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Matt Chisholm and Ross Cohen - The Neighborhood Project

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The Neighborhood Project is creating a map of city neighborhoods based on the collective opinions of internet users. Addresses and neighborhood data are translated into latitude and longitude values, and then drawn on a map. The address and neighborhood data are collected from housing posts on Craigslist, and from people filling out a form on the web. It is an experiment in collective knowledge. The more people who add their opinion to the database, the more accurate the neighborhood boundaries become.

Matt Chisholm has degrees in Mathematics and Linguistics from UC Santa Cruz, has worked for BitTorrent, and is a co-founder of He's created other generative art projects such as Alphabet Soup and the DeX playing card generator. Ross Cohen has degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon, was CTO at BitTorrent, and currently works for He also is the author of the next-generation, distributed version control system Codeville.
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