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Votive Mass of the Sacred Heart



The thoughts of his heart last through every generation,
that he will rescue them from death
and feed them in time of famine.

Psalm 32:11,19
from the Entrance Antiphon for the Votive Mass of the Day







Opening Prayer


for Mass of the Day




Lord God,
give us the strength
and love of the heart
of your Son
that, by becoming one
with him,
we may have
eternal salvation.




Act of Consecration to the Sacred Heart

O Sacred Heart of Jesus,
to you I consecrate
and offer up my person and my life,
my actions, trials, and sufferings,
that my entire being may henceforth
only be employed in loving,
honoring and glorifying you.
This is my irrevocable will,
to belong entirely to you,
and to do all for your love,
renouncing with my whole heart
all that can displease you.

I take you, O Sacred Heart,
for the sole object of my love,
the protection of my life,
the pledge of my salvation,
the remedy of my frailty
and inconstancy,
the reparation for all
the defects of my life,
and my secure refuge
at the hour of my death.

Be, O Most Merciful Heart,
my justification
before God your Father,
and screen me from His anger
which I have so justly merited.

I fear all from my own weakness
and malice,
but placing my entire confidence
in you, O Heart of Love,
I hope all from Thine infinite Goodness.

Annihilate in me all that can displease
or resist you.
Imprint your pure love
so deeply in my heart
that I may never forget you
or be separated from you.

I beseech you,
through your infinite Goodness,
grant that my name be engraved
upon your Heart,
for in this I place all my happiness
and all my glory,
to live and to die
as one of Thy devoted servants.


. -- St. Margaret Mary Alacoque