. The Lord is with you. The battle is the Lord's. Don't fear. Don't be downhearted. Note that you have to go out and face your spiritual enemy, but it is the Lord who battles and wins the victory in your behalf. The advantage will be all our own, but the whole glory must be given to God.
What faith it takes to stare firmly at our affliction and stand still. Never trembling not doubting, knowing that the Lord is going to be on our side and defeat our bondage on our behalf. We can fret and worry. We can listen to the testimonies of others and read the latest treatment options. But the bottom line is the Lord will be with you. Even in our moments of doubt. Even when our faith ebbs from us instead of flows forth from. God is with us. He is worthy. He is victor. He will do it. And we will learn to give the whole glory to Him. We will not rob Him of the testimony of this deliverance. We will not fail to tell others that God and God alone tore down the stronghold of opposition and conquered in our stead. Perhaps he is waiting for us to realize it. Perhaps today is the day when we take our position as an heir of the Most High God and go out tomorrow to realize our victory.
Heavenly Father, what an image to see You defeat this enemy that has bound me for so long. I have at times thought that it is my great effort and will power that will free me, but I see You working out the successful ending of my struggle where I will be careful to give You all praise and glory and honor for my freedom. Thank You, loving God. Amen
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Revive me! Weekly Reflections #28 定ww.christian-recovery.com

Rom 9:2 My grief is so great, the pain in my heart so constant. (CJB)

I may not be going in the direction with this passage as you might think I should. Right now your affliction and bondage is what could be you think is your constant companion. Not so with me. I have my imperfections but they are all being worked out to the eternal glory of God my Savior who is my only constant. I was reflective this morning on how He is and was the only steady force in my life. The only One I could count on to come through for me. The only One who loved me and did not reject me despite my flaws. The only One who consistently attempts to cheer me to fight the good fight of faith. Never once has He turned His back on me, despite my trying to flee at times from the reality of His purity and my startling lack of it.

So today choose to focus on the word constant as I did. I used to say depression was my constant companion since childhood. I used to say many things preceding bad news with the word constant. But as I sit here today in intimacy with God, it dawns on me that He indeed is the only Constant I have. I can count on Him for coming through. I might not appreciate my waiting and learning time, but He is the only One that will remain in my ever fluctuating life that I know I can run to for safety. Take the time to run to Him today and please Him by recounting all the marvels He has done in your life, and for all the yet to be. He has promised you freedom in Christ. Don't sell God short of the miraculous.

Prayer: Lord God, you are my constant. Help me to understand You will never fail or forsake me as others have. Amen

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Revive me! Weekly Reflections #27 定ww.christian-recovery.com

1Co 2:16 For who hath known the mind of the Lord, that he may instruct him? But we have the mind of Christ.

I am comforted knowing that this blessing comes from walking with the Lord, and as our spiritual Kingdom age increases, so does the truth of the aged Paul making this statement for us to reflect upon. In my inbox came this word today which I must pass on. It was written as Espanola friendly so I have taken the liberty to do a very few corrections for the English speaking. I know that for those of you that know you have the mind of Christ, yet struggle with addiction, will be blessed in hearing from God this very day.

"Rooster. My wife and I spent last night in east Texas. Quite early this morning, I stepped outside into the quiet of a fall morning in total silence. A few minutes later, I went back outside to retrieve something from my car. Three roosters began to crow in symphony. I had not heard roosters crow in a very long time. I asked the Lord, "What do You say about this?" He said, let it be said that this age has denied Me not once but over and over again. I have been reduced to a slogan or bumper sticker. You put other gods before Me and do not ascribe to Me Lordship or My being the one and true Sovereign God almighty. No Spirit-led worship comes from your lips. I say unto, repent while there is still a brief moment of time. Rooster. Matthew 26:75 "And Peter remembered the word which Jesus had said, "Before a rooster crows, you will deny Me three times." And he went out and wept bitterly."

Are we denying Christ by remaining in bondage? By repeating our affliction description over and over again, thus ascribing to it as a lord over us? Has our conscience become so dull that we can no longer hear the voice of God and not discern His mind instructing us to be holy as He is holy? Has our slavery become more important to us than Jesus' instruction? Are we really so comfortable with our addiction to the point that it is more familiar, more constant, and more reliable than what God should be to us?

It happens. We become complacent. We seek to escape from standing up and facing the truth in Christ. We hear the rooster crow, but we do not see Christ turn at look at us. (Lk 22:61) If you desire to be revived take a moment right now to stand up and face the truth. Look upon Jesus. With a glance He is saying something to you. He has the Power with but a glint to reveal His mind to you. What is it? What has He spoken to you?

Gracious Lord, I do have Your mind. I do know right from wrong. I do know that You are speaking right now. I do know that You will direct me with but a look from Your holy flame of fire eyes this week. I do know I choose to be set free. Amen

My commitment this week: __________________________________________
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Revive me! Weekly Reflections #26 定ww.christian-recovery.com

Rev 3:12 'The one overcoming, I will make him a pillar in the temple of my God, and by no means shall he go out any longer.

Jesus speaks that overcoming is possible. That should be our goal and what our eyes are fixed upon. He promises a reward for those who do. You shall be a pillar. We may have read that and placed no premium on it. In the ancient Greek world, it was customary to place a pillar in a temple in order to honor a dignitary. We become dignitaries in God's eyes and on His behalf. Further is the promise that we shall go out any longer. Once we overcome we are stable. We know the battle we have fought valiantly to win and we do not revert. We are a necessary component in God's temple. Others shall plainly see Whom we have served and why we are honored. Good reasons to overcome. Good reasons to not give up.

If you do not yet have the mindset to overcome for yourself, can you do it for God? Can you do it because others have their eyes and hope set upon you? Wouldn't it be delightful to think of yourself as a pillar and not a bruised reed? Wouldn't it be wonderful if others fled to you for strength, rather than away from you for fear that bondage is contagious? If you will but put forth the effort to overcome, the rewards are not imaginable today perhaps, but tomorrow they will be visible. They will be irrevocable. God will do what He promises. You must have the genuine desire. Working up the desire may be what is holding you back. A thought is not a desire. It is a thought. A desire implies action to achieve. Will you think of the difference and set forth a good display of genuine desire this week?

Lord, sometimes it is difficult to discern my motives. I should want to overcome for You, myself and others. Place within me the knowledge of the significance on me becoming an overcomer. Remove from me the negativity that hinders me from claiming this precious promise. Amen

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Revive me! Weekly Reflections #25 定ww.christian-recovery.com

Heb 2:17 Wherefore it behooved him in all things to be made like unto his brethren, that he might be a merciful and faithful high priest in things pertaining to God, to make propitiation for the sins of the people. For in that he himself hath suffered being tempted, he is able to succor them that are tempted.

There is contained in these two passages from the KJV words that are not commonly used or understood. I have kept the language of the time this reflection as an illustration of how we have to stretch ourselves at times to understand God and what He is trying to convey on our pathway to freedom. He does everything possible to get our attention. If it motivates you to look up some of the words today for their precise meaning, fine. If not, fine also because I know you will still get the gist of this message.

Nothing that we suffer or sin by is uncommon to God. Jesus came in the flesh precisely to experience and overcome every temptation that is common to man. He did that, so to speak, to empathize with us, and also, by His perfect, Priestly example show us the way of escape. He nowhere promises that there will not be temptation or struggle. He does promise to relate and assist you.

Many believe that because they yet still have temptation or days of defeat that God has not delivered them. They mistakenly adopt the attitude, "Oh, why bother," and dismiss the thought of ever actually overcoming. They prefer to standstill or retreat in their thoughts as being in bondage rather than being a victor. Because God has not put a token and visible crown on your head, does not mean that you are not free. On the cross Jesus proclaimed, "It is finished." He paid the price in full and by His stripes you are healed. Temptation will always factor into your feelings, but it is not valid to keep repeating, "I am just worthless and helpless. This will never happen for me." It already has at the cross and when you change your mindset to say valuable and positive words about yourself, rather than degrading words about your condition, you will get the fullness of the meaning of Christ being faithful and merciful to your particular case. He cannot let you down. Start believing and trusting in His precious promises today. Put on victor mentality.

Lord Jesus, You are indeed faithful, even when I am not. You are indeed mighty, even when I am not. Never did you refuse the cross that the Father bid You to carry, for You knew it was for my redemption and for my healing. I accept that by Your stripes. and I thank You for the victory that I live. Amen

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Revive me! Weekly Reflections #24 定ww.christian-recovery.com

2Ti 2:2-3 And what you heard from me through many witnesses, these [things] be committing to trustworthy people, who will be competent also to teach others. Therefore, you endure hardship as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.

Hardly feel like a good soldier of Christ? Barely feel as if you can teach yourself let alone others? These two sentences might well sum up the Christian journey and the battle of recovery. Our affliction is with purpose. We suffer not alone as one abandoned. Our ache for now is to produce growth--in us and in others. We would have a zero based knowledge of unhealthiness if we did not experience it first hand. We could not give testimony as to how Jesus delivered us and the path that was taken to produce it. Let me say it again. We suffer not alone as one abandoned.

God knows full well our adversity. He knows full well what it takes to free us. He even knows the day down to the last hour. He knows that by trying us, he is making us a good soldier of Jesus Christ. Who ever joined the armed services to not wager a good war? And that is what you must do as you attack your bondage. It is for a purpose and its ultimate reason is so that you might glorify God in your (testimony) teaching to others. Can you begin to think of yourself as competent? Able? Complete? Whole? A witness of God's grace? If you can begin to think of your slavery to the flesh as only temporary and a teaching tool to enrich your walk in Christ, you will find your mindset one step closer to the freedom you seek. Be blessed and be a blessing.

Lord God, I do believe that You have a higher purpose for my life that I cannot yet envision. Help me to see with Your eyes and to understand with Your wisdom. Make me victorious through Christ Jesus. Amen

My commitment this week: _____________________________________
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 Revive me! Weekly Reflections #23 定ww.christian-recovery.com

Col 4:2 Be continuing earnestly in prayer; be staying alert in it with thanksgiving.

Col 4:17b Be seeing to the ministry which you received in [the] Lord, so that you shall be fulfilling it. (ALT)

Two short, easy, and straight to the point sentences on what you should be doing as you await your deliverance. No getting around it that these are not suggestions but rather an authoritative direction delivered for your well being and instruction today.

1) Do you continue in prayer, earnestly, being alert, and delivering it with thanksgiving, or are you a nominal Christian who has fallen by the wayside? 2) Have you recognized that each and every Christian that has received Christ is now a steward of the Gospel, obligated to share the Good News with others? Are you fulfilling that calling and ministry, or are you a nominal Christian that believes "Clerical George" has a ministry--not me--let him do the works?

It is very unappealing to be a regular attendee at a church where you see the same faces, week after week, asking for the same type of prayer, over and over, knowing that they have no prayer life other than leaning on the ability of someone else to say a prayer of favor for them. On the same hand these are the same faces who do not serve or volunteer in that church because they feel church is to receive and not to give. Take away the background image of a church and apply it to your life. How much time do you spend in earnest prayer and in ministry for the Lord each week? Hopefully it accounts for more than just the mandatory one hour spent in a church service.

We reap what we sow. If we sow nothing into our recovery with prayer and doing good works to others, it is highly likely that one year from now we will still be reading messages similar to Revive Me! recovery reflections having never received one iota of relief from our affliction. The particular verse of sowing and reaping is actually preceded with this thought. Gal 6:7 "Be not deceived; God is not mocked." Do we dare to mock God who desires to give us His all-in-all? Are we giving Him ours?

Be at peace within yourself as God searches and tries the genuineness of your faith. You are no exception to God desiring His highest will. Allow God to work on what He deems of foremost importance in your life. Be generous in your prayer life and service to Him, and one day you will be amazed that you have your freedom and were so wrapped up in Kingdom work you almost failed to recognize it!

Heavenly Father, thank You that You have set priorities for good in my life. What You deem as important, I also deem as important. Let me be faithful, trusting and active until it pleases You to set me free. Amen

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Revive me! Weekly Reflections #22 定ww.christian-recovery.com

      2Co 3:2 You* are our letter, having been written in our hearts, being known and being read by people.

2Co 4:1 For this reason, having this ministry, just as we received mercy, we do not become discouraged.

2Co 4:16 For this reason, we do not become discouraged, _but_ even if our outward person [fig., body] is decaying, yet the inward [person] is being renewed day by day (ALT)

I wanted to stick to our uppermost verse today and point out to you that you are a living epistle, written in a form of a readable letter that others know you by and read view you by. You are an open book, wittingly or not. Yes, we are known by our fruits of the Spirit which are plainly seen and viewed by others. Is that an ouch or an amen regarding your transparency?

Upon further study and in preparation for today's reflection, I found the next two verses which so well complimented today's reading. Both are exhortations not to become discouraged. These are written by Paul's hand, but inspired and recorded by the Holy Spirit. This is a love letter to you to encourage you, and to make you aware that discouragement might come, especially as we await recovery, but it admonishes us against despair and dismay.

Perhaps discouragement is all you can focus on lately. Perhaps you need an encouraging word. Perhaps you just feel you can never be free of your affliction. I offer this quote to you today. John Wooden: "Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do."

If today you cannot find the victory you seek, do not allow it to engulf you and return to the place you were when you had no hope to cling to. God is in the deliverance business. It is His obligation as Father God to set you free by the Blood of the Lamb shed on your behalf. He can do it, even while you cannot. Your part is to hope and trust and keep taking those little steps of obedience and changes in your behavior until one day, it suddenly dawns on you, I am free; I am free at last!

Prayer: Thank you Lord for believing in me even when I don't believe in myself. Thank You, Lord for always encouraging me at my low ebbs in life. Thank You Lord, for what has been promised to me, through Christ's sacrifice on the cross. Amen

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Revive me! Weekly Reflections #21 定ww.christian-recovery.com

Rom 11:29 For the gracious gifts and the calling of God [are] irrevocable.

Gifts and calling. That is really what God wants our mind to be on---not our failings and shortcomings. The stability of God, His Word, His promises and His faithfulness cannot be refuted or doubted. He is not a man that He can lie. Why do you doubt that You have heard God calling you? Why then do you doubt the gift of freedom that is delivered to you by the Name above all names, Jesus? Because you have not realized your release yet? Because you look upon your affliction with only physical eyes? Because others have browbeaten you into believing God will not do for you what you can do for yourself? Because your faith, in reality, is still so sorely underdeveloped? Because you lack the patience to see deliverance through completion? Why don't you add your own question here, and then in the Powerful Name above all names, declare that satan must get thee behind you. Your miracle is on its way. You must not faint or grow weary. You must show yourself to God a workman to be approved. Arise! Stand up and declare your victory, for what is in the unseen will soon be realized in the seen.

God will not revoke His blessings stored up for you. Do not limit Him on the when, where, and how it will be manifested. Do not be discouraged. Loose that negativity and realize that God is a God that rewards the faithful and declares them righteous before Him. Haven't you seen His strong arm deliver before? Hasn't He undeserving given you abundance of His revelation of Who He is? You do not believe in vain. There will come the day soon, that you will shake your head in disbelief that you once so doubted. Stand up and declare, if God be for me, who can be against me?

Prayer: Almighty God, You have stirred my spirit by making me to focus upon Who you are, and not who I am. You are the great I Am, and I put my trust and confidence in You that You alone are able to do what You have promised concerning me. Thank You Lord, from my innermost being which praises and honors You. Amen

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Revive me! Weekly Reflections #20 定ww.christian-recovery.com
I just read a survey that said, "Although most religious traditions call on the faithful to serve the poor, physicians who are more religious are slightly less likely to practice medicine among the underserved than physicians with no religious affiliation." So much for, "Whoever is greatest among you shall be your servant." ~~Jesus
The church and Body of Christ, with some exception, has adopted that religious attitude when it comes to serving the least, the last, and the lost. Jesus walked amongst that class of people doing good and healing all that came to Him. But our modernized ministers seek gifts and not giving. A sermon must do and please send your tithes and offerings so that we can continue building our great works on earth. Is this to the glory of God? I think not. Yes, money is a necessary evil, but begging payment without serving and doing the works of Christ is a great shame in our society. It is not the Good News Christ preached or the example He displayed. When He fed the 4000 and 5000, He offered the baskets full because He took pity on the crowds. He did not pass the basket for an offering. He served and not was served.
And so we are likened in begging God for deliverance if we have not served His purpose in His permitting this affliction to come upon us. I am not saying the God demands payment from you and that He will not heal you instantaneously. What I am saying, is the same we spoke of last week: The Golden Rule. Were you able to get your eyes off of self, and what's in it for me, and go and serve one that is least in the Kingdom of God? I am sure it came with no visible reward, but that is a reminder that we walk by faith and not by sight. So until your victory manifests itself, know with a certainty that God has never forsaken the righteous and your freedom is on its way as you continue to serve, trust and obey.
Prayer: Lord, often it takes another dose of your healing balm to understand our dedication and loyalty when we made allegiance with Christ. I believe You have a day of fulfillment for me as I go and do good to others first. Amen
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Revive me! Weekly Reflections #19 定ww.christian-recovery.com

Dan 10:13 But the prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me one and twenty days: but, lo, Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me; and I remained there with the kings of Persia.

Twenty one days takes on significance in the Bible and in the world also as we will see. For twenty one days Michael the archangel battled with the devil to release answered prayers for Daniel who had "from the first day that thou didst set thine heart to understand, and to chasten thyself before thy God." I can vividly imagine the battle not only Michael had, but the powers of darkness attempting to destroy Daniel as he faithfully interceded in prayer and did what was right to set his heart to God's display of mighty power.

Twenty one days takes on significance in the physical appetite. That is the length of time it takes to destroy a habit. That is the length of time it takes to develop a good habit. That is a general rule of thumb, not for those that wish upon a star, but for those that battle that good might come forth.

If you are serious about recovery or revival, can you battle fearlessly against your flesh and against the powers of darkness that have bound you? Can you actually co-operate with God and the hosts of angels that serve Him in seeking your freedom and deliverance? Simple question: What are you willing to do to be released and to magnify God?

Prayer: Lord, I do admit I have not participated in putting wings on my prayers. I failed to realize the dark powers and principalities that aligned against me when I declared you were my God. Strengthen me for the journey that I might please You with my effort. Amen

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Revive me! Weekly Reflections #18 定ww.christian-recovery.com
Luk 6:30 "So be giving to every [one] asking of you, and stop demanding back from the one taking away your [belongings]. Luk 6:31 "And just as you* want that people shall be doing to you, _you*_ also be doing to them likewise. (ALT)
The Golden Rule, does anyone not know what it is? It sounds very familiar to all, but when seeking our own well-being and recovery, we do not wisely apply it in our petition and position before God to release us from our bondage and self-misery.
Are you old enough to remember when our society labeled the times we were living in, "The Me Generation"? It didn't take a rocket scientist to discern what a self-loving and self-serving generation we were passing through. And such were some of us. And some of us never got our focus off of, "What's in it for me," and back onto the face of the Lord.
As we read each week's reflection, meditate, and pray upon it so that we can come out of captivity, we recall the times that God may have sent angels unawares to us to entertain. They may have wanted a kind word, a generous gesture, a good example, or perhaps just a loaf of bread. Some might have wanted much more than that and downright infuriated us enough to rebuff them. We know the opportunities are countless to serve the Lord, and we know we have closed our hearts too many of the times He appeared to us as a beggar, an outcast, a needy one, or even as a preacher of righteousness as we rebuffed Him. What lies behind us is behind us. What lies ahead of us as we ask God this great favor in restoring us and making us whole is to be doing to others likewise as we are asking to be done to us.
Your recovery might not manifest until you begin giving to others first. God has an order in His Kingdom. We might not always appreciate or understand it, but He will honor you as you honor others, even the least of the brethren in your eyes.
Prayer: Lord God, I have dropped the ball many times and now I want the opportunity to do good to others, to prefer them, to seek their well-being above my own comfort zone. I know that You are healing me and setting me free, and by faith I will go and live as if my recovery is already manifested, as I pray for others and do good unto them first. Amen
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