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Eric Paulos - Interactive City

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02:34 PM ET (US)
As our megalopolis expands, fragments, and warps, we look towards governments, industry, world leaders, and pop stars to guide the way. The party rhetoric echoes a future vision filled with beautiful, delicious urban technologies that will sooth the souls of our communities, generate playful neo-geo-landscapes, and celebrate our omni-connected harmony? But what do we truly aspire, desire, and admire? Emerge from the labs, galleries, homes, offices, and suburbs. Break free and engage in the first open forum Interactive City Summit to be held 7-8 Aug in San Francisco. The talk will feature a quick highlight of some recent projects by Urban Atmospheres with an emphasis on the upcoming ruckus to occur on the streets of San Francisco and San Jose around ISEA2006 and the Interactive City Summit.

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