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Nip/Tuck Fanatic
06:23 PM ET (US)
Those of you with Easynews subscriptions can download just about every episode from this season. :)
Nip/Tuck Fanatic
06:22 PM ET (US)
Dexter has me on the edge of my seat... Episode 9 was fantastic and I keep finding myself looking for more info on the upcoming episodes. Is it Sunday yet??!?!?!?!?!?!?
Nip/Tuck FanaticPerson was signed in when posted
01:20 AM ET (US)
Not sure if anyone else is watching Dexter but I am glued this season! Cant believe Deb made a move on Lundy..... I also feel weird with Dex having gone into Lila's arms and leaving Rita behind with the kids (even though she was nuts).

The latest episode had the confrontation between Dexter and Doakes... classic... and a long time coming!
01:11 AM ET (US)
I never seen but like 2 episodes of dexter during a free preview of showtime. It was an ok show with jennifer carpenter i think it was as dexters half sister or something. I dont know much about the show to really say im into it but if I just had showtime I probably would have watched the whole season.
Analyze this
11:32 AM ET (US)
I've watched some of it, been very busy, but i am into what i saw. Yes the human qualities are there and could be the end of him. He's always wanted to feel though. I missed so much, so i need to rent some when it comes out.
Nip/Tuck FanaticPerson was signed in when posted
03:19 PM ET (US)
The show airs on Showtime

The last episode was incredible for anyone following the series. Dexter's past is coming to light via the Ice Truck Killer (Rudy). Dexter is showing almost human-like qualities as he battles his new interests in life. I loved the expression when he knocked out Rita's ex-husband. That was classic!! Almost like an "oops!"

Doakes has been the best lately... I love how he senses that Dexter is f'd up in the head. He takes these little shots at Dex all the time like "you're getting off on this sh*t" or "he's f*cking weird." He even took a shot at Dexter after Dex almost passed out from being in that hotel room. Something to the effect that "he's human after all."

Who else is watching?

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