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Ryan Murphy Chat

01:51 PM ET (US)
Sharon Gless is a pretty good actress. She plays Michael Westen's mom on Burn Notice also.
01:19 PM ET (US)
Does anyone know why a much younger actress wasn't picked out for the role of Colleen Rose? Nothing against the actress who portrayed her but old grannies don't make good for psychopathtic villains. Colleen should have been a younger actress in her 30's at least.
CarverPerson was signed in when posted
07:06 PM ET (US)
Hello, Ryan Murphy. Season 6 is starting off great and the first three
episodes are interesting so far. I can't wait for future episodes and storylines. Just a few suggestions though. I would bring back Grace Santiago from season 1. I would love to see her show up in L.A. wanting breast implants or a reduction. Also, why not bring back Quentin Costa. I know the Carver storyline is over, but there was no closure with Quentin escaping with his sister Kit McGraw. I wanna see him caught. Perhaps, Erica Naughton, Julia's mother might end up in the hospital and Teddy or someone else attempts to smother her with a pillow. I have a very large imagination. Hope you consider these. Thank you.
CarverPerson was signed in when posted
08:02 PM ET (US)
Ryan Murphy, hello. I am a big fan of Nip/Tuck. I collect each season on dvd and cannot wait until season 6 airs on FX. I have a few suggestions for upcoming episodes. Why not bring back Quentin Costa inwhich we last saw in season 3. I didn't like the idea that he got away and did not face charges, or go to jail. There's no closure there. Perhaps Grace Santiago from season 1 can make a rare appearance wanting breast implants. Now that would be a good episode storyline. Or if Grace returned as a villain wanting restribution against McNamara/Troy. I have alot of geneal ideas for this show. I just wish it would happen.
01:08 AM ET (US)
Ryan, I love the show nip / tuck & wanna thank you for creating such a dramatic yet sexual oriented type show. I am really inspired by your work & would love to write my own tv show or movie someday. Nip / Tuck is just the best for me. Its like at the top of my list of favorites. The characters in general, patients & villains / viilaness play major roles in the show besides the surgeons. I believe its like the highest rated show today on basic cable tv. Anyway, I hope you keep writing for more upcoming seasons. I cant wait for season 5. Thanks Ryan!
maiki sasaoka/NIPTUCK fan
03:09 AM ET (US)
I was not a DRAMA fanatic but when I watched one episode of nip/tuck - I fell in love with it right away... However, why can't Sean get TRUE LOVE in this drama? Someone who won't CHEAT him like his ex-wife Julia is doing??? Also, why can't you make more of the GOOD TIMES than BAD TIMES for Sean & Christian? Life has good and bad times - BUT PLEASE DONT LOAD it with so much of bad things for Sean & Christian please.... I FEEL LIKE MY LIFE IS NOT GONNA DO ANY GOOD IF I DONT SEE SEAN & Christian HAS MORE OF HAPPY TIMES??? please give some good resolution after one problem and if possible - reduce SAD situation for those two please because it's affecting me... I GET SO VERY VERY SAD :(
11:05 AM ET (US)
Opaljo, that would be a drag. If Christian started dating playboy bunnies then I will not be interested. Sleeping with them wouldn't bother me because that's just Christian, dating no. Florida gave me enough of breast enlargements to say the least. The biggest thing is seeing Sean change. I can't wait for that one. They needed to definitely reshape that character. He reminds me too much of the brown bag lunch PHD's I work with. When I saw his Gucci suit, I was impressed. Sarah Lee, I agree with you about the distaste in qualites of certain men but think about it. He lied to Michelle, wouldn't it be nice if went out to California and thought about what he did and came back and said he lied. Then we could have Michelle say, she's moving on(now she's with a new doctor and he looks better plus rich and they are still making money off the guys names). That to me is the ultimate revenge, it is the I didn't know what I had til I lost it syndrome and now I've really lost her. Christian will probably sleep with all that he could to forget her, putting him back to where he started, being alone again. Most women have experienced men like this. Remember she came clean, he didn't. Yeah, she lied who wouldn't but at least she was woman enough to be Wilburs mother, you think Kimber could have done that?
Edited 12-22-2006 11:16 AM
08:19 PM ET (US)
I am sorry to see Michelle leave. It just doen't make sense to me. Many new people tuned in this season bringing the ratings up!! Maybe it was just all a dream. I guess Christian will start dating playboy bunnies and show won't show any part of Los Angeles that is east of Wilshire Blvd.
Nip/Tuck FanaticPerson was signed in when posted
12:58 PM ET (US)

Sean and Christian will not be moving alone. Matt and Kimber will have their baby, but Matt will move to Los Angeles to go to college and medical school. Kimber will be closer to Scientology and ****. Liz (Roma Maffia) will join the doctors and serve as their anesthesiologist. Julia and her children will visit.

"There's a funny message in all of this, which is that you can keep trying to change the things around you — your relationships, your clothes and where you live — and in an odd way, these guys always land back where they are," Walsh said.
Sarah Lee
10:37 AM ET (US)
Wow! Just seen the last episode of season four, and got on the net straight away as I was really worried that it would be the last episode EVER (as it just seem to tie everything up), but after reading the messages here I can once again relax and look forward to season five next Autumn! can;t wait to see the two hot docs break LA

Can I just say that I thought the carver story line really wasn't that bad, infact I would say it was rather gripping. I also LOVED the episode in which we saw the future - 20 years on = will that be explored again?

Glad Michelle's gone - no disrespect to the actress but Christian just doesn't suit being loved up, besides which some of his 'romancing scenes' have been the best...the threesome with mother and daugher, his blind girl escapades and of course who could forget the 'bag over her head' lady. Despite that fact that he's the epitome of everything I hate about men - I still love him. He plays the role so well and despite being an arrogant sod (he has every right to be with that body!!) he really is a lush guy with such a sharp humour!

Please no more Sean wanting to split up with Christian, instead let's see him accepting his life is with Chirstian by his side especially now Christian has (by moving to LA)I'm also looking forward to a break from Julia...her moaning and self righteousness! Let's just have the two hot docs have some fun with their new found freedom...bring it on...can't wait!
Edited 12-18-2006 10:42 AM
08:55 PM ET (US)
Ryan, this is the first time I have ever been fanatic about a show. I am working towards my PHD and never, absolutely never been so obsessed about a show. This is the most I have ever watched tv. My obsession is books and classical music. I must say you got me hooked. I just bought the last 3 seasons on DVD. I'm dissapointed that Kimber and Christian didn't stay together. When I got used to the idea of them not being together, Michelle comes along. I got used to Michelle. I was hoping that one of them would stay with Christian. I like both characters. The only problem with Michelle is you needed to soften her up a little. Kimber was sexy and smooth. I did read online that Kelly Carlson will be on the show as well as Sanaa Lathan for season five. Please tell me that they will be back? I think these were the best fit for the character Christian.
Edited 12-16-2006 08:59 PM
04:45 PM ET (US)
I'm north of the age demo (nudge over 50), however I thought the way you ended Season 4 could have been a very elegant way of pulling the plug on the series. Beautifully wrapped up, with a just a few dangling story lines that I was ambivilent about anyway. Sooner of later even a series like "House" is going to run out of ideas. I guess there are two ways you could go with this....... one is to get creative about tired story lines, and the other is just go all "Twin Peaks" on us, and just intertwine ideas that in the end may have something to do with the characters. I personally think you've hit a home run with the series, even if you never create another episode......Thanks
12:54 AM ET (US)
So it looks as though that the character of Michelle is history.
Nip/Tuck FanaticPerson was signed in when posted
11:46 AM ET (US)
Ryan Murphy's Comments (via

I decided to move the show to LA for two reasons. 1) I couldn't stand the damn sets anymore! We couldn't have one more scene in Christian's tired apartment, or Sean's done kitchen. I thought it would good for the characters, who have been huge in Miami, to move to Los Angeles where they will be little fish in a big pond. It's a way for the team to struggle again, which makes for more dramatic conflict, and brings them together. I mean, Jesus...we can't have Sean threaten to quit ever again!
And 2) I really want Christian to go be tempted by the ladies and fame and sex he's hungered for. Sean too...I want him slick and Gucci. Tired of those damn browns! Big make-over for Dylan next season. Both Julian and Dylan LOVE this idea. They loved shooting at the Hollywood sign. It just opens it up so much, creatively.
And no, that wasn't Annette on the table. Did it really look like her? Christ, I directed it and I never noticed that.

And YES! The boys clothes in the swamp was purposefully picked out to match the pilot scene. The same with the hams...did anyone notice we used the same shiny red wrapper hams? Loved that you caught all this intentional stuff.

.....the hams were in place from the start. We thought of the hams before anything else! This season was about tying up loose ends. I always knew this season would end with the death of Escobar, and that they would dispose of him just like Silvio. It's the perfect wrap-up to their Miami life. And I know how much the fans worship the hams!

I love Sanaa, but the character of Michelle is gone, never to return. Next year, it's about THE BOYS...rebuilding, a new business testing their friendships.

As for the lip sync, here's how it happened. A couple of months ago, I was driving around and heard that song on an obscure LA music radio show. I instantly loved it...and as we started breaking the episode, I said to the writers "I want to do something weird in the last show...theatrical." I told PJ my plans, and about the song, and of course, PJ being PJ, he said he had recently been pitched The Submarines and that song! He cleared it immediately, it's such a good break for The Submarines. You MUST go out and get their album...we use three songs from it on the finale.

ALL the cast was terrified of the lip syncing, except Sanaa, who was brilliant about it, and nailed every take. It was all about relaxing...I told the cast I would just do, like ten takes until it seemed natural, and then they loved it. The song lyrics fit the show perfectly, don't you think? Such a gift.

Sorry, no new season until next fall, guys. Jeez, I need time to reboot!
And yes, the regulars will all return: Sean, Christian, Liz, Matt, Kimber, Jolie and some special surprises.

The thing about the character of Michelle is...she's a shape-shifter. Has been all season. She lies to protect herself. She knows no other way. I don't think she did any of it with was a survival mechanism. I think she's kind of pathological in her need to keep a shark. But she really did love Christian, that's how it all got so complicated for her.
But Christian couldn't be with her. At the same time, I loved her and didn't want her to go to jail. I wanted her to get away with her past and her Kathleen Turner at the end of Body Heat. But with this freedom comes sadness. One wonders if that character will ever survive her web of lies and crimes.

Also, it's so hard with a romance on this show. Other than the brief gals -- Megan, Rebecca Gayheart's blind girl -- I don't think the fans, nor do I, like it when they get invested to the point of marriage. It just takes away from the Sean/Christian relationship and the practice, which is the heart of the show.


No, the cast never tells me who they would like. They just get excited when I tell them what is happening. Dylan was overjoyed about Deneuve...Julian loved, loved, loved Rosie, etc.

As for Roma, she was outstanding this year. The scene where Escobar dies was the HARDEST one I ever directed on the show. Robert (Escobar) is brilliant, and always in character. So on their close-ups, I had Roma and Robert yelling insults at each other! It was scary. Roma would call Robert a pussy-boy, Robert would taunt her and call her names. Everyone was freaked out, but it worked great.

Did anyone notice the single tear rolling down Escobar's face during his close-up? A brilliant gift. I told Robert that his character HATED being humiliated, and he was so into that Escobar cried at the taunts Liz was throwing his way. I loved that.

The casting of Gala was key. I wanted an unknown...someone who could keep Escobar in line. I thought it would be brilliant to find an actress so strong that we would buy Escobar as pussywhipped. Yes, Gala was great, and MUST return. And she will.


Really, no Paris? I think she's a perfect fit.

As for Jackie's character, I think yes, she was in love with Michelle, but was not a lesbian. I think it was made pretty clear that they only had sex ONE TIME. James needed the comfort of a human being, after all she had been through (with her son's death, etc.) I think for Michelle, same thing. But when Michelle rebuffed James, and made it clear it was only a one-time thing, I think James went directly into obsession. She just wanted love, that's all. I thought it was an interesting pathology, and sad. Jackie, by the way, always had me laughing, because she would say on set "Can't I PLEASE sleep with Christian? I mean, Michelle doesn't want me. Why don't I get the hint?" Alas, no Christian hook-up for poor James, one of my fav villains ever.

As for the cock statue, also retired. No need to ever go into the gay thing was bubbling as subtext forever, we dealt with it, moving on.

Next year, two of our characters will be living together in LA, but it won't be Sean and Christian.
And no, I'm not telling.


As for the black and white, no, there's nothing to look into there other than Mr. Julian is VERY picky about his wardrobe. Sean is wearing black Gucci, I wanted Jules to wear black as well. But he fell in love with that jacket, and put on a fashion show for me in his trailer, so I gave in. I thought white would be hard to photograph against the white of that sign, but it all worked out.

By the of the hardest things we did this season: getting that damned Hollywood sign! It's so hard to clear, and I had people working on it FOR THREE MONTHS. I just would not give this up, and would drive everyone mad with my demands for it. Finally, at the last moment, it cleared.

I agree, I think everyone did a great job with the lip-syncing. It was so hard. I just keep saying to everyone "be natural. Don't sing it. Just say it." The crew LOVED it, everyone was crammed around the monitor to watch, it was really fun to do. And when we filmed it, it wasn't miked...that made everyone a little more comfortable. I particularly enjoyed Kelly's bitch walk when she was singing her lyric. Very Jessica Simpson.


Iron Maiden, of course I picked out that damned fur! Plus, I supervised her lip-liner and the application, I am not kidding. Gala was fantastic, and I gave her line readings, which she loved. For instance, after she kills Escobar and says "okay, can I check out or what?" I said "Do it like In Living Color J.Lo" which she loved and nailed it in one take. I thought the fur was ghetto fabulous. The same for the bling.
My favorite moment in the show, actually, was Gala's exit line after the consult "get me a Diet Coke." I made it up on the spot, and told her to say it as a throw-away. I loved that she treated Escobar's goons as her personal slaves.

As for the Golden Globes, I want to tell everybody not to get their hopes up. I love the Hollywood Foreign Press, they have been so good to me. Nice people. But the thing about the Glove TV categories is, most of the time they reward new people, and new shows. After you've won (which we did) they usually retire you. But I agree, the acting this year was exceptional, and I would love it if Dylan got some attention.

After Christian's fidelity this year, you can BET that next season he will be single and on the prowl in Hollywood. The same for Sean, although I will say, wouldn't it be nice for him to meet a good L.A. lady? I'm working on some ideas.

The exciting thing for me: all new sets. Yes, we've torn them all down, and I and Liz K. are designing new ones.

There will be famous guest stars next year. For example, today I had a meeting with Nicole Kidman, who is fantastic by the way. A great star, and a NICE person. I told her I would be writing something for her, and she was so excited. She has never missed an episode! It just knocks me out that someone like Ms. Kidman who I admire so much loves the show. I send her episodes before they air, she loves them. She told me two weeks ago she had a marathon and watched five in a row! Everyone on this board must love and support Ms. Kidman in everything she does.


Yes, I would love for Ava to come back. Famke is a great lady, and a friend. I keep telling her one day I will figure out a way for Ava to make a triumphant return! But it has to be special and surprising. I will continue to update you all on this. Famke would be interested, I think, if I could do her return with integrity. She always tells me how much she loved playing the character, how it was one of the most challenging in her career.
Everyone on the show LOVES Famke, she is a pro, beautiful and added so much. I would work with her in a second on anything.


Since you all asked, you know who I would love to have come on the show, and she's interested?
She is extremely fantastic.


I do indeed have fantastic ideas for the return of Gala, but I didn't want to cement anything unless you the fans liked her. Now that I know you do, she's DEFINITELY coming back. In that fur, of course.


That girl Escobar was screwing? Only a trollop to be played with...he was cheating on Mrs. G! I knew from the beginning that he had a wife, very Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface, but I waited this year to debut her. One idea we the writers had, but threw away, was to have Escobar's mother come to LA and shoot her bad seed son! But we are saving her for a latter date.
Nicole Kidman will play a patient...she wants those prosthetics! Something fun. I agree with her.


I love little Annie, but writing kids stories on this show is a mistake, unless they are so wild and insane, like the taping of the dolls hands, Princess Menses, etc. But Annie will return. Sean is a good father, and will have contact with both Conor and Annie.

As for Sandra Bullock, I do love her. Met her this year at an award show, where we both were being honored. She is indeed a fan of the show, and a good actress. I will be talking to her about doing something -- both Dylan and Julian have worked with her, and love her.


Again, just remember that what I said during season one -- not wanting to set the show in LA to do the starlet of the week thing -- was ACCURATE when I said it. After four seasons, I thought returning to an original impulse was the correct thing to do.

It's sort of like this: you date someone once, it doesn't click, then you move on. Four years later, alone, having gone through terrible relationships, you return to the little black book...and that number, that date, suddenly seems fresh and intriguing to you. You've changed and grown, you can go back again.


Another thing: I understand some people are a little thrown that there is no cliffhanger this year. To this I say THERE IS. Moving to another city is perhaps the biggest cliffhanger of them all.


Hmmm...I don't think we did focus more on Sean this year. However, this year Sean's darker more pained side did come to the surface...his pained childhood, end with Julia, dealings with his son, etc. I am bad at explaining exactly why I do anything...or how the writers do it. It's all strange and mysterious. And it all starts with "hey, what if Sean...or what if Christian..." and then if we like it, we just run with it.

I also want to tell everyone here, it's okay if some of you didn't like the finale. I know they are polarizing. Feel free to speak up, I won't mind. I learn from it all.


As for Escobar's future, I do love Robert so much I could envision bringing him back as a ghostly apparition to taunt Sean. I mean, Megan's done it, why not Escobar?


Next year, Liz will have MANY dates. And a long-lasting relationship. At least, in my heart that's the plan.


The Glamorous Asian Henchman (what we called them in the scripts, no shit) were ALWAYS working behind the scenes for Esobar. It was Lyn and Richard's idea for them to speak French, which I loved...we did it because Ms. Bisset speaks expert French, and I wanted to show off her skills!
I personally picked the look of the outfits. I wanted them to look very Yves St. Laurent 1975. ONLY in black and white, and we switched them around. Brad Falchuk came up with the idea of the lotion sniffing and the pantyliners line. KUDOS to ALL the writers...Jennifer Salt channelled Gala, Hank Chilton did a great job flushing out the Kimber Matt stuff, Sean Jablonski always writes kickass Christian/Sean fight scenes. And, of course, Lyn and Richard should be given the credit for almost all of the Jackie Bisset stuff this year.


No, I have not killed the idea of Julia and Christian. Now that both are single...who knows?

As for me, I am still in negotiations with my deal. Can't say anything more. Will update you all as soon as I know something.

You guys, I am BEGGING YOU...please let's not discuss the Julia/Christian thing for a while. Remember, I JUST FINISHED THE FINALE YESTERDAY! I need a break from it.
Who really knows what will happen. It usually takes six months of pre-planning and plotting with the great N/T writers and then six months of production to make a season. Let's just enjoy Season Four this week...and then we can all start discussing the pros and cons of what should happen next year.
Again, I am EXHAUSTED...let's just enjoy the moment.


Sean does have a pet already...his fishes in the aquarium. And the aquarium will return next year...bigger and better than ever.


Yes, the idea of Christian's father still exists, and will be dealt with eventually. We were going to do it this year, but there was no room. And I wanted to get AS FAR away from season three as possible!


Why Hollywood? Simple.

I originally set the pilot in LA, but decided to go a different direction. I wanted a crime element, had lived in Miami, and thought that was a fresh idea. The show HAS to be set in a city with lots of flesh exposed.

The decision to move here was based on the fact that I wanted the guys, as I have stated, to have to do their business life in a town where they were way over their head. I mean, in LA, there is almost a plastic surgery clinic on every corner. Here, now at this time in their lives, they will have to do a LOT of work to compete. Television, good television, is all about CONFLICT. STRUGGLE. It's hard to make it big in LA, and that's what we're going to explore. Also, we know these characters well enough now not to have them overwhelmed by the starlet factor, etc.


As for the look of the clothes, and the jewelry, I give FULL credit to my wonderful costumer, Lou E. Lou has great taste, and she and her ladies work so hard. Many designers etc. are fans of the show, so we get special pieces.

I only give Lou two directives: I want BOLD, and I don't want textures. Strong colors, lines, etc. Sometimes, some of the cast wants to wear jeans in some scenes, and I won't allow it. Unless they are jeans made by Tom Ford, of course...another sweetie.


No more Carver. Ever.


I think Ariel's father -- and the explanation -- was given its due diligence in Blu Mondae. Not another story we'll be dealing with, sorry.
Bad dad went to jail, I believe Ariel herself is a mess with bulemia, but recovering. I hope she enlists in college soon.


I agree we did great things with Christian's humanity this season. These qualities will stay. But remember, Christian now has Wilber, and is a single father. So that is ripe territory to explore.

I love Joan, she definitely has to be back. She could send LOADS of starlets in for red carpet make-overs.

But I want to make one thing clear: I will never ever ever just do meaningless stunt casting, featuring the cover starlet of the week on US magazine. Not interested in going Hollywood in that way. If I do cast famous people, they will a) have to be cool and iconic b) really move the boys stories forward, not the other way around.


As for the name McNamara/Troy...Michelle owns the rights, but only in Miami. In another city, it belongs to them.

As for the rest of the cast, the idea is for everyone to be in L.A. I think it's too confusing to split them up in different cities. My dream is for Liz and Nurse Linda to roadtrip together to LA to visit the boys...and then they stay. I keep telling Linda Klein that I have always imagined that Nurse Linda has three monster red-headed triplets she's kept quiet about. Next season, we should meet them.

As for Gina, boy do I love Jessalyn. I told her when she was filming epi 14 that Gina would be a PERFECT monster agent in LA, and she loved this. Can you imagine...Gina...blowing her way out of the mailroom to a place of power? I mean, my God, I would love to have Gina as one of my agents. The woman could get any deal done!


yes, those sunglasses are Prada. The runners-up were D and G.
My favorite episodes of the year were Merrill Bobolit, Reefer, Diana Lubey, Dawn Budge and Shari Noble (I don't count the first one or the finale, since I directed both).

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