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Introductions and Expectations

Brandy Brecheen
10:48 AM ET (US)
I am currently enrolled in the English Education Department at Southeastern. I should graduate in Spring of 08 and cannot wait to begin teaching. I have worked in the school system as a substitute teacher for several years as well as taught pre-k at a private institute. I have since decided that I love working with middle school age children. Call me crazy. I would like to know how to publish online and also some ways to spark my students imagination.
Melissa Smith
10:46 AM ET (US)
Hi! My name is Melissa and I am a student at Southeastern University. I have 6 daughters all are in school ranging from a Jr. in high school to the baby in kindergarten. I am majoring in Speical Education. I would like to know about how to be more effective in my searches.
Dianne Matheny
10:46 AM ET (US)
I am interested in finding ways to help my inclusion students find easier ways for them to write. Spelling is always a problem for them. They also do not have the skills to type very fast. If they don't know how to spell a word, they will use other words which are not as rich.
Marla Aucoin
10:46 AM ET (US)
My name is Marla Aucoin. I am a student at SLU. I have 4 semesters to go. I would like to know about different web sites my future students can go to to help the write, come up with ideas on what to write, and publish their writing.
10:46 AM ET (US)
My name is Olga W. Jackson. I am a primary school speech therapist seeking ways to motivate students, with language deficits, to write. I want like to find ways to publish students' work online.
Crystal Dussouy
10:45 AM ET (US)
I am currently enrolled in the MAT program at SLU. I working on my certification for elementary and special education. I hope to graduate in Spring 2008.
Jill Wilson
10:45 AM ET (US)
My name is Jill. I am enrolled in the MAT program at SLU, concentration in Elementary Education/Special Education. I expect to graduate May, 2008.
Nancy McKeandPerson was signed in when posted
10:11 PM ET (US)
Hi! My name is Nancy. I am a SLWP Teacher-Consultant and I teach ESL. I am really interested in writing and in using technology. I am looking forward to our session today.
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