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Michael Laine - Liftport: Opening Space to Everyone Space Elevator Presentation

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Michael will discuss Space Elevator technology. A revolutionary way to send cargo into space, the LiftPort Space Elevator will consist of a carbon nanotube composite ribbon eventually stretching some 62,000 miles from earth to space. The LiftPort Space Elevator will be anchored to an offshore sea platform near the equator in the Pacific Ocean, and to a small man-made counterweight in space. Mechanical lifters are expected to move up and down the ribbon, carrying such items as people, satellites and solar power systems into space.

LiftPort successfully launched an observation and communication platform a full mile in the air and maintained it in a stationary position for more than six hours while robotic lifters climbed up and down a ribbon attached to the platform (HALE - secured in place by an arrangement of high altitude balloons which were also used to launch it). The robotic lifters measured five feet, six inches and climbed to a height of more than 1500 feet, surpassing its last test record by more than 500 feet. On April 12 2018 the descendents of these functional robots will build the first space elevator. They will lift payloads into orbit and beyond.

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