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Crystal Lake Interactive Blog

Use this interactive blog to communicate with your neighbors, post your favorite photos, say hello, post personals or rental information or association news. If you register you will receive an e-mail alert whenever anyone posts. Back to Crystal Lake webpage... http://gilmantonlakes.com
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06:42 PM ET (US)
Took a ride up to the lake today. Water is up to normal level, some docks are already in. Pretty, quiet. Grandkids were excited, summer is coming!
Angela Canezin
08:03 PM ET (US)
Thanks for the response, QT. Don't want to make extra work for anyone. I'll use the contact info.

05:36 PM ET (US)
was trying to point you in the direction of the association as you asked. You'll find the contact info for the association on the link provided. I'd be pleased to post the latest newsletter if someone would like to send it along!!
Angela Canezin
04:50 PM ET (US)
Thanks QT...Logged on to link and saw last newsletter dated 2013????
04:28 PM ET (US)
WELCOME TO THE LAKE! Here's a link to association information http://www.belknaplakes.com/Association_Newsletter.html
02:32 PM ET (US)
We are new year round residents on Crystal Lake. Just discovered this blog and wondering if there is an active Lake Association.

Thanks and looking forward to meeting residents as we get settled in.

Angela and Rene' Canezin
06:37 PM ET (US)
hey everybody, I hate to even think about it but it's almost time to start pulling the boats and putting them away for the winter. I recently started my own marine and snowmobile repair business based out of the Merrymeeting Marina in New Durham and wanted to let you all know if you need any help pulling your boats or putting them away for the winter i'd be happy to help, i can winterize, wrap your boat for you either at your place or i can store it at my marina and take care of any maintenance or repairs needed, i also specialize in jet ski repair and can offer the same services for them, If you store with me i'd keep your trailer for you all summer free of charge so it's not in your yard taking up valuable parking, any questions feel free to call me at (603)455-0518 or email me at fullerbn@gmail.com
07:35 AM ET (US)
GILMANTON — Matt Lowell, an engineer with Hoyle Tanner & Associates, Inc. this week briefed the Board of Selectmen on the schedule for replacing three bridges — one on Crystal Lake Road and two on Stage Road.

All three bridges are owned by the town, but were enrolled in the state bridge program, which will fund 80 percent of the cost of replacing them, some years ago. Lowell said that while all three bridges are nearing the end of projected life span, none qualify for the so-called "red list" of bridges whose condition is sufficiently poor as to require annual rather than biennial inspections.

The bridge on Crystal Lake Road at Nelson Brook, a 12-foot span built in 1929, is rated at 50.6 out of 100. A 13-foot span on Stage Road built in 1930 is rated at 40 and the 28-foot bridge at Nighthawk Hollow Brook on Stage Road, also built in 1930 but rehabilitated in 1960, is rated at 48.5.

The state bridge program, administered by the New Hampshire Department of Transportation (DOT), invests $28-million in bridge repair and replacement. Bridges are placed on the list and projects are undertaken as funds become available. The bridge at Crystal Lake Road is scheduled to be replaced in 2018 and both bridges on Stage in 2019.

The initial estimated costs of the projects are $750,000 for the bridge at Crystal Lake Road, $650,000 for the shorter bridge on Stage Road and $925,000 for the longer span on Stage Road or $2,325,000 altogether, of which which the town would contribute approximately $465,000. However, Lowell cautioned that design and engineering work would be required to reach firm and timely cost estimates.

Lowell stressed the importance of beginning to plan for the work by considering routes for school buses and detoured traffic while construction is underway, anticipating that each project could take five or six months. He also told the Selectboard that it is more expensive to keep one lane of a bridge open during construction than to close the bridge altogether.

Lowell also suggested that town officials begin to consider how and when to raise the municipal share of funding for the projects.
08:22 PM ET (US)
The meeting is July 18th at 10:00 ... If I read the newsletter correctly.
08:26 AM ET (US)
May 9: -the annual Crystal Lake Association meeting is this morning at 10 at the Old Town Hall, and the sailboat race kicks off from the Burdett's dock at 2! Hope to see you there!
Edited 05-09-2015 08:27 AM
06:31 PM ET (US)
Bonnie join the Facebook group, great connection with photos, updates and news. The newsletter is filed with the Crystal Lake group. Hope to see you at the lake!
Bonnie LC
10:17 AM ET (US)
I can't find a link to the Crystal Lake Association newsletter anywhere. I missed last year's meeting, and don't want to miss the one this summer. Last I knew they were discussing the low water level and weeds in the "river" section and I wonder if anything will be done about it?
08:26 AM ET (US)
from the baysider There were four suspicious person/activity reports on Mt. Major Highway, Main Street, Roberts Cove Road and Frohock Brook Road.
Deleted by author 02-15-2015 04:39 PM
mcdudePerson was signed in when posted
12:44 PM ET (US)
Morse Preserve snowshoe hike is Feb. 21
ALTON — Come and explore the outdoors with a group of people
varied in age and interests on a trail that is sure to please everyone.
The Society for the Protection of NH Forest’s Morse Preserve in Alton
Bay is one of the finest views for the amount of effort expended. Strap on your snowshoes with a group of people wanting to spend some time outdoors,exercising, identifying animal tracks and enjoying the great view of the Belknap Range and Lake Winnipesaukee. The Morse Preserve’s
1.7-mile Loop Trail includes gradual inclines through fields and forests
opening up to a beautiful view of Lake Winnipesaukee and the Belknap Range. Parking is available at the Mike Burke Parking Lot an eighth of a mile north of the trailhead on Avery Hill Road in Alton Bay. The group
will meet at 10 a.m. on Saturday, Feb. 21, in the Mike Burke Parking Lot.
Dress in warm layers, bring water and your lunch. Snowshoes recommended
depending on amount of snowcover. Hike will be led by Forest
Society Landstewards,Kenneth and Suzanne Marvin. Register by
e-mailing Ksmarvin@gmail.com
06:25 PM ET (US)
guess we should get up to lake and take out the dock. 25 degrees in loudon nh this am
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