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Shekinah Fellowship

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07:22 PM ET (US)
My engagement with Shekinah Fellowship in my junior-high years protected me. My hunger for something more than what my peers wanted kept me safe. I don't know a soul now who has ever heard of Shekinah Fellowship.
Caryn LeMur
05:02 PM ET (US)
To all people that might one day stop by these pages: David Sloane died from cancer on/about 21 January 2019. If you are on FaceBook, you may wish to see the Oden Fong postings on FaceBook for 21 through 28 January 2019.

Allow me to offer my thoughts on these many postings that David Sloane curated for many people:

On these many posts are the raw thoughts and experiences of many of us that were involved with Shekinah Fellowship Church of Long Beach, California; and/or involved with the life of Brant Baker, the Senior Pastor.

Years have come and gone; marriages have ended; second marriages have begun; some of us now have grandchildren; and some of our Shekinah friends have passed on.

Some of us have marvelous memories of victories; and others have painful recall of battles within and without.

Some of us have left Christianity behind; some have embraced new religions; others speak of Jesus with joy. Some of us are scientists, or nurses, or doctors, or managers, or shipyard workers, or retired.

Some served in the military before Shekinah; and others served afterwards.

This is our Arlington wherein we meet old friends among the white grave stones of our memories.

We look at each other and say, "Weren't we young, once. And had no fear. And knew all the answers...."

And then we laugh with each other, and then cry together, with every step... humbled by this field of white markers.

Please read on, dear visitor, for every white marker - every posting - tells more than just a name.

Sincerely; Caryn LeMur formerly Jim Kingsley. Shekinah June 1974 to Oct 1975.
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David SloanePerson was signed in when posted
11:02 PM ET (US)
Actually it was a real person because spam bots can't do the captcha letter authorization routine.
10:56 PM ET (US)
Wow I thought The Tumble Weed migration was over...
Caryn LeMur
10:35 AM ET (US)
lol!! I was sooo thrilled to see that someone posted here. Dr Jameson did not ring a bell... but... then again, we had so many people adding into the history of Shekinah, and giving me such a wonderful sense of 'closure'.

I was excited, and raced over to this site!

Needless to say, it appears that Hannalore's site was hacked for a moment, and that our good 'Doctor' is a spam-bot.

Well... maybe this is especially anointed spam? <grin>

Blessings on your journeys! Happy Thanksgiving, to everyone!

Caryn :)
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10:13 AM ET (US)
Richard White Shares:

10:32 AM ET (US)
"Facebook has added an option for users to delegate management of their account for when they die.

The idea is to avoid awkward lingering Facebook pages after a person passes on, perhaps featuring images or posts that someone would rather not be remembered by....

This isn't the first time Facebook has put thought into what happens to users' accounts when the users die. A year ago the social network outlined a more flexible approach to memorializing accounts. Now memorialized accounts will have the word "Remembering" hovering above a person's name.


David Sloane
08:36 PM ET (US)
Wow. I am sad and happy at the same time. He is in peace with Christ Jesus.

I found him to be a wonderful man who shared a lot with me. He felt that God had graced him to live beyond most of those who went home to the Lord that he had known in his life.

I am shocked that he is another one gone.

We who are alive and remain still run the race that is set before us. Let us run well and accomplish much to the glory of God.
Caryn LeMur
05:42 PM ET (US)
It was very sad news.  My our Lord Jesus comfort his husband, Vince. Here is Richard's web site:  http://www.richardlydiard.com/index.html If you click on "Site Directory" near the upper right corner, you can then see the Shekinah Archives. If you are interested in some of the more hidden Shekinah history, I have found Richard's thoughts in the box marked "Shekinah Fellowship", pics in "Shekinah and Friends", and a few more pics in "Early Days". Of course, you also have Richard's thoughts posted here, on the QT blog a few years ago.  I try to remind myself that the hidden gay subculture was indeed hidden during the 1970's.    Thanks to MCC pastors, like Richard, the gay subculture turned out to be very broad, very normal, and very American... it always was.... and now, we understand that there is no 'gay subculture' or 'gay lifestyle'... they are as varied as any straight, bisexual, or lesbian person. Many were and are followers of Jesus.
Blessings to all.  As Richard's body rests in peace; may his soul be rejoicing before the throne of God. Sincerely; Caryn
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Jim Ewing
10:56 AM ET (US)
I am very sorry to hear of the passing of Richard White. I'd spoken a number of times with him on the phone a few years ago,and found him to be candid, sincere, and approachable. Last I'd heard, he was going to move back to Southern California, and I was looking forward to meeting with him and talking about Brant, Shekinah, and all that transpired within the Jesus Movement back in the early 70s. I regret that I never met him in person. RIP, Richard.
Anne Hume
10:53 PM ET (US)
Richard White passed away last night from pneumonia...he had been battling cancer. He attended Shekinah in the late '70s...
09:32 PM ET (US)

  As you walk with the Lord, you must be concerned about anything that affects your dedication to do the will of God.

One area that you must consider is the self-deception that will occur if you join the mixed multitude.

The mixed multitude went along with the children of Israel when they left Egypt.

They were the ones who grumbled along the way, the ones who failed.

Perhaps they thought it would be nice to have an excursion through the wilderness.

Maybe they had heard that Canaan was a land of milk and honey, and they felt they might like it; however, they were not really dedicated to the true covenants of Israel.

  The same lack of dedication can bring deception to God's people today.

You may feel that many different factors cause your problems, but the truth is that most of your problems occur because of a lack of personal dedication to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Much depends on the way you start out.

Anyone is capable of dedication, because a believer receives from Christ what he believes to receive.

You must come to Christ as the disciples did.

In Luke 5 we read that Jesus said, "Follow Me"; it was final.

The disciples left all and followed Him.
09:14 PM ET (US)
Great message Caryn!

I been thinking about that lately.

Some of my friends that I have known since the Jesus people days have changed in to political animals of a sort.

What I mean is that back during the Jesus People days I never once heard them express any kind of political statements.

But today is a different story they are onboard with the far right agenda, even though they come out of the hippie back ground.

I am totally amazed at how far they have come from the simplicity of the Gospel message of love. They are actually prejudice in a lot of their attitudes towards others.

And if your not on "their team" politically your automatically are rejected.

So is it any wonder the things you speak of have come to pass?

Caryn LeMur
01:35 PM ET (US)
Hi Jonathan. Thank you for sharing the Matthew Vines book arguments.

My concern has been the Book of Galatians. Really. I substitute 'straight marriage' for circumcision; and 'gay marriage' for uncircumcision; and then I get it.

My other great concern is that I can ask so many people in my son's generation, 'What is Church known for?'... and they will reply, 'Hating gays; hating illegal aliens; being Republican; and invading personal business'.

The church is no longer known for its work among the poor, the widow, the orphan, the hungry, the thirsty, those sick or in prison, those needing shelter or clothing.... sad, given these are the priority judgments by Jesus on the final day [Matt 25].

We lost an entire generation. Satan won.

They are called 'nones'; and many of us are called 'dones'.

They do not see church as a viable solution to anything, other than political posturing.

And many of us are simply worn out, and avoiding the church like any other club filled with loud and obnoxious drunks.... we are indeed 'done' with them.

So many thousands have rejected Christ... and will continue to reject Him.... it is sadness indeed.

How different history might have been if we only agreed with the Bible that the Spirit fell upon the Jews, the Samaritans, and the Gentiles. We may indeed not enjoy, and perhaps disagree with the Samaritan and Gentile lifestyles... good grief, we are good Jews... but we should never have become known for destroying the Samaritan and Gentile believers in the media at every chance.

We have done the work of Satan... and the Dark Kingdom has advanced.

Sadly; Caryn
08:45 PM ET (US)
Someone makes an interesting, reasoned, case from a Biblical perspective:
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