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Sean McNamara

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11:53 PM ET (US)
Sean McNamara differed from his partner, Christian Troy. Sean held back alot of emotions. He lashed out alot at ppl, including Julia, Matt and Christian among others. I think Sean had alot of repressed rage, but he had morals and was the family man unlike his partner. He was an emotional wreck after discovering Matt of 17 yrs. wasnt his biological son. He was also terrified and feared when being attacked by the Carver. But unlike the others, Sean wasn't raped. He got lucky it was just a cut to the cheek above the nerve, so it left very litte scaring. Sean is my favorite character.
12:27 PM ET (US)
I think Sean is the most interesting character. He has strong values, but can be tempted like the rest of us. He seems to be a serious "family man" who wants a home and family. He is often frustrated with other people's lack of morals, and tries hard to stand up for what is right. On top of this, he is very good looking and his sensitivity and compassion for others makes him even more appealing. He seems like a real person, as opposed to Christian who is so superficial and selfish. Without Sean, this show wouldn't even work.
12:03 AM ET (US)
Sean is a leading character on nip tuck. He's not only a surgeon but a family man who holds strong values although his family sorta went their own way with Julia leaving & taking both annie & the baby with her, & Matt married kimber, got her pregnant & sean supports him for that. Sean doesnt go to bars or strip clubs & get down with the woman as to his business partner, dr. christian troy. Sean was bold when he repaired the carver victims which later led to his attack by the carver. I am curious as to what the creator, ryan murphy has instored for the good dr.
maiki sasaoka/NIPTUCK fan
03:12 AM ET (US)
I agree with Elsie - SEAN should be with a lot of beautiful women now like Christian as he deserves to be loved and his cheating wife JULIA should get some BAD KARMA for soooooo ungrateful and a loser cheater kinda of woman!!!
Nip/Tuck FanaticPerson was signed in when posted
12:58 PM ET (US)
Sean McNamara as a Very Bad Santa!
11:58 AM ET (US)
I think sean should trade places with dr.troy for awhile.. Sean should be running around with all kind of women..Since his wife does not love him anyways.. Let him play around for a bit..better yet have him have a crush on michelle and come on to her.. But michelle will resist and tell dr.troy and spark up a little feud between the two.. I would like to see that..
Nip/Tuck FanaticPerson was signed in when posted
10:33 PM ET (US)
LOL... Thanks for the laugh Jacob! What can I say, that's Nip/Tuck!
10:28 PM ET (US)
i have been wondering about all the crap he and christian have been getting away with... it seems to me that they have commited murder, assault, rape, and medical malpractice yet still have all of the wonders and joy they have always had... hit me back because i am completely confused on how these things just seem to disappear... well the murder is coming back with escobars ham lol
Nip/Tuck FanaticPerson was signed in when posted
05:57 PM ET (US)
Sean definitely holds things too close and then erupts when things boil over. I dont see his character changing all that much but I do love the effect Escobar has had on him. Escobar has given him confidence... I mean, Sean has punched out two guys and confronted the man having an affair with his wife. Without Escobar, would have he done it? I think Sean's character will continue to evolve through the end of the season as Sean battles his own inner demons. Its good to see Escobar returning by sending Sean and Christian a ham for Christmas! LOL...
11:50 PM ET (US)
I think Sean is going to have to conquer his rage issues or he is in danger of exploding and possibly hurting/killing someone. I am curious how Matt ends up becoming a plastic surgeon and can't wait to see the storylines develop.
10:20 AM ET (US)
It seemed to me that Sean accepted he would be alone, and finished raising Matt the right way (how else could he have become a plastic surgeon?) I'm sure he'll have few girlfriends every now and then, but none too wild like Christian's girls.
04:34 AM ET (US)
I think that heīs going to be the same as he was before the divorce.Sean Mcnamara has the incredible ability to make things in a very odd way, like in the third season that he was single and was almost killed in a few times LOL But I think it could be a good storyline to make him jealous of Michelle, and explore his "gay way" too hehehe
Thinking it seriously, maybe he will be involved with Escobarīs themes until the end of the season.


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