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Tim Hunkin - Reinventing the Amusement Space

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Tim Hunkin talks about his flourishing UK arcade, full of homemade coin operated games and simulator rides. Microbreak, the three minute all inclusive package holiday: Mobility Masterclass, train for your future by crossing the freeway with a walker: Test your nerve, how long do you dare put your hand inside the mad dog's cage: and many, many more. He shows how the machines are made, using cannibalised old arcade and gym machines and cheap consumer electronics.

Arcades used to be exciting places where you first tried the latest video games. They have a history of technical innovation going back 100 years, when many people's first experience of moving images was Edison's coin operated Kinescope. Arcades today have forgotten their innovative past and are cynically focussing on gambling machines. Its time for a revival!
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